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The Soundtrack of My Life - Santeria

Hello Beauties!!!

I hope you are ready for another Soundtrack of my life post! This isn't a blog hop but feel free to join in and visit the very awesome blog of Robin @ Your Daily Dose
These are posts where I write about a song and the story linked to it. 

An all time favourite song of mine I am quite excited to share with you is Santeria by Sublime. This song takes me straight back to the USA and an amazing bunch of people!

I have always been in love with the USA. In High School all my friends had these huge plans to go to the UK. There was initially a small group of us who were going to the USA but by the end of the year it was only me who was still committed to going. 

My parents made a deal with me, they said that if I planned and arranged my way to the USA, I could go. Deal!!! I was writing my finals in October / November 2003 and making trips to Cape Town on weekends for either interviews with prospective employers or the US embassy. I was determined. My parents would pick me up on a Friday afternoon after whatever exam I wrote, we would make the 8 hour drive to CT, I would learn somewhere in between for my next exam on Monday, do whatever was needed to do on Saturday, make the drive back on Sunday and be back at boarding school Monday morning. 

It was intense. It was hectic. It was worth it. 

I got a job offer, which placed me at the Westin Resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. There I was, 18 years old, climbed on a plane to go live in the USA on my own. What the hell was I thinking? I was either brave or stupid, but it was the best year of my life! 

Santeria by Sublime

So back to this awesome group of people. 

They were:

Cinzia - Was just awesome and she just brought her own sunshine where ever she went. She was just always happy. (We have lost contact over the years)
Nadia - Nadia was just as awesome, crazy and happy as Cinzia. She never conformed to a box but made her own space. (We have lost contact over the years)
Marlise - The awesome sweety-pie of the group. You could just see and feel that she was sincere and a great person. (Still friends and she is still awesome)

(For reference purposes I was a very shy and quiet type person back then. 
Naive and innocent - I know right, if only I knew then what I know now)

From Left: Andrew, Cinzia, Me, Ethan, Roy, Guy? and Marlise
Andrew - I just thought Andrew was awesome. I had labelled him my favourite American when I was there. He dated Cinzia and they were just the cutest couple ever! He was just always really nice to me, never let me feel left out.  (No clue where he is in the world)
Roy - Hmmm where do I begin. We were friends even though we didn't speak much? I think I was just to shy to actually talk to him most of the time. (Still friends)
Ethan - The party boy of the group and life of a party. Sweet and fun. We got along quite well and I always had a good laugh and time whenever he was around. (Still friends)

There were other people around but for the life of me I can't remember who they are or how they fit into the equation. I look through my pictures and sorta go 'Who the hell is that?'

Anyway back to the story! I either heard this song at one of the parties we were at or in the car on the way to a  party - one way or another. It stuck with me and I think of these 6 amazing people every time. 

Thanks to good ole faithful Facebook, I get to connect with these peeps now, 11 years later. Do you have any friends that represent a huge life altering period in your life? 

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me!

Peace out


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  1. Music is magic, it has the power to motivate, depress, uplift, and relax us. You should def come back and visit these fab people!


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