Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 30 and 31

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Ashbourne & Bahrain GP

Hello lovelies!!

I cannot believe my time in Germany has come and gone soooo quickly! In theory, I should have been flying home at this point in my journey. I don't really believe in wrong choices, I believe what ever you decided at that point in time was what you thought what was best for you and what you needed based on the knowledge wisdom and experience you had at that point in time. Sure there are always consequences but that is all part of the lesson. 

Life is life. Life is beautiful. It all just depends on what you focus on and your perspective. Things are not always what you would assume them to be. (Assumption is the mother of all evil). I really think I should have studied psychology or something. I love trying to understand the reason behind the choices people make, and people are just sooooo interesting! I'll probably go find a book and read up about it #YouKnowMe #ILoveToRead 

Day 30 (Saturday 18/04)

So I only got to bed at about 12 and up at 3:15!!! I needed finish packing and had a random conversation with a friend on whatsapp - yes at 12 and 3 am, same peron *tee hee*. Lately, I am not tired at all when I need to go sleep and end up being exhausted in the morning. Andries and Athena drove me to the airport! Aren't they just awesome friends... Thank you for an amazing holiday. I hope I get to see you guys again soon. #StayAsAwesomeAsYouAre 

Did I mention we got to go really fast (within reason) on the Autobahn. I loved it. 

I arrived at the airport by 4:30 am. Wow well those German Airport people are just something else.. let me tell you. They are rude and scary and all I wanted to do was get out of there!!! Vanessa has pre-booked me into all my flights and I have gone to the bag drop every time without any problems - Not here apparently! But no.... the Germans had to be different. I was standing in this insanely long line, and there was barely anyone in the bag drop line once I found it. I left my bags in the que (Thank goodness) for a second and just wanted to ask if I could come to the bag drop, this dude lectured me from a dizzy height because I didn't print out my boarding pass. I haven't needed it for any flights up until this point. I was just asking a question!!! Ai anyway I smiled and just politely as I could went back to my place in the line. 

When I eventually got to the front of the check-in que, this same dude was processing my luggage and said I had to pay in 72 Euros as my bag was 3 kgs over... What???? I asked if I could maybe take some stuff out to try see if I could avoid this 'penalty'. He thankfully agreed and I was so grateful that I bought that AngelWing bag, (you are allowed a backpack as well as a personal bag) I managed to take out enough that I was way under weight but rather safe than sorry or so I thought. 

Anyway after that I made my way to passport control, probably looking like I had been dragged through a bush backwards, and think I got the grumpiest passport policeman ever. He scrutinised my passport for about 10 minutes - frowning, looking at my passport, consulting his pc... repeated about 4 times. I just kept my cool and eventually he let me through. Do I look dodgy?? Really these passport people... 

But wait... there is more... 

So I get to the part where you put your bags through the scanner and all that. (This time I didn't have to remove my belt). They unpacked and scanned both my bags twice!!! Sigh. This country is beautiful and interesting but I really couldn't wait to board that plane!! A weird thing about this flight... there were no  seat numbers... Really?? I had two really unfriendly people sitting next to me but I didn't actually care, I listened to my ipod the entire flight - shutting the entire world out. 

I arrived at Heathrow without any issues and literally made it through Passport control there in about 10 minutes. #ThankGoodness I'm not sure I would have maintained myself dealing with another rude policeman. I was early for my train so got to catch an earlier one and made good time!!

The only part of travelling I don't enjoy, is dragging around a 24 kg bag!

I arrived at Euston train station and had 2.5 hours to kill. So I got something to eat and found the waiting room. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, listening to my iPod, checking stuff out on my phone.. when some random old German dude walked up to me and started kakking me out! I had no clue what was happening, what he was saying or in general what the hell was going on before he stormed off with a gesture that seemed to mean 'Fine I will go somewhere else'. It's not like there weren't any open chairs.. there were tons and lots of people were doing the exact same thing as me. Weird I tell you just weird. 

