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My 2015 Adventure: Day 16 & 17

Chanzie's  2015

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London Baby- Part 2

Hello Lovelies!!!

So as you can see this amazing adventure exploring London with my bestie was just too much to fit into one post! I am sure I have probably missed a point or two somewhere along the way. I didn't really have wifi and it was just jam packed which is the reason my posts are so late. Either way I am updating you now :) 

Day 16 (Saturday 04/04)

It's Portobello Day!!!I have been waiting to go to this market since I basically arrived but it was recommended that you go on a Saturday as the market would be in full swing. 

We woke up fresh as daisies ready to take on the adventures for the day!! Andy popped down with us to Gregg's for this breakfast I saw advertised for 3 pounds, which was a bacon and sausage baguette and coffee. It was absolutely delicious. After that Jaydine and I caught the train to Hammersmith and from there to Ladbroke Grove to go to Portobello Market. 

Wow I just fell in love with that place! The market, the stalls, the music!! Jaydine and I were jamming in the streets between stalls. We accidentally overstayed our time limit there, which ultimately cut our time down at Camden. 

While we were making our way through Kingscross and St Pancras (Not Pancreas) station Jaydine was racing random people. Basically you pick a person and a finish line and race them there (without them knowing).. ok its sounds a bit lame but it was sooo funny I was crying with laughter!

We had about 20 minutes at Camden (Again). Wow they sell some of the strangest things there!! #JustSaying. We bought a random dude's album - hope its good jamming music at least. Then we had to make our way back and head towards London central for the Banksy and Stix street art tour. 

Did I mention some of the tube stations really stink. That is my only complaint. It's not all of them but gosh its nauseating. 

The B&S street art tour was amazing. We walked around for about 2 hours while Josh our guide told us about the history and rules of this art society. At the end of the day, it's illegal but these people are talented. If they are caught they can go to jail for up to 2 years! By the end my feet and shoulders were sore. Somewhere along the way I think I pulled something in my foot!!

We stopped off at a pub called the Polo for a drink and to use their bathrooms. After that we went to a restaurant called Faanoosa for supper.Their food was absolutely divine!!!

Once our bellies were full, we popped home to drop off our stuff, changed and went out for a party. First we popped by Piccadilly circus and took a walk through ChinaTown. From there we went to Punch and Judy, The Portahouse and The Roundhouse. Jaydine and I danced up a storm and only got home after 3 or 4 (I am not 100% sure of the time). Honestly I had the most amazing time. Ultimately I only got too bed at about 6am!!! Sheesh I honestly didn't even know I had it in me to party until that time. 

Day 17 (Sunday 05/04)

So we slept in quite a bit on Sunday (considering we went to bed sooo late!). We were a bit fragile and very very sleep deprived! For breakfast we had a ciabata sandwich each. We spent most the day travelling home on the train. Honestly I slept on the train for most of the journey and was not the best company at all! So sorry not much to report for this day, I was a useless sleep deprived tourist. We got home, unpacked, chilled and I crashed early in hopes of feeling like a normal person the next day. 

Peace out

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