Wednesday, 8 July 2015

2015 Adventures ~ First look at Thailand!

Hello lovelies!!! 

Wow can you believe I have been in Thailand for 2 weeks already... Time just flies! I have been having fun but also working very hard. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy Thailand properly soon enough ad explore a little bit further than the local Songkhla district soon. I will be making a trip to Malaysia soon enough, don't worry I will blog all about it <3 

These posts won't be day for day but more a general post about Thai Life. A few of you might have seen some pictures on my Facebook in the 'Totally Thailand' album or on Instagram. If not, check out the link on the side of my blog. 

So wow... Man it was hot! It's more humid and hotter than Durban and I think pretty much
the same level as South Carolina. Humid is actually an understatement! Adjusting to the time difference was quite a hectic process since I arrived on Wednesday the 24th June and was at work the very next day. I was awake when I should be sleeping and tired when I should be awake!

One of the first things I tried was a Phatanko (which is fried bread with some sesame seeds) on my first morning trip to work and caught my first scooter taxi! Wow that was interesting, which doesn't even begin to describe the insanity of it. Firstly I was wearing a skirt, secondly the passenger doesn't wear a helmet. Yeah... NO Helmet!! So there I am hanging on (side-saddle) for dear life, my taxi driver thinks he is Speedy Gonzales, It's peak traffic.... and his cellphone rings... yeah you got it... he answered and then proceeded to send a text! Who needs two hands right? 

I was a bit frazzled and well... I arrived in once piece and that is what counts. Maybe a little high on adrenaline. My hair was not in the same state and it really doesn't matter what I do with it in the mornings because it never looks the same when I get to work anyway. 

Daonairoi is quite a great school and I believe in their system they use when it comes to a balanced program for their students of Spirituality (Whether it be Buddhist or Muslim), Military training and Academic studies. 

Right, so... if you know me, you know I am an organised and prepared type person. As long as I know what I am doing, I am confident doing it. Winging it - not really my style. So when I was told I needed to get up at assembly and address the kids... *eek* yeah it was short sweet and felt like it lasted a lifetime. Having 300 kids (it was only 1/3 of the school) staring at you and actually not understanding much... I almost died. 

Ok, so here is an interesting thing that I have had to get used to... (one of many things). Toilet paper is not a common thing here... you get it.. I insist on it, but they use these spray water pipe thingys... REALLY! Yeah I still haven't come to terms with it. It's not part of a 'westerners' type bathroom, which is what we are referred to as. For some reason most people think I am American. Or just call me an American South African. I find it amusing since that is where my heart is at the moment. I just own it and take it as a sign. 

Ok so I found my first love *sigh* ICED-COFFEE. I have never really tried it before but it is just too hot to drink normal hot coffee so I thought I would give it a shot. It was love at first sip. Every one here has a nickname and my coffee lady's nickname is 'Gun'. She is just so cute man, she even gave me a jade bracelet as a gift. Every day I go there she practices her English and I practice my minimal Thai.

Communicating with people who do not speak the same language as you (Not even remotely) has been the most interesting and entertaining part of this adventure. We really do take for granted this little gift and it is soooo funny when you need to start reverting to sign language. This is linked to one if the main reasons I am here in Thailand. Teaching them English is hopefully changing their lives and futures. 

On the other hand, at school... the children and staff are fascinated with me, as well as totally scared of me! They stare at me because I have a paler skin (even though I am tanned), have blonde hair and green eyes, they are scared I talk to them  and they might have to speak English back to me. There are few people who basically told me they are going home to prepare something so they can talk to me.. wow... really! I am not that scary. The kids dare each other to come up and say hello to me, then run away laughing. It is so cute and entertaining. I have had so many 'I love you's' and 'I hope you are my teacher' speeches #FeelTheLove. 

So the next challenge.... apparently they do not believe in knives here - well barely. I think the last time I used a knife was in South Africa. Every meal is eaten with  spoon, fork (or both) or chopsticks. Yep that is it. Apparently this is entertaining for a few people as I even had one person taking a video or me eating lunch.Thank goodness I had some good sushi practice back home. People just randomly come up to me and take photos with me! 

I have basically been eating vegan food as I have not been too brave to try some of the meat as I don't know how to ask what exactly it is. I have had KFC twice as well as one or two things either at work or at the market. 

I love the transport now, from the scooter taxi's (Which has become the favourite part of my day) to tuktuk's and some other funny names transport I have no clue how to spell (Songtow or something). 

Tesco Lotus is the place to go when you want basically anything!!! I have bought a few odds and sodds that I need like a hairdryer as well as a multiplug. Coming here with only one suitcase... you don't realise how much you don't have. The little things you take for granted like a bowl to eat cereal or a glass to drink something. 

I got a local number after about 2 days, so that I can keep contact with friends and family back home. And I love the free Wifi... it seems it is only SA that is behind and slowly catching up with this.

Well peeps that is it for the day. I'll save some more for my next post. 

Peace out


  1. Oh the tuktuks! Those scared me but I love Thailand! I wish I can go back, their food alone is so worth the trip! I was only there for 3 days, tried to get a thai massage (it was okay). I ate this noodle dish, it's glass noodles with stir fried stuff, and I forgot the name but it's one of the best noodle dish I've tried ever! Have fun!

    1. It is amazing... the food still freaks me out a little bit but I do try to try out at least one new thing every time I go to the Walking Street weekend market :) The best part for me is walking to the beach ad having a swim whenever I can. The tuktuk's are not nearly as adventures as the scooters... scooters go where I never imagined to ever venture!!


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