Friday, 24 July 2015

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Have you ever thought about the difference between knowing something and realising it? There is a huge difference between the two. There are times to contemplate life and then there are times when you just need to live it! 

I believe this - l also believe life is also about balance. I love discovering new concepts and learning about life and expanding my spiritual knowledge and I admire the zen people who have this ever lasting calm about them and they just seem to be vibrating above the rest of us normal people - But sometimes I just want to be human. 

Generally I am always reading some form of enlightenment book and sometimes I can go 2 or 3 months without reading anything of the sort and am just living and being human. 

Sometimes I just want to be silly and carefree and all of the things that go with that. I want to laugh about stupid stuff until I cry with happy tears and my stomach aches. Or go chill on the beach and just listen to the waves soothing my senses and soul.

I find that if I don't take these time outs or go through these phases, what should be 'enlightening' becomes heavy. Just being, instead of searching has it's own beauty. What's the point of doing all this searching if you are not going to enjoy who you have worked so hard to be and not taken time out to appreciate who you are and how far you have come. Even when you are not actively searching you are still learning. I am the eternal observer, I love to people watch and contemplate. I do it without even realising it. We are always connected to the Source/God/Spirit.  

I found some great wisdom while going through a course called the Gem, run by non-other than the fabulous, Donna the Fairy Godmother. 

She talks about the 4 'A's of life:

Awareness, Allowing, Acceptance and Appreciation. 

You need to feel it, before you can release it. These past few months I have been part of the flow experiment, even though I haven't been an active participant on the Facebook group, it is always at the back of my mind. When a situation arises, I contemplate how I can flow through it. I read other people's stories and this is my way of learning as well. The flow of life is beautiful, I have learnt to go with the current instead of swimming upstream. If I have a lot to do, I think to myself, what do I feel like doing now and you know what, sometimes that is nothing and I just want to sit in the sun and soak up the rays. Other times I am active and motivated and I fly through the 'to-do' list. 

Balance helps me create a more stable life and I have found the content space when I have needed it. Yes, to a degree I have been frustrated that things are not happening as fast as I would like, but this has taught me a few things, patience and to let things happen when they are meant to, just to name a few. Not everything is meant to work out and there is probably something better waiting to take place. Sometimes things happen in sequence, so that something fantastic can take place, and sometimes good things fall apart so that great things can fall together. 

That's life. 
Life  happens, move on, stay positive. 

Life can be difficult. Life can be hard. None of us can escape pain, grief or loneliness. They never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it. Worth it to fight for. Worth it to live for. It doesn't matter what happens, only how we decide to respond to it. 

My wish for you is to find a happy balanced space and to start living a life to remember.

Peace Out

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  1. Amen to these! We got to live too you know and experience, see, and live life in every aspect that's available to us.


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