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My 2015 Adventure: Day 30 and 31

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Ashbourne & Bahrain GP

Hello lovelies!!

I cannot believe my time in Germany has come and gone soooo quickly! In theory, I should have been flying home at this point in my journey. I don't really believe in wrong choices, I believe what ever you decided at that point in time was what you thought what was best for you and what you needed based on the knowledge wisdom and experience you had at that point in time. Sure there are always consequences but that is all part of the lesson. 

Life is life. Life is beautiful. It all just depends on what you focus on and your perspective. Things are not always what you would assume them to be. (Assumption is the mother of all evil). I really think I should have studied psychology or something. I love trying to understand the reason behind the choices people make, and people are just sooooo interesting! I'll probably go find a book and read up about it #YouKnowMe #ILoveToRead 

Day 30 (Saturday 18/04)

So I only got to bed at about 12 and up at 3:15!!! I needed finish packing and had a random conversation with a friend on whatsapp - yes at 12 and 3 am, same peron *tee hee*. Lately, I am not tired at all when I need to go sleep and end up being exhausted in the morning. Andries and Athena drove me to the airport! Aren't they just awesome friends... Thank you for an amazing holiday. I hope I get to see you guys again soon. #StayAsAwesomeAsYouAre 

Did I mention we got to go really fast (within reason) on the Autobahn. I loved it. 

I arrived at the airport by 4:30 am. Wow well those German Airport people are just something else.. let me tell you. They are rude and scary and all I wanted to do was get out of there!!! Vanessa has pre-booked me into all my flights and I have gone to the bag drop every time without any problems - Not here apparently! But no.... the Germans had to be different. I was standing in this insanely long line, and there was barely anyone in the bag drop line once I found it. I left my bags in the que (Thank goodness) for a second and just wanted to ask if I could come to the bag drop, this dude lectured me from a dizzy height because I didn't print out my boarding pass. I haven't needed it for any flights up until this point. I was just asking a question!!! Ai anyway I smiled and just politely as I could went back to my place in the line. 

When I eventually got to the front of the check-in que, this same dude was processing my luggage and said I had to pay in 72 Euros as my bag was 3 kgs over... What???? I asked if I could maybe take some stuff out to try see if I could avoid this 'penalty'. He thankfully agreed and I was so grateful that I bought that AngelWing bag, (you are allowed a backpack as well as a personal bag) I managed to take out enough that I was way under weight but rather safe than sorry or so I thought. 

Anyway after that I made my way to passport control, probably looking like I had been dragged through a bush backwards, and think I got the grumpiest passport policeman ever. He scrutinised my passport for about 10 minutes - frowning, looking at my passport, consulting his pc... repeated about 4 times. I just kept my cool and eventually he let me through. Do I look dodgy?? Really these passport people... 

But wait... there is more... 

So I get to the part where you put your bags through the scanner and all that. (This time I didn't have to remove my belt). They unpacked and scanned both my bags twice!!! Sigh. This country is beautiful and interesting but I really couldn't wait to board that plane!! A weird thing about this flight... there were no  seat numbers... Really?? I had two really unfriendly people sitting next to me but I didn't actually care, I listened to my ipod the entire flight - shutting the entire world out. 

I arrived at Heathrow without any issues and literally made it through Passport control there in about 10 minutes. #ThankGoodness I'm not sure I would have maintained myself dealing with another rude policeman. I was early for my train so got to catch an earlier one and made good time!!

The only part of travelling I don't enjoy, is dragging around a 24 kg bag!

I arrived at Euston train station and had 2.5 hours to kill. So I got something to eat and found the waiting room. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, listening to my iPod, checking stuff out on my phone.. when some random old German dude walked up to me and started kakking me out! I had no clue what was happening, what he was saying or in general what the hell was going on before he stormed off with a gesture that seemed to mean 'Fine I will go somewhere else'. It's not like there weren't any open chairs.. there were tons and lots of people were doing the exact same thing as me. Weird I tell you just weird. 

After that I just read my book a bit (City of Glass by Cassandra Clare) and chatted to some friends back home. One of my best friends Bumpy had me crying with laughter describing all the terrible tests any potential boyfriends might have to endure. They apparently got to be up to standard. #BigBroRoleInFullForce. 

While I was chilling at the station, my cousin Lee posted a Facebook status update about hunting spiders that she couldn't find in the caravan we were going to be sharing when I got there... Really!!!! It just freaked me out. #CantStandSpiders #TheyFreakMeOut

After dragging my 24 kg bag across multiple platforms I arrived back in Ashbourne! Once again Dave made me burst out in giggles about some comment about my bag and I was rendered useless for about 5 minutes. 

Yay for random messages from friends I haven't seen in years!! I received a random wall post from Roy who lives in America.I haven't seen him in about 10 years... when I left the USA. Good times and great memories!!!

The evening was pretty chilled, I settled in. A friend/colleague of Lee/Dave/Colinda, Kristen, joined us for a braai. Poor dude, looked like he thought I was gonna bite at first. But we became friends by the end of the evening. 

After running on 3 hours sleep, being awake for 19 hours and travelling most of the day I literally crashed when I finally got into bed. 

Day 31 (Sunday 19/04)

Sunday I slept in a little but still ended up being up and at breakfast by 9. I was totally treated to the max with a full English breakfast and cappuccino. 

Nothing too interesting to report today except that I chilled, skyped with my parentals back home and contemplated my life. 

A really interesting thing here in the UK...They take the whole drinking and driving thing really seriously... if you are caught, get a fine, points get deducted from this system they have going (and if your points are up, your drivers will get taken away or something) and your licence gets suspended for a year or so (I think and do stand to correction). If this was PE, half of PE would be without cars and licences *closes eyes and shakes head* you know its true PE peeps!! 

In the afternoon Dave watched the Bahrain grand prix with me, Vettel came 5th and Kimi got a podium!!! Go Ferrari!!! It was an awesome race - no complaints from this happy girl. 

We chilled at the Bistro a bit after that and then Lee and I took a walk around the airfield. I love it. It is so beautiful. Then Lee decided to make a phone call and was up to no good. What can I say, she learns from the best *tee hee* 

I just took some time out and spent time with this beautiful amazing gorgeous girl I am proud to call my family, cousin and sister!! ----->

Peace out

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