Thursday, 2 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 12 & 13

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

2 days of Bestie Shopping

Hello lovelies

Sometimes I just can't believe that I am here with Jaydine after 9 years!! We were literally inseparable in school and not much has changed (considering I am staying in her daughters room and all... *Tee hee*) - it's not like she has a choice.... Either way it's so good to have her back even if it is only for 2 weeks. 

So I woke up in a new town and a new bed. I am staying in Gabby's room which is 100% a princess fairy room. (Totally a part of the journey as Jaydine puts it) There are Disney characters on the walls, a solar system hanging from light as well as pink stars on the roof that glow in the dark. Sweet dreams every night for me!

On Tuesday (31/03) I woke up and had a yummy egg and bacon breakfast prepared by the fabulous Jaydine. After that we went to town shopping in Derby! I probably bought way too much and have no idea how I am going to fit it all in to bring back. 

We caught the train and went to the shopping centre were we had lunch at Nando's (yummy pregos)! As we were catching up, near the end, when we were almost getting ready to leave, I noticed a table with 2 guys next to us that were suspiciously very quiet- actually listening to our conversation... . Anyway moving on we popped into a few shops and I found the ultimate gadget shop!!! It took me about 40 minutes to just decide what to buy, I did sadly have to put a lot of stuff back. #SpaceLimitiations #TooGoodToBeTrue 

Jaydine took me to Poundland... Everything no matter what is a pound - books, dvd's and lots of random arb stuff. I wish we had one of these in SA along with Primark. 

We ended our shopping trip with none other than.... Primark!!! I found the perfume I was looking for and random odds and sodds like only I know how find :) We did get a bit lost trying to find the train station for us to catch our train home - in the process it was freezing... How is it that my hands were ice blocks and I was overheating everywhere else!!! 

Wednesday (01/04)

I woke up to Jamie bringing me coffee!!! What a wonderful way to wake up :)The last person to wake me up with coffee was my mom over the December holidays!! Lets not even go to who was the last person to see my morning hair and look lol. Jaydine says I look fabulous with my bed head and all but I think she is a little bias! 

This was followed by Nathan and Gabby taking over my bed. Gabby decided that she wanted to sit in the corner on the other side of me and Nathan decided to join as well. We were just chilling and I was playing music on my phone. I have officially converted Nathan into a Ferrari fan and he wants to be an F1 driver when he grows up #MyLifeMissionIsComplete. He then asked if we could listen to my gangsta music when we played the racing game later on the PlayStation.. He was referring to my Creedance Clearwater Revival and Mumford & Sons! 

We had fruit salad for lunch and then ventured off to Burton-on-Trent for some more shopping!! I did keep it on a lower scale for this trip. I even found the Soul Asylum CD for 1 pound and none other than PoundLand!!!

We had a coffee at The Muffin Break and had a really girly time having our nails painted! Every day feels like a Saturday to me!! It is wonderful :) We arrived home to a home-cooked Spaghetti Bolognese by Jamie (the undercover chef)! 

As for the shopping - Go big or Go home right. For me its Go big and Go Home!!! Wahahaha :) 

Thank goodness Jaydine has given me a bigger bag to use when I go home!!! Let's hope it stays within the weight limit otherwise I will have to wear extra layers of clothing on my way home...

The plans for the rest of the week... London Baby!!!

Peace out 

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