Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 24 & 25

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Train tripping & The Spider

Hello you crazy amazing beautiful people!!

I love it when a normal day has something so simple happen but it makes it so interesting and memorable. Spending my day travelling  home to Jaydine and Jamie on the train did not seem like it was going to be particularly interesting to write about. I was wrong.. but will chat about that later! 

Life is life right? It's all about how you handle and deal with the challenges that pop up. It either breaks you or makes you stronger and wiser. I have found that life sends the right people into your life to help you every time. For this I am grateful!!

So lets get down to the interesting stuff...

Day 24 (Sunday 12/04)

So today was pack and travel day! The two weeks with Jaydine just flew by... it's hard to believe I have been away for as long as I have. The only part that makes me realise this more is the amount of times I have re-worn some clothes. This has given me an excuse to expand my wardrobe *tee hee* which will not help my luggage limit at all. I might need to throw out some old stuff to make sure I have place for new stuff!!

An interesting fact about my bestie... She can pick a lock. Jaydine ended up giving me one of her bags as mine really was not maintaining. There was a lock on one of the zippers and we couldn't find the keys. So we googled it and Jaydine unpicked that lock in a matter of no time at all! Her gangsta qualities I tell you... 

Let me tell you dragging a 24kg bag around is no joke even with wheels. I worked up a right royal sweat. Today was an emotional day for a few reasons. Not gonna gonna go into details but yeah it is what it is. I boarded the train at Tamworth, picking a seat is always such a challenge, ultimately no one wants someone next to them, I don't really know how to handle the British peeps yet, so I chose the least scary looking person and settled in for my trip home. 

I felt so bad as I was having an intense conversation on my phone and trying my best not to cry. I couldn't really hide the glossy eyes and felt so bad as Mr non-scary looking person looked a tad uncomfortable... 

The train trip was about 2 hours long and after about an hour I ended up chatting to Mr non-scary looking person. This was a risk as I was warned that British people don't like to be disturbed, especially on the train. His name was Alex and he works at the BBC and lives in Finchley. This seemed funny at the time cause I have no clue where that would be anyway but hoped I would maybe recognise the area name #Tourist

I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a very interesting conversation! Its amazing how certain info always leads to certain questions. Like South Africa ultimately leads to the questions like: Do you have a pet lion. I couldn't resist laughing at the Top Gear question... I just had to go there!

Alex was quite nice and I should have made conversation sooner, it turned out to be a great and intelligent conversation. This could be because he is a journalist and writes about global affairs of sorts. I think he would be an interesting friend to have around.

Its funny watching guys squirm when they ask how old am I and they don't really want to guess wrong in case of offending a girl... wahahahaha

He guessed 21, I laughed and told him he was playing it safe. He gracefully disagreed. 

In discussing my life altering adventure and amazing holiday, I love how he suggested why don't I just stay here til my visa expires. I can't say I haven't thought about it. Why should I come back? I am a responsible person though so this does scream against all my senses.I have been breaking all the rules and changing it up since November. Some how every choice I have made so far has hurt someone unintentionally and for that I am truly sorry. 

Ok so I was thinking about this entire 'You Alright?' question that bugs me and I think it all boils down to my frame of reference. In SA that means something must be wrong! Asking if you alright automatically indicates that something must be wrong. I have become a lot better at not responding in a defensive way. 

After this interesting journey I had to drag my feather-light bag across to the southwest trains to get back to Hampton court. I made it just barely! My cousin Andrew picked me up in the 'panda - taxi'. We went home and had a braai/bbq and watched the GP. Braai and sport... it can't get better than that!! 

Day 25 (Monday 13/04)

Today was really a resting in between day. I was just chilled in the morning and then caught a bus to Kingston to arb around. I can't sit in the house the entire time especially when the sun is out. As I was about to leave I decided I needed to go to the bathroom... and there is was... a huge spider!!  I freaked out and slammed the door. I have issues killing things, call it karma issues or what ever you like. So I tried to call Andrew and Kate but in those exact minutes... I lost freaking signal... Really? It disappeared! The only spider I like is a dead one.

After I ran out the house at a speed and was walking to the bus I noticed  how much has blossomed since I left 2 weeks ago. The trees are in bloom and it really is beautiful! 

So I had to top up my oyster card (I randomly found 5 pounds in my handbag... this is the equivalent to finding R100 #LuckyMe - I used this money for the Oyster card)  and run to catch the bus! Thank goodness the bus driver saw me and waiting an extra few seconds. When I got to Kingston I realised that I didn't have my Labello with me. If you know me.. this is like a mini addiction. So I had to go and buy one.  I spent about an arbing around. I was going to go down to Woody's and having a cider but ultimately decided against it as I needed to save my money where and when I could, since I had decided to extend my stay in the UK. I made my way back home to chill and start packing for Germany!

Might I add that the pigeons are really fearless here. I have nearly been taken out by a few! They really don't care and act like they own the place. 

It really is amazing how many random cool people I have met and had strange conversations with. Here is a quick list:

  • Nambian dude on plane
  • The 2 Barmen at Woody's
  • The Spanish dude at Harrods
  • The 2 South Hampton dudes on the train
  • Alex the BBBC journalist 

Some things I thought I'd never do:

  • Have a beer alone at a pub
  • Eat a meal on my own
  • Travel to London & Germany
  • Explore london alone
  • Party until 6am

I have fall in love with the UK and would move here in a heartbeat. I cannot believe how many friends I have had follow my travels too! 

Thank you for all the love and support. Some friends back home have really helped me through the rough and tough days #YouKnowWhoYouAre

Laters :)

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