Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Chanzie's Backpack ipod Adventures #2 - The big KL

Hello lovelies... 

Wow I don't even know if this is still relevant but I figured I would post it anyway! Here is part two of my awesome backpack adventure to Malaysia. 

Here is a recap for part 1 in case you need a refresh

So I arrived in KL and had no idea where to go, and no wifi to get directions. All I had was a photo of a guesthouse that a dude I met the night before (Jakob) said he was staying at... no address either. So I got off the bus and saw the Indian-Peru dude who had way to much luggage to handle in his own, so I offered to help him carry his stuff to where ever he was staying and then figured I would venture to find the elusive Agosto Inn. He was most grateful and it turns out he is an artisan and his name was Carlos. He offered to help me find my hostel, since he was a little familiar with the Chinatown area. After about an hour of up and down a few streets we found it! I bid him farewell and 2 mins later Jakob walked in! Good timing me thinks. We ended up staying in the same dormitory and headed out to find some food and a beer.

We ate at some local restaurant type place in Chinatown - I had some beef and prawn noodles... Weird combo I know!!! Then we ventured off further into Chinatown and found another place that had what seemed to some Tiger Beer special... Beer is beer! So Jakob and I sat there drinking beer and talking about life for the rest of the night before heading to the KK mart to buy something sweet and then back to the dormitory.

I slept in until about 8 which ended up sucking because I missed the rider signing for the MotoGP but we will get to that. So I got up and got ready and we headed out for a quick bite to eat before going our separate ways. I must say I am not used to having noodles and prawns for breakfast hey.... #WhenInAsia. 

So first I needed to find a money exchanger - I found one but thought he was expensive left to go to another one. Only to find out it only opened much later so I was too far from place number one and time was ticking. I went and checked out of Agosto Inn and headed towards the train station. I caught a train to KLCC only to realise I was heading in completely the wrong direction! I found the MotoGP shop and bought a general ticket. I had the option of main Grandstand but at 200 Ringett or General for 40. If it was F1 I would have gone main stand for sure but since it was more novelty than anything else, General would do since I couldn't get a ticket with Alenka and John.

After a bit of missioning I found another money exchange but they were ridiculous in their rates so I figured I would catch the train back to KL Sentral and figure out my life from there.

So I exchanged some moola, still not as cheap as the first dude - sigh, and found a Starbucks to get some free wifi. I took a screenshot of the address and prayed that I could find my way to a decent guesthouse closer to Sepang.

It felt and seemed like an uneventful and waste of a day but hey this is how you learn for next time. Riding the trains felt a bit like London! It felt like the true art of winging it. I am amazed at the interesting people I have met. One guy is cycling through asia. Another is touring and playing golf. From there I found a dude who recommended I catch a train to Salak Tinggi and from there catch a taxi to the next alleged guest house. Eish... this is a crazy adventure but I will have a memory and story for a lifetime.

So I missed the rider signing which truly sucks but now I know!! Bring on the March F1 race in Sepang!!

Oh my goodness... so I get off at Salak Tinggi... and its in the middle of freaking nowhere.... there are no taxi's close by, I cant call from my phone, there is no wifi and the only payphone. ... is broken!!! What the hell!!!!

So I head back to the ticket counter. These poor people. So I am like Mr KL Sentral gave me bad advice!!! I paid 12 Ringett to go to the middle of nowhere. .. my best option was to catch the train to the next stop, catch a taxi from there... and now I had to pay another 3.40 Ringett to get to the next stop! But it turns out I actually saved because if I had gone from KL Sentral straight to KLIA I would have had to pay 35 Ringett so maybe it was a guided blessing that it all happened as it did. 15 vs 35 ringett - Thank you Angels ☆

So a 20 minute wait with me, my back pack and my ipod. What an adventure this is turning out to be. So what... I am going to the MotoGP on my own.... I have one life and my aim this year was to live one to remember!

I am not dependent on people, yeah I like to do this with people but never challenge me and make me out to be something I am not. I care about people and have a soft heart. I am loyal friend right up until the point where you flip my switch. Once that has happened I will always forgive but know better for the future. 

A great friend said 'You know Chene, it's okay to still trust and believe in people.' I miss you girl, you know who you are ☆ 

So the one thing I always under budget for transport costs! #LearnThisLessonFast

...To be continued...

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