Monday, 29 June 2015

My 2015 Adventures ~ New Horizons

Hello lovelies <3

So what do you know... We have another adventure on our hands. This one has no time limit and who knows where it will take me. 

A quick recap of what went down after I came back from my UK/EU adventure. My contract didn't work out, I moved out of my house and back to Addo (Even if it was only living there for a grand total of two weeks) and at least 2 guys reminded me what twats they can be. Yip that's it in a nutshell! 

There were times when it really did feel like my life was dragging, nothing was happening and I was going absolutely no where. Packing up that huge house, mostly on my own, was quite painful as it brought up soooo many memories and I found things that have been long since forgotten about. Finally one Saturday morning I called my Mom and asked my parentals for help and to get out of that house as soon as possible. 

Two facts that came up during this entire transition as gentle reminders: 
  • Some people only stick around for the good times and bail on you when the going gets rough
  • Some people only miss you when you go away
I was happy with my decision, the only sad part was moving away from some people that I became even closer with over the past year. True friendships last over any distance though. With technology these days you can stay connected no matter where you are in the world or even reconnect after many years! Which is exactly what happened with 4 friends from abroad. (And thanks to this wonderful thing called a blog I can take you with me wherever I go *tee hee*)

Oh wow... :) Look how young we were back then!!! I met them all in the USA in 2004. 

So after a lot of blood, sweat, sore muscles and a lot of packing/unpacking... I was settled into my new/old room in Addo. I split my stuff between the Addo house and my room in Sundays River. I did such a good job of donating stuff I no longer needed and with a sore heart some of my books, (but I still have an fully packed bookshelf.. I just could not find the heart to let go of some of my series that I collected over the past few years). 

Even though I was constantly busy with something, I discovered an important fact about myself. As nice as the idea seems to take a while to sort out my life and gets some direction... one week later I was praying for something to come through for me. I discovered I am not a 'stay-at-home' anything!!! This motivated me even more to get moving and go abroad one way or another (a few more marriage proposals included).

You know on this point of marriage proposals... I wonder what one of them would do if I actually turned around and said 'yes lets go with that plan'. Do you think they would follow through? 

Anyway moving on... 

This was followed by a sequence of events: 
  • Monday I prayed and said... Please send me something and I will accept the next opportunity that comes my way. 
  • Tuesday  I posted on Facebook about where to next and did one of those online test I see all the time on Facebook: What is your spiritual gift? 
  • Wednesday  morning I received an opportunity to see if I was interested in going to teach English in Thailand.
  • Thursday  I booked my flights to Bangkok.
Friday I went through to Port Elizabeth to wrap up some lose ends and say a proper Goodbye to my nephew Nathan and sister Zena. Wow that was quite hard. I have always gone out of my way to be there for him. Being so far away... yeah it is just hard. But I left him with a way so that we can stay in contact and Skype at least once a month :) 

After a lot of emotion I went out to Sundays River to celebrate my Dad's birthday! 

Saturday I went through to PE again and had a ball of fun with Kendall and Ed at the Music Festival. We left music festival at about 6ish (I think) and made out way down to Kendall's Dad's birthday dinner. First we needed to go convince Carrick to join us and drag him out of his apartment - one way or another! 

Carrick and I ended up not going to the dinner though, instead we got ice-cream and went to the reservoir over looking PE. That view is just too beautiful for words. It was random, it was fun and it was memorable.  

Sunday we made an awesome breakfast which Kendall and I loved and well... Carrick pretended to enjoy, bless him. Then I headed out to Addo as it was Fathers Day where we chilled on the farm and watched the Grand Prix. #GoVettel
~ ~ ~

So the day arrived where I would be leaving PE!!! 
I started off by going to get my hair done because I don't know when I will have the chance again to cut or colour it again!

Might I add I got lost in Despatch... Yes I know.. *Shock Horror Gasp* google maps didn't have the road I was looking for and other than the main road... the streets were poorly marked!

I packed up the last few things before my Mom and I left Addo. Even though I was only flying out on Tuesday, I decided to break up the trip and visit some family that I haven't seen in a while. 

Tuesday arrived and you know what... It really didn't feel real yet!! I arrived at the airport at 11 but I could only check in at 12. There was a mess up with my ticket but luckily we were able to sort it out and I was able to check in. It was my first time flying with Qatar and they were quite professional. I boarded at 2 and we left at 3. The flight was 8 hours and I must say they had a great selection of movies and music. They have the best food I have had on a flight but a very tasteless snack and minimal beverages. I was dying of thirst!!

I sat next to a really nice young girl and her gran who had us laughing quite a bit. The German host dude was quite moody - he even moaned at us when we went to the toilet. There were also quite a few turbulents! 

My stop over was in Doha. Initially I didn't even realise where this was... Its in the Middle East. I would really love to actually go there sometime as well as Dubai :) 

We landed in Doha at  12:30/1:30am (they are 1 hr ahead) and I had minimal time to spare to get to next flight! I stood there staring at flight board for like 10 minutes before I found my flight and gate. Luckily the gate was close by. Can you believe they changed my seat after I checked in specifically to reserve my seat and there was nothing I could do about it! I was not impressed but what can I do... Upon landing it was only 41 degrees! 

My flight was at 1:50am to Bangkok. The thing about travelling between time zones is I didn't know which time to run on! Thank goodness it was only a 6 hour flight and not a 9 hr one like I thought.

On the flight I continued watching the series forever, some music videos and listened to music instead of watching movies.

It was kinda weird getting to the Bangkok Airport and knowing exactly where to go! I breezed through Immigration. I can hardly believe I was here in March 2013 last. Its a freaking long walk to immigration let me tell you... you walk walk walk and then walk some more. They are probably trying to make up for you sitting in one position/chair for so long!

I picked up my luggage, exchanged some money and made my way to local departures to book a flight to Hat Yai. I decided to fly with Thai Smile. What a happy flight it was. I had a 2 hour wait before my next flight so I connected to the airport wifi, and contacted the important people!!

Thailand is:
5 hrs ahead of  RSA
6 hrs ahead of UK
11 - 14 hrs ahead of USA

Its actually crazy... Here you cannot assume anyone here speaks English!!! In total I spent 17 hours just on the plane over 3 days!!!

Anyway Lovelies... See you in the next post about arriving in Hat Yai!!

Peace out 


  1. Well, goodness. Your life has taken quite the turn. What an adventure.

    I hope that you end up loving this phase of your life and all the challenges and blessings it brings.

    I really like that you're running full tilt toward something new and different without fear. Just open arms and open heart!

    1. Thanks Robin! Whether you realise it or not - you did help play a small part in it just by having your amazing blog. Often I would read (And still do) read the exact thing I need to when I visit your blog. #StayAwesome


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