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My 2015 adventure: Day 32 and 33

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Paragliding from the Hill 

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Hello lovelies!!

Well you know how it goes, one long post, followed by a shorter one! Not every day will have life changing adventures but I will write a quick update about every day and any funny stuff that happens. 

So I have heard many equivalents of South African sayings but there is one that just takes the cake. Anyone who knows me, knows I have no time for the SA saying 'Bro's before Ho's' due to many bad experiences over the past few years. Not going into detail just saying. Anyway back to the story, I thought the SA saying was bad... I think the British version is way worse and well it really does just sound gross! Nope not saying it on here but I was shocked! (Ask me when I am back and I'll tell you) When I first heard this version... I really just stared at my cousin Andrew in complete disbelief. The counter argument to why the Brit version is better that the SA version was them asking: Why is it OK for a girl to be called a ho but anyway? This is true but the British version truly just makes me cringe. 

So that was my interesting British discussion for the post!! 

Day 32 (Monday 20/04)

It's a 'We going flying day'!!!! I woke up earlyish, had some granola for breakfast and then waited with Dave for Lawrie and his girlfriend Jen to come and fetch us so that we could go paragliding off the hill for the day. Exciting stuff... because I absolutely love it... we have established this already.

Lawrie agreed to take me on a tandem flight off Mam Tor Hill. His girlfriend hasn't been either so it would be two tandems for him! Initially Jen was supposed to go first, which was cool, I was just grateful to be going with in the first place with the possibility of an hopefully awesome flight!! #YayLetsGoJumpOffAHill 

Jen dropped Dave and I off at the top of the road, and they joined us a few minutes later after they went t park the car. This was a monster climb up the hill... with some gear on out backs. Take note I was still recovering from Ms Michaels DVD... But it's ok I persevered!

Jen offered for me to go first, which was so sweet. She is a nice girl and I can see how her and Lawrie compliment each other. I first argued that she should go but eventually just accepted the kind gesture and kitted up. It took us about 20 minutes before we took off and it was just awesomely amazing!!!! We were up there for 25 minutes and I nearly froze my face off. The rest of me was fine but my lips were so numb. I still did not care as it was just that amazing. We reached a peak height of 2385 ft above sea level. I loved every single minute of it. 

Jen came to pick us up as we landed in a field a few miles away. We then had to re-climb the hill... luckily with less gear this time round. It was Jen's turn and I offered to look after Skye their Jack Russel. Skye was not my biggest fan, especially because she had to stay with me and was not a happy puppy when her parents went and flew of the hill. Let me tell you... she walked me back down that hill. I'm sure I pulled something in my thigh as I let go of the paragliding wing and Skype jerked to the side - I lost my balance and almost went tumbling down the freaking hill!!! Yeah it must have been an amusing sight for anyone that might have been watching. 

Jen caught a lift back to the car after her flight and we went to go and pick up Dave and Lawrie and make our way back home. 

We did invite them to stay for a braai, but I think we all just wanted to get home and relax. 

I crashed after my shower and slept like a champion!!!

Day 33 (Tuesday 21/04)

Today was a total chill day!!! I went down to the bistro, caught up on emails, a bit of blogging and sat out side to soak up some sun!

Later Lee and I took a walk around the airfield. I almost froze my face off again but I did love being out and out in the fresh air. The sun only really sets here round 9 - I swear it is true!!!

Along the way Lee decided to call Kristin and I swear that girl was up to no good (innocently). 

Lee downloaded a translator app and was playing Afrikaans sentences to me which just had me in stitches laughing. Might I add that Lee's instagram has more pictures of me on Instagram than my own Instagram has.... She keeps on taking sneaky pics and either puts them on Instagram, facebook or send them to Kristen. Poor dude will have many pictures of us whether he likes it or not *rofl* 

We made yummy burgers for supper and made it an early night as we were going to Leeds for the day tomorrow and need to have an early start!!!

Peace Out

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