Monday, 24 August 2015

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Dear Insecure Girlfriend

Dear Insecure Girlfriend

Great I got your attention.

This might come as a surprise to you but I have been where you are. For just a moment I would like to talk to you and hopefully show you another perspective or side to this little war or debacle you think we might be having. I promise you this is not the case.  

Here is the first the first thing I want to tell you: 

If he is flirting with me while he has an amazing girlfriend like you 
- I definitely don't want him.

I know there are some really messed up girls out there that really don't give a dam and wouldn't hesitate two seconds to cross the line and take what they want regardless of who they step on. I am not that type of girl, so please don't throw me into that box. I do have morals, values and standards. I know I made mistakes too when I was younger but we all have to grow up sometime. 

If he is in a committed relationship and he is flirting with other girls, he automatically falls into the idiot / douche bag category in my books. 

If he can do it to you, he can do it to me. It's that simple.

I don't mind if a guy is chatting to me and 10 girls at the same time - as long as he isn't in a committed relationship or leading them on to believe they have a future. But the minute a guy has set his intentions on one girl... I have enough respect to walk away. I don't know you but I respect you and what belongs to you.

When you see me out being happy, having fun and laughing. That's all I am doing. Not scheming and plotting to steal your man. I firmly believe: How it begins is how it ends. 

I get it - There is a fine line between friendly and flirting. It is a conversation that I have had with a few of my ex's a few times over the past few years. You don't know what I have been through to get to where I am today, and I don't know what he has done to make you feel like you are anything less than beautiful and worth it. It took a massive heartbreak and a lot of tears and healing for me to get to a comfortable happy spot again. If I wanted to have another boyfriend by now, I could have had one but I deserve a good one too. 

I am sorry you thought all those terrible things about me because he was being a selfish insensitive ass. Please know I would never do that to you because I would never want that done to me again. I don't know how I became 'that girl' but it does suck. I don't want to be viewed as a piece of meat or a trophy. 

My last point to consider is that maybe I already have a person that I like and he has my full attention and he is the only one I want to be flirting with, we not dating but hopefully we will.

The only thing I ask you is that I hope you realise how amazing you are and that you are totally worth it. Don't put up with being treated anything less than amazing. You deserve someone who only has eyes for you.

That Supposed Girl

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  1. Wow!

    I know it's NOT me, you definitely got my attention though. Whoever this post is for, I hope she reads it.

    It's the MAN who should be blamed in this scenario, not the ladies. You're one of many to come. Treat the source, not the symptom.


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