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My 2015 Adventure: Day 40 and 41

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7 ways to spot an EC girl 


Hello lovelies!!

Wow time sure does fly and sometimes it seems like obstacle after obstacle appears on the way... So I have been without a laptop for a long long time now! It has been so frustrating in some ways and a very good detox in a lot of other ways. 

Life can be simple and you could be content for the longest of times and then you go through phases where things change on a weekly, if not daily bases. The thing I have learnt over the past week is that if you don't know what it is exactly that you want, or have a good (even if it's vague idea) how will you know where you going? Whether it be in your life/career/relationship. 

I will tell you one thing, the dating world can be a very overwhelming place when you have been out of the 'game' for such a long time. Honestly, I have no time for games. I have time for fun and good times, but not this uncertain game nonsense. One of my best friends told me I wasn't ready to start dating again and to tell you the truth, he was probably right... but I am not going to tell him that *tee hee* 

My heart has only just put it self back together and well I am just not ready to risk another heartbreak right now and lose myself.. I only just started figuring things out!!! I will do some posts about my revelations as soon as I have caught up on all my holiday posts. So lets get down to the good stuff. 

Day 40 (Tuesday 28/04)

Today was a chill day again!! The first part of the morning I did not move from the couch. I had my duvet, laptop & ipod and was very cozy. After successfully finishing & posting an update, (between Facebook & chatting on whatsapp) I made my way down to Colinda to get out a bit and have a cappuccino! 

I think I literally almost died with laughter after reading this post. (7 ways to spot and EC girl)I read Colinda the part about #SqueakSomeTekkie, as I was taking a sip of coffee, she commented about it - I Laughed, breathed and swallowed at the same time. Yeah it didn't end to well.

There isn't much more to update about! I skyped with my friend Phil & cousin Athena.

Day 41 (Wednesday 29/04)

My second last day in the UK!!!  I went into Derby with Dave and Colinda. We walked around the shopping centre for a bit. I was so good... I kept my shopping addiction to a minimum. I had KFC with Colinda. (You know as much as I love KFC... the UK's tastes a bit different to SA's) 
From there we went to Bookers Wholesalers to shop for some stuff for the B&B. You know how I knew I was adapting to the UK... I barely felt the difference between the freezer for the fresh food and outside... is that a good thing? *tee hee* It barely bugged me.

My heart was singing that day. I could tell you why but I wont. *sorry* 

I really am excited about my future. There are so many things I am stoked to buy when I come back and  just so many things to look forward to!!

For my last eve in the UK, Kristen and Ash came over for supper as a farewell. We had burgers for supper and Ben&Jerry's for dessert. There were so many tears and so much laughter. I don't think I've ever bonded with and felt loved so much in such a short time by such awesome people before. To end off the eve, we all went to sit and cuddle in the garden chairs outside (it really wasn't too cold), listen to music and stare at the stars. It feels like I am leaving pieces of my heart behind. Things probably won't be the same when I get back but I have loved every moment of  it!!

After Kristen and Ashley left, Lee and I went to snuggle in bed and chatted til we both fell asleep. 

Peace Out

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