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My 2015 Adventure: Day 42

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

The Groot Trek home

Hello lovelies

Wow it has finally come to the end of this amazing adventure and time to wrap things up. I have learnt so much and met so many amazing people that have helped me grow, heal and learn a few lessons a long the way. 

Things are not always as simple as they seem to be and more likely than not... it's never about what you think it is. Unfortunately it is human nature and tendency to take most things personally. It takes a strong woman to love again after her heart has been broken. A huge heartbreak is painful and a subsequent heart break can be hurt just as much. It's not fair on anyone but that is the way it works. Sometimes we already know the answers, we just want to face it... and you know what... that's ok!! It's ok to deal with stuff when you ready, just know it will always need to be dealt with (unfortunately), and that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and wiser. 

Day 42 (Thursday 30/04)

It's the groot trek home!! I woke up at 5:50am and just couldn't get back to sleep. I lay awake snuggling with Lee til she woke up. Dave made me a yummy breakfast, before I needed to get my butt into gear and start packing.

It took me about an hour and a bit to pack my life back into my bags and sort it all out. I had a quick skype session with my Mom and then we were off to Birmingham New Street train station. I was not looking forward to dragging all my luggage across all the platforms but it will be for the last time for a while. I was heart broken and happy all at the same time.The friends I made here snuck into my heart without me even realising it.

Lee - my beautiful amazing gorgeous cousin. She is so good and her heart shines like a beautiful star. She doesn't even realise how beautiful she is. Her soft beautiful heart is such a gift to the world.

Kristen - who at first I thought looked like a unhappy chappy and confused puppy, became a close friend really quickly (it even caught me off guard).

Ash - the quiet reserve who doesn't do crowds if he has a choice and really reminds us all of Sheldon from Big Bang in most ways. Socially awkward. I decided we were gonna be friends and he didn't stand a chance .... wahahaha.

An interesting perspective: life is all about balance. The giver and the receiver of any situation. I love it when you realise you are on the opposite end of something to where you might have been the other side previously. Thank you for the lessons.

So I thought I would be able to make it to only buying food at Heathrow. I was wrong. I ended up going to get a burrito from the same place Jaydine and I went when we were our way back from London and let me tell you that burrito tasted a million times better than the last time. Maybe its because I didn't have a hangover. Maybe it was comfort food because I didn't want to leave. Maybe it was both. Best burrito ever!!!

After this amazing meal, I made my way down to my seat on the train. Thank goodness it was not on the other end of the station this time round. #SmallMercies
The secret is to arrive early so that you can get the luggage storage space!!! This is something I learnt very quickly. I was comfy and content but by the time I got to Rugby it hit me I was leaving and I just started crying and missing the people that had crept into my heart. Such hope yet such uncertainty lay in my future. 

Once the main trip was done I made my way across the stations and was on time to the airport. I checked in and made my way down to the waiting area with a 2.5 hour wait ahead of me. I spoke to some friends on whatsapp and skype before I headed down to board the plane. 

It was a pretty empty flight and I was seated next to a lady called Mimi. The plane left 40 minutes late but I am sure we made up for it somewhere along the way. After take off Mimi moved and I got to sleep across 2 seats. I watched Jupiter Rising, which I was a tad disappointed in as I had wanted to watch this movie so badly before it went off the circuit and The Maze, which I thoroughly enjoyed!!!

Let me tell you... I was dying of heat when I made it through the Johannesburg airport and re-checked in for Port Elizabeth. Moerig was an understatement. I boarded the plane for PE and after clearing out some space for my hand luggage, I bent down to pick up my bag and an old man just stole my space and put his bag in the spot I just worked so hard to clear. (And yes I did work hard as I am short and had to climb on the seats and rearrange a few things to clear a spot). 

After settling in my sear I ordered a red wine to chill my nerves. It really did help *tee hee*. 

Landing in PE was not the home coming feeling I thought it might be. I was over the moon to see my awesome parentals. I did miss them a lot but other than that there wasn't that 'deep breath in I have arrived home' moment. 

On the way home we got some KFC because I was starving! We dropped off my luggage at the house and went straight to buy some stuff at Checkers for a braai my parentals organised that evening with a few of my closest friends. I did happen to have a bit of a mini anxiety episode in the shop though. I was tired, sore and seriously needed a shower!!!

The braai was awesome and it sort of felt like I hadn't even been away. My mom even made dessert! They did not (Unfortunately) appreciate the British humour I picked up or the few words I used with my best British accent.

Sleeping in my own bed was AMAZING as well as cuddling with my gorgeous kitties.


Can you believe that I picked up a freaking cold!!! Really????

On a final note, it is good to be home but I left my heart in Ashbourne <3 I didn't miss PE only the people. 

Who knows what my future holds and where I will really end up. I'll keep you up to date and hopefully have a few more travel adventures up my sleeve!!!

Peace out 

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