Thursday, 20 August 2015

Soundtrack of My Life ~ Sexy Chick

Hey Hey RockStars!!!

Welcome back to the soundtrack of my life. I really do just love it when I hear an old school favourite and it brings back of flood of memories and good times. Music lights up my spirit that is for sure. So I was somewhere out and about and either heard this song or something triggered the memory linked to it. 

Bumpy and Me
You know when you find a song and you literally have it on replay in your car, on your iPod and maybe even as your ringtone? Yeah I am pretty sure this was one of those songs for me. This is a song from 5 years ago, so I was about 24 years old and Guy and I had been dating for about 3 years and life was good. We were supremely happy and lived in a loft apartment (I loved it - there is just something about sleeping upstairs, being close to the roof and especially when it rained) and we always had something on the go or going on. 

So lets get down to the song... oh it was such a failure of a mission but definitely one of my best memories! 
Sexy Chick by David Guetta ft Akon

So it was a Friday night and for some reason we did not have people over?? This was a rare occasion as our house had a flow of friends through it all the time. Most times it felt like we were the party house. Some people even got into trouble for even sneaking off to our place! Once we even had a friends band playing in our living room and we lived in a complex #OurPoorNeighbours - but that is a story for another day. 

Christell and Me

Anyway back to this Friday night. So I was in the mood for some fun and an adventure and apparently so was Guy. So as we were sitting there trying to think up of something fun to do (9pm at night)- one of us mentioned Jeffreys Bay... So I said why don't we just go there for a party? It didn't take much to convince Guy - who was always up for a good time. So we called up our best mate, Bumpy (who had recently broke up with his Ex) and informed him we were coming to kidnap him and take him with us on a party mission to JBay. Yep we did - told him to be ready in 20 minutes as we were on our way. Bumpy was working the next morning at 7am but we were not taking no for an answer and told him it was out duty as his best mates to take him on this adventure with us. Good times guarateed. Excitement was buzzing in the air! We arrived at his place and missioned in my good old faithful Golf (As I think I was the only one with enough fuel). 

It is about a 40-50 minute drive (Which is far for anyone who lives in Port Elizabeth - anything further than 20 minutes and you need to pack a picnic). We popped in the party cd and blasted it to the max. 

So we arrived in Jbay.... and it was as dead as a graveyard. There was absolutely nothing going on anywhere. We drove around to a few places... nothing! So eventually at about 2 am we decided to abandon the mission and head home. 

Look it wasn't a complete disaster.. we have a fab time - just the three of us and we laughed until we there were tears in our eyes and our stomachs hurt. 

(Since then Bumpy did meet and marry the love of his life, Christell, and they are extremely happy. They are both still two of my best friends.)

Life was good and I wouldn't change a thing or trade that memory for anything. 

I just want to add that I totally love the white swimsuit in this video and if I wasn't so paranoid about weird tan lines I would own it by now!! 

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me!

Good times - June 2015

Peace out

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