Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 22 & 23

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Ice-skating & Matlock Bath

Hello you beauties!!

Life is fun. Life is great. Life is exactly what you make it. It's like the quote I have included - it's 90% up to us!!! Something changed for me this week. I can't pin point it, what it is or when it happened. It's like an arriving home fulfilling feeling. I was just a bunch of broken pieces, trying to put my life back together. Starting with one piece at a time and making better decisions for myself. Actively deciding to be happy and just live a life I want and want to remember. I was even inspired to write a bit (I am not referring to a travel blog post type writing, but I was inspired to write my thoughts). I haven't decided if I will publish it on the blog yet or not - I'll see how it goes! This is huge for me as I have not worked on anything like this since the middle of November when everything just well... the rest button was pushed for me with life in general.

So lets get on to the fun stuff!

Day 22 (Friday 10/04)

Initially I was supposed to go to Manchester with Jaydine and Jamie but we would have needed an early start. I stayed over by my cousins and shared a caravan with Lee and Charlotte. Her caravan is soooo cute!! Other than waking up freezing my butt off at 4 in the morning, (thank goodness I had a super warm comfy duvet and bed) and thinking there was a noisy spider on the roof (it was probably an owl or something). Colinda had a good giggle saying she would also be freaked out if spiders were that noisy! 

So I decided to join my cousin Lee and go ice-skating!! Wow that was just a ball of fun. I can't even remember when was the last time I went ice-skating. The ice-rink in PE closed ages ago... 

Colinda told me that if children under 16 were cheaper, she was going go with that for me. That way I was still the oldest to look after those two hooligans. Wonder if I would have been able to pull that one off, but no need as it was a standard price. So I started out like a a novice... holding on to the side and feet all over the place.. but within an hour I was skating like a pro man! Ok well maybe not a pro, I felt more graceful than I looked *rofl* And yes I fell, not a tiny fall but a massive, light-headedness hard fall on my left knee. The big purple bruise is evidence of this. #BattleScars 

I didn't let it stop me though. I took a 10 minute rest and was back out there having fun. Lee's biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to go paragliding again *bless her heart* tee hee. We ended up skating for 3 hours. It was a great workout and a ton of fun!

To end off this awesome day, Lawrie took me for a quick flight in a C42 microlight. It is like the smallest plane ever. 2 people only. Wow just wow. I loved it. Being up there in the sky is just breathtaking. I didn't get a picture as my phone was on charge but I will post one when I get back to Ashbourne. I swear in my next life I am going to be a pilot. 

I find it amazing, one minute we on the ground sitting on the deck having a laugh and 10 minutes later (After all the safety checks and all that) we were up in the air flying over Ashbourne! 

Anyway Dave and Colinda drove me back to Hilton. Trust me I will be back in Ashbourne soon. 

Day 23(Saturday 11/04)

It's a grand prix weekend!!! So Jamie and I woke up to watch the Chinese GP qualifying, Jamie bought a week pass for the Sky Sport channel (This is a new concept to me). 

I was very happy, Vettel qualified 3rd! #GoTeam 

After waking up to such an exciting event we took a drive down to Matlock bath. Wow what a beautiful countryside. I was completely distracted and in love with the scenery. It's amazing how lush and green everything is, as well as, well maintained. 

We took a stroll down the main street that was filled with touristy shops. It had almost a Sea Side feel to it. (minus the beach of course)

For lunch we had a traditional english fish, chips and mushy peas. This was actually quite tasty. Mushy peas and all. After we walked off our big lunch we had ice-cream. Now I was one happy girl. There are a few things that make me ecstatically happy and ice-cream is one of them. (A few others: The beach, music, sushi and popcorn) See I am such an easy girl to please. Buy me ice-cream, take me to the beach and make me laugh. That really isn't too much to ask for now is it? Anyway moving on. 

We ended off our evening by watching Britian's got talent and Jaydine made the most delicious Thai Curry!! 

What a way to end a fabulous two weeks. 

Next stop back to Molesey and then off to Germany!!!

Peace out

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