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Soundtrack of My Life ~ Sk8r Boi

Hey Hey Awesome Peeps!!!

Life is life right... it ebbs and flows! Then I post a lot, and sometimes an entire week or more has past and I have barely touched sides, let alone worked on a post. 

I found so many awesome songs and memories I want to share with you, that is has been a bit difficult deciding which one I should share right now. There was also a part of me that was going to share another USA memory, and I think it is just because I am so in love with the USA all over again.

One of the things I really love about these posts is that I really have to sit and think about how to describe this moment that I can feel and see so clearly in my mind and draw you into it as if you were there right with me. Fair enough, it might not always work but hey I am trying!!!

If you here reading this, I must be doing something right *tee hee* So lets get this show on the road..

Sk8r Boi by Avril Lavigne

I love it how I do somehow manage to make the most random friends, in the most random ways and in the most random places. I love it and have come to appreciate and look forward to these beautiful spontaneous events. 

So going back to 2003 when I was in Matric, my parentals promised to take me to Mauritius before I finished High School. I was lucky enough to go on this holiday in April 2003 with them. I actually only realised a few years later how truly blessed I was then (and now). 

The first days were awesome, my parents are awesome and adventurous. You can be sure we will always be doing something fun out and about. We are not the sit in a hotel room, sleep late and not going anywhere type of people. (Hmmmm wonder where I got that from.... This does start to explain my love of travelling and adventures) (PS there is nothing wrong with staying in your hotel room.. we just not these kind of peeps - each to there own). We went to the market, bargained with the locals, had lunch at Spur and my mom and I went snorkeling around this boat that had a glass cabin below deck - my mom and I took turns to dive down and wave to my Dad. 

The strange thing about Mauritius is that is was cheaper to buy a glass of wine than it was to buy a bottle of water #GoFigure. Anyway so one evening I was chilling with my parents after dinner when a waiter brought over a glass of wine and handed it to me. I looked at my parents quizzically and said thank you. They laughed at me and said it wasn't from them. The waiter then proceeded to tell me that it was from 2 boys sitting over there (pointing in a general direction) and then left. Not sure what I was actually supposed to do next, my parents basically booted my butt in the direction of 2 cute guys sitting on the steps and told me to go and say thank you. 

They told me their names were Angelo and Paul (or something like that). They were not very good at keeping these roles up as they would inevitably call each other by their real names, Kevin and Carl. They were twins who actually lived in Johannesburg. What are the chances I would make two friends in Mauritius that were from South Africa. 
We were only at the hotel for 2 or 3 more days but I made 2 new friends and we had a blast. We checked out the 'hotel nightclub' which really just sucked and we ended up just swimming in the pool or chilling on the beach. 

I am sad to say that I have actually never seen them again but I spent a lot of airtime texting these two throughout my Matric year. Add to it that I had the hugest crush on Kevin and Carl's girlfriend stalked/harassed me to no end! 

What an interesting year it was. 

I totally loved Avril Lavigne and well you know how girls are... they attach songs to people and yeah Kevin was my skater boy crush. 

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me! 

Peace out

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  1. Funny how we meet certain people and they are important for a while... and then life goes on. BUT, we always remember them fondly.

    P.S. Sounds like your parents are/were tons of fun!


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