Friday, 8 May 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 34 and 35

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Leeds & The Hot Crazy Matrix

Hello lovelies

I am sorry I have been a bit slack with my blog posts. I really have taken this time to try and figure out just what I want out of life and where I want to go/be/do.... Things have slowed down on the exciting department but that's ok. It's giving me time to recover so that I can get home and tackle whatever might lay there in wait in full force!!

The weather has still been fantastic and the sunsets as beautiful as ever... It always pays off to appreciate the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realise they were big things. The best memories are the ones we don't even realise we are creating!

So lets get down to the good stuff, even if it is on a milder scale. 

Day 34 (Wednesday 22/04)

So initially I was in two minds about whether to go with to Leeds or not. Every time Dave spoke about the trip... the time to leave got earlier and earlier!! Lee was going to school and with D&C going to Leeds, I would have ended up staying by myself at the house all day, I didn't have a car to drive anywhere and ultimately I didn't know the people at the airfield that well to be brave enough to go and chill there on my own for the day without any of my family. So I decided to bite the bullet and get up early to go with to Leeds. That way I am discovering a new place and sticking to my 'Yes' policy!!!

I did wake up feeling a tad homesick as well and the best way to counter this is to just go out and have fun!!! Plus I am always guaranteed a good laugh with my cousins. South Africans have a sense of humor like no other. 

Leeds was about a 2 hour drive. The first stop was a Doctor's appointment for Dave which took about 2.5 hours while Colinda and I chilled by the car. From there we made our way to the Leeds City Market and the first stop was lunch at the Chicago Rib Shack in the Trinity Centre. Colinda and I had the Spicy rib and wings... and wow were they spicy - Dit skrik vir niks!!! 

This was followed by a divine ice-cream (I mean who can say no to ice-cream...) while we made our way through the markets and back to the car. Colinda was a bit concerned at first as the entire market looked like we stepped into China town until we heard the theme was Asian for the day and the full market would be back in swing the next day. 

On the way home I fell asleep listening to my ipod. I was quite surprised the battery lasted the entire trip there and back - It was only on a 3rd battery power. 

When I got home with Lee, she filled me in on some of the stuff I had missed out on for the day and let me tell you the politics of teenagers had me crying with laughter.

Day 35 (Thursday 23/04)

Thirsty Thursday!!! The entire point of going back to Ashbourne (other than visiting my awesome family) was so that I could contemplate and sort out my life and head. I chilled at the Bistro most of the day, working on odds and sodds on my pc. I even noticed a bit of a tan line on my hands *gasp* yes who would have thought... From sitting in the sun outside as much as possible when the wind didn't have a chill in it. 

That evening we had a braai and just chatted an laughed. Only South Africans will braai every possible evening that it allows *tee hee* After that we ambled over to the Bistro and ended up having some champagne with some of the pilots (Will, Tim & Amanda). Geez these peeps are funny and are even funnier once they have had a pint or two or a few bottles of champagne. We laughed up a storm. Eventually we all made our way back to the B&B where Dave made a fire in the fireplace, where Will proceeded to show me this video which had me in stitches laughing all over again. check it out....

So that is all folks and just to be random and fun I decided to share a video of one of my favourite South African artists songs, Sinner by Jeremy Loops. It has a lot of home in it and well I just love it... I went to a pool party at McArthur Baths in January and had a blast!!!!

Peace Out 

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