After that I just read my book a bit (City of Glass by Cassandra Clare) and chatted to some friends back home. One of my best friends Bumpy had me crying with laughter describing all the terrible tests any potential boyfriends might have to endure. They apparently got to be up to standard. #BigBroRoleInFullForce. 

While I was chilling at the station, my cousin Lee posted a Facebook status update about hunting spiders that she couldn't find in the caravan we were going to be sharing when I got there... Really!!!! It just freaked me out. #CantStandSpiders #TheyFreakMeOut

After dragging my 24 kg bag across multiple platforms I arrived back in Ashbourne! Once again Dave made me burst out in giggles about some comment about my bag and I was rendered useless for about 5 minutes. 

Yay for random messages from friends I haven't seen in years!! I received a random wall post from Roy who lives in America.I haven't seen him in about 10 years... when I left the USA. Good times and great memories!!!

The evening was pretty chilled, I settled in. A friend/colleague of Lee/Dave/Colinda, Kristen, joined us for a braai. Poor dude, looked like he thought I was gonna bite at first. But we became friends by the end of the evening. 

After running on 3 hours sleep, being awake for 19 hours and travelling most of the day I literally crashed when I finally got into bed. 

Day 31 (Sunday 19/04)

Sunday I slept in a little but still ended up being up and at breakfast by 9. I was totally treated to the max with a full English breakfast and cappuccino. 

Nothing too interesting to report today except that I chilled, skyped with my parentals back home and contemplated my life. 

A really interesting thing here in the UK...They take the whole drinking and driving thing really seriously... if you are caught, get a fine, points get deducted from this system they have going (and if your points are up, your drivers will get taken away or something) and your licence gets suspended for a year or so (I think and do stand to correction). If this was PE, half of PE would be without cars and licences *closes eyes and shakes head* you know its true PE peeps!! 

In the afternoon Dave watched the Bahrain grand prix with me, Vettel came 5th and Kimi got a podium!!! Go Ferrari!!! It was an awesome race - no complaints from this happy girl. 

We chilled at the Bistro a bit after that and then Lee and I took a walk around the airfield. I love it. It is so beautiful. Then Lee decided to make a phone call and was up to no good. What can I say, she learns from the best *tee hee* 

I just took some time out and spent time with this beautiful amazing gorgeous girl I am proud to call my family, cousin and sister!! ----->

Peace out

Monday, 27 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 28 and 29

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Football & Life-changing Dessert

Hello Friendies!!

So I did a really silly thing.. I posted day '26 & 27' as day '28 & 29' and lost all my notes/points for the proper posts! Luckily I have a back-up travel journal, I just lost any little funny stories I might have thought of on the day. It sucks but hey, what can I do!! 

So my theme for this holiday has been 'say yes, go left, try new things and have as much fun as I possibly can'. The point was to figure out who I was, where I want to be and where I want to go. It seems to be working. I left behind 2014 and the person I became then and have tried to embrace 2015 and everything it could be. 

Germany is something else, let me tell you. I salute Athena and Andries for moving to a new country, learning a new language and adapting to the culture. It is such a major leap and so inspiring!

So a part I forgot to put in the previous post was that under no circumstance was I to speak to any Turkish dudes... if you do by accident.. run!! They will take you away 'on holiday' and literally never return you. Ok I was freaked out... no random convo's going to be happening in Germany! 

Day 28 (Thursday 16/04) 

So in my 'lets try everything' momentum, I agreed to do a Jillian Michaels dvd with Athena on Thursday in an attempt to keep in shape. Wow. Just wow. That lady is a machine and Athena is her protege!! I was almost dead by the end of those 55 minutes. My muscles were shaking and I could barely walk down the stairs...then you know it's bad!!!! 

After surviving the dvd and cleaning up we missioned down to Wolfsburg in search of a crop leather jacket for me. (I have a sneaky suspicion that Jaydine will be reclaiming hers before I leave). We visited all the jacket shops Athena could think of. I couldn't find a similar one but I did find a cute substitute which is just as awesome. 

