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My 2015 Adventure: Day 28 and 29

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Football & Life-changing Dessert

Hello Friendies!!

So I did a really silly thing.. I posted day '26 & 27' as day '28 & 29' and lost all my notes/points for the proper posts! Luckily I have a back-up travel journal, I just lost any little funny stories I might have thought of on the day. It sucks but hey, what can I do!! 

So my theme for this holiday has been 'say yes, go left, try new things and have as much fun as I possibly can'. The point was to figure out who I was, where I want to be and where I want to go. It seems to be working. I left behind 2014 and the person I became then and have tried to embrace 2015 and everything it could be. 

Germany is something else, let me tell you. I salute Athena and Andries for moving to a new country, learning a new language and adapting to the culture. It is such a major leap and so inspiring!

So a part I forgot to put in the previous post was that under no circumstance was I to speak to any Turkish dudes... if you do by accident.. run!! They will take you away 'on holiday' and literally never return you. Ok I was freaked out... no random convo's going to be happening in Germany! 

Day 28 (Thursday 16/04) 

So in my 'lets try everything' momentum, I agreed to do a Jillian Michaels dvd with Athena on Thursday in an attempt to keep in shape. Wow. Just wow. That lady is a machine and Athena is her protege!! I was almost dead by the end of those 55 minutes. My muscles were shaking and I could barely walk down the stairs...then you know it's bad!!!! 

After surviving the dvd and cleaning up we missioned down to Wolfsburg in search of a crop leather jacket for me. (I have a sneaky suspicion that Jaydine will be reclaiming hers before I leave). We visited all the jacket shops Athena could think of. I couldn't find a similar one but I did find a cute substitute which is just as awesome. 

We had lunch at Vapianos and wow that pasta is one of the most delicious dishes I have ever had in my life!! Just amazing. I'll give Germany one thing for sure...  they have amazing food and cars. 

We headed home to chill for a bit and to wait for Andries to get home from work. Athena made her amazing Risotto before we headed for this ice-cream place they had been telling me about since I landed. There are not enough words to describe how amazing this ice-cream is...  I chose Vanilla Ice-cream (You could also choose frozen yogurt - I think - it was dessert yogurt of some sort), mixed with Caramelised Hazelnuts, brownie pieces and white chocolate sauce. All mixed together and served in a wafer cup.  The world  is a better place because of it - I swear!!!

From there A&A took me to my first soccer game.It was a UEFA game, Wolfsburg versus Nepal. It was tons of fun even though 'our team' lost like 4-1. The atmosphere was exciting and wow... do they have an enthusiastic crowd and a half. I didn't know the songs and honestly didn't really get the rhythm of almost any of the songs either - but I tried!!! 

A fantastic fun day through and through!!

Day 29 (Friday 17/04)
With not much on the agenda, my legs still  aching and stiff from the previous day - we headed down to Wolfsburg again. This time in search of a Wolfsburg scarf for me, some of the famous German gummy bears,some Milka Chocolates and a cute satchel with angels wings on that I had seen the day before (which just happened to be on sale)! 

(No Mom this was not a 'must-by'... ok maybe just a little bit *tee hee*)

From there we went down to the Autostadt and took a tour of the facility. Let me tell you this is car heaven!! They have some of the earliest models on display right up until the latest ones. It was just awesome. 

There was this Lamborghini display/show type thing that actually just had me laughing. So this gorgeous yellow Lamborghini is up against the wall (we are a few feet away behind some bars). The display starts and there is a smoke machine and disco/laser lights... and intense music... the point of the entire show is to hear what the engine sounds like. It is a beautiful sound I give you that, even though I could hear it was a recording. Apparently there was an entire story line to this display but clearly I missed it. There was this one part where the wall rotated so that the car 'disappeared'. Now for all intensive purposes I was hoping that something exciting was going to happen, like I don't know.... they were going to replace it with a different model or change the colour... but no after some smoke and lights, the car just 'reappeared'. Very over dramatic if you ask me. The story line was supposed to be about a police chase and the Lamborghini is so awesome and got away! Yeah I missed that part. The car was gorgeous though and I would love to hear it in 'real' life. 

For Lunch we had a freshly made pizza (base and all) at Pizza Amano. Normally I can only eat 3 pieces of pizza... max. I finished the entire thing! Maybe it did help that it was a thin base but it was totally delicious. 

We couldn't leave without having the life-changing ice-cream again. I don't care. Jillian Michaels can beat me into shape when I get home *tee hee* Let me tell you it was just as good the second time round and I don't care that I had it two days in a row... it was worth every euro and calorie!!!!!!

That evening we went to have dinner at some friends of A&A. Megan and Steven are from the USA and are just awesome. They made us tradition American style chicken wings. Yum Yum Yum. I ate until I was full and then I ate a bit more. This was followed by home-made apple pie!!! *Sigh* life is good. 

I was instructed to try out a Weiss Beer before I left by a friend of mine, Juan. I tried it and it was good - thanks for the heads up :) I haven't been a huge fan of all the Ale's and Beers, but this one was good. (You all know I have been addicted to Strawberry Cider...)

It was so awesome to reminisce about the USA with them.They knew exactly what I was talking about when I referred to places like Chic-Fil-A, TacoBell and Target!!! #GoodOldDays #Memories 

We left at between 10 - 11pm and I still had to go finish packing as I had to be up by 3:15 am because my flight was scheduled for 6:30 am, so I had to be there by.... 4:30 am!!!

The things we do when we travel... #LoveIt #OwnIt #LiveTheBestLifeYouCan

Peace out


  1. NOM! :) You are having such a great time!

    1. Oh I had the best time!!!! The food was soooooo good :)

  2. This sounds like an adventure. Keep having the time of your life!

    1. It has been the adventure of a lifetime and I am loving every minute!!!


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