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My 2015 Adventure: Day 18 & 19

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Recovery Day & Sudbury hall

Hello Everyone!!

So after a few hectic days in London, we have been taking it easy and soaking up the good weather. It is interesting how my holiday experiences have changed. The first week felt like a huge introspection kind of week, exploring and settling in and just assessing my life and overcoming challenges. 

Since I arrived by Jaydine, it's been about catching up, having fun and just making memories moment by moment which is just as awesome. I am the same yet I am not the same either - if that makes any sense. 

These might be relatively short posts!!

Day 18 (Monday 06/04)

I woke up feeling like a complete normal human being again!!! 

Today was pretty chilled, we popped into Burton-on-Trent where I returned an item to TK Maxx, we picked up a few odds and ends and headed back home where we prepped for dinner. Jaydine and I ended up skyping with Nadia (a friend of ours in Australia) as well as my parentals. I also managed to call my Dad Stevens for his birthday! #HappyBirthdayDad

Not much to report here except that Jamie made an excellent Braai/BBQ on the Weber. We chilled around the fire and had a beer/cider - just like we would at home! Don't get between a South African man and his braai #SouthAfricanStyle 

The weather was fantastic - happy days all round!

Day 19 (Tuesday 07/04)

Hello Tuesday. It's been amazing how good Jaydine has been about thinking up great things for us to do. Today we went down to the Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall. First we had a picnic on the steps in front of Sudbury hall overlooking a lake. Firstly, Sudbury Hall is a beautiful building. I really have developed a love for old architecture. The detail is just amazing. Secondly, the huge garden area and lake is so peaceful and just beautiful. Jamie acted as our photographer for some pictures I wanted of Jaydine and me!!! #ThankYouJamie #YouRock 

Jaydine made us all wraps with the leftover braai meat #Yummy which we ate while soaking up the good weather!

Next we took a tour of the Childhood Museum inside Sudbury Hall. Wow, what a walk down memory lane. The museum is filled with all the toys and things we grew up playing with and stuff much much older! From YoYo's to giant doll houses and the view finders that use to entertain us as kids. 

We soaked up the sun a little bit more while the kids played in the play area before we headed to our next stop the Green Dragon at Willington to check out the house boats on the canal. 

We ended off our evening by making absolutely delicious home-made pizza!! Those are always the best #GoodFood 

As you can see you need some chilled days in between all the fun to soak up the sun and regain your energy!

Peace out

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