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My 2015 Adventures ~ Some more about Thailand

Hello lovelies

There are some days where I literally have to take a step back and just breathe. I am in Thailand. Part of that statement still feels so surreal even though I am working with the kids, having challenging communication issues and catching a scooter to work everyday. I cannot remember the last time I even wore a jacket or jersey and I am slowly adapting to the Thai Baht currency and not converting as much as you do when you first get here. 

Life is different. I have gone from living in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, massive lounge, kitchen, double garage and undercover braai area - townhouse, to a one bedroom and tiny bathroom - hotel room. I don't need much more than that. It's really just more to clean at this point. 

The frustrating points are balanced out by the beauty of this adventure. I don't care if I'm here for one month, 3 months, 6 months or a few years. I can say I have lived here as resident and not a tourist. The entire mindset is different as well as your interactions. Quite often the time difference can suck, especially when you want to share something funny with someone and realise they are probably sleeping. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep friendships and relationships going but it is always worth the effort. 

Sometimes there is so much that goes through my mind it is hard to put it down into words. I have a few videos I would like to share on the blog. It is easier to record a video than to type as life just gets so busy, who knows I might move into the world of vlogging. What do you think? I even took a video on the scooter the other day just for fun. You guy's want to see it?

So the other day I was going through a bit of a rough spot (well I have been through a few actually) and put a few of my 'mood lifter' techniques to the test again! It is amazing what a change in mindset can do for you. I woke up kinda stressed out, and everything felt challenging. It felt like I was at odds with most people due to the culture barrier... (This is a bigger thing than most people give it credit for when it comes to Eastern and Western society) I was sitting on the scooter on the way to work and I just decided I love my job! Just like that. Everything changed and became easier for the rest of the day and week. I was so proud, together with Mr P we put together a awesome Power Point presentation (Which was altered daily since then). At times it feels hard because they haven't told me the 'rules' but I get into trouble for breaking them... go figure... 

On the weekend (even though we were working) we went to the Walking Weekend Market and I realised how little clothes I actually have! Now, all my friends know I have no shortage of clothes... Sigh it's a tough one and I need to wait to earn my full salary before I can really go out and buy more stuff. 

We have done a few fun things since I arrived. I went for a trip up Tang Kuan Hill, did the Love Lock thing. Yeah it's my little wish being put into the Universe. Let me tell you it was a cooker day - what can I say... permanent summer for me! I actually have a standard adventure kit: My Mercedes peak I bought in Germany, my RayBans and my good old faithful fan!  I am so proud I remembered to bring it with. I have gone to the beach a few times (obviously... #HappinessIs) as well as seen the statue of Naag. 

I must say I am amazed at the small town syndrome that goes on where ever you go... I know I stick out because I am pale, blonde and well just a foreigner in general - but wow! We went for a foot massage and it was the first time I met these Thai girls. They already knew what I had been up to (like going up the mountain) and I had only been here a week!

You know you are learning the lessons of life when you can recognise certain things when they arrive next time around. Here is one that has made it's way onto my radar... again: You don't marry the party boy. You can date him. You can have fun with him - but nothing serious! It just different packaging with the same set of problems. I know there are exceptions to the rules... Anyway moving on. 

It is so important to try and find happiness in every moment. Sometimes all people need is your love and support. Not your advice and to try fix whatever it is. They need to figure it out on their own. They need to work through it on their own. This is tough when it is in our nature to want to try and fix everything or give advice. I don't always want advice - sometimes I just want my friend to listen, go 'hmmm' or 'uh-huh', then when I am done.. ask 'Do you feel better?' That's it - no advice necessary because 90% of the time.. we answer our own questions while venting. 
PS don't ever mistake my silence for weakness. 

So there is this thing that confuses me here.. It can be offensive to show your shoulders in public... but there are girls that wear skirts so short that they could be classified as belts... it does not leave much to the imagination at all! This is acceptable? I don't forstance... really I don't!

The thing about travelling abroad to a country that is so different to yours and something we take for granted is respecting cultures. In SA, we have a few different cultures but they co-exist. When you travel you realise that as South African's we actually only have one culture and it is very difference to the rest of the world. I have observed and there are two types of people when it comes to cultures: 
- The people who demand respect for their culture while disrespecting yours
- or the people who silently respect your culture regardless of where you come from. 

The thing about travelling is that we get to experience just how different the world can be. There is so much beauty in it if we choose to see it. 

Initially when I first came to Thailand I thought the traffic was chaotic! What robots? People just go... it really felt like there was no system to it at all. Only over the past few trips to school did I start to see the sort of ebb and flow of the traffic system here. 

One thing that is still really funny to me is that I see and find.. random shoes everywhere! You would think the people would be inside 'said' room but nope... there is no one in sight! Nolan was telling me one story where one of his friends was staying in a hotel, got drunk and went around collecting all the shoes he could find. When he woke up the next morning there was pure chaos everywhere. I know I know #FunnyNotFunny but it gave me a good laugh. 

You know how I know I have started to adjust to Thailand? Here is one of my status updates from this week: 

July 16 at 11:08am · 
How I know I have adjusted to Thailand: ready for work... ipod check... hop on scooter taxi (no helmet no worries) check... buy patongko check... eat patongko on scooter like a pro holding on with only one hand while navigating traffic check... arriving at destination... hair has a windy type look, pay taxi! Greet students - change into skirt, ready for assembly!

Wrapping things up... When you have a goal, there will always be challenges. The bigger the goal, the harder the challenges. 

Thanks for catching up with me <3 

Peace out

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  1. Wow girl! What a big change you have made to your life, being able to move to Thailand like this. You are such a great person! I don't think I could do it!!
    I've read both your posts, and I am in awe! You have certainly downsized, but the experience would be amazing! Continue to enjoy it!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace


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