We had lunch at Vapianos and wow that pasta is one of the most delicious dishes I have ever had in my life!! Just amazing. I'll give Germany one thing for sure...  they have amazing food and cars. 

We headed home to chill for a bit and to wait for Andries to get home from work. Athena made her amazing Risotto before we headed for this ice-cream place they had been telling me about since I landed. There are not enough words to describe how amazing this ice-cream is...  I chose Vanilla Ice-cream (You could also choose frozen yogurt - I think - it was dessert yogurt of some sort), mixed with Caramelised Hazelnuts, brownie pieces and white chocolate sauce. All mixed together and served in a wafer cup.  The world  is a better place because of it - I swear!!!

From there A&A took me to my first soccer game.It was a UEFA game, Wolfsburg versus Nepal. It was tons of fun even though 'our team' lost like 4-1. The atmosphere was exciting and wow... do they have an enthusiastic crowd and a half. I didn't know the songs and honestly didn't really get the rhythm of almost any of the songs either - but I tried!!! 

A fantastic fun day through and through!!

Day 29 (Friday 17/04)
With not much on the agenda, my legs still  aching and stiff from the previous day - we headed down to Wolfsburg again. This time in search of a Wolfsburg scarf for me, some of the famous German gummy bears,some Milka Chocolates and a cute satchel with angels wings on that I had seen the day before (which just happened to be on sale)! 

(No Mom this was not a 'must-by'... ok maybe just a little bit *tee hee*)

From there we went down to the Autostadt and took a tour of the facility. Let me tell you this is car heaven!! They have some of the earliest models on display right up until the latest ones. It was just awesome. 

There was this Lamborghini display/show type thing that actually just had me laughing. So this gorgeous yellow Lamborghini is up against the wall (we are a few feet away behind some bars). The display starts and there is a smoke machine and disco/laser lights... and intense music... the point of the entire show is to hear what the engine sounds like. It is a beautiful sound I give you that, even though I could hear it was a recording. Apparently there was an entire story line to this display but clearly I missed it. There was this one part where the wall rotated so that the car 'disappeared'. Now for all intensive purposes I was hoping that something exciting was going to happen, like I don't know.... they were going to replace it with a different model or change the colour... but no after some smoke and lights, the car just 'reappeared'. Very over dramatic if you ask me. The story line was supposed to be about a police chase and the Lamborghini is so awesome and fast...it got away! Yeah I missed that part. The car was gorgeous though and I would love to hear it in 'real' life. 

For Lunch we had a freshly made pizza (base and all) at Pizza Amano. Normally I can only eat 3 pieces of pizza... max. I finished the entire thing! Maybe it did help that it was a thin base but it was totally delicious. 

We couldn't leave without having the life-changing ice-cream again. I don't care. Jillian Michaels can beat me into shape when I get home *tee hee* Let me tell you it was just as good the second time round and I don't care that I had it two days in a row... it was worth every euro and calorie!!!!!!

That evening we went to have dinner at some friends of A&A. Megan and Steven are from the USA and are just awesome. They made us tradition American style chicken wings. Yum Yum Yum. I ate until I was full and then I ate a bit more. This was followed by home-made apple pie!!! *Sigh* life is good. 

I was instructed to try out a Weiss Beer before I left by a friend of mine, Juan. I tried it and it was good - thanks for the heads up :) I haven't been a huge fan of all the Ale's and Beers, but this one was good. (You all know I have been addicted to Strawberry Cider...)

It was so awesome to reminisce about the USA with them.They knew exactly what I was talking about when I referred to places like Chic-Fil-A, TacoBell and Target!!! #GoodOldDays #Memories 

We left at between 10 - 11pm and I still had to go finish packing as I had to be up by 3:15 am because my flight was scheduled for 6:30 am, so I had to be there by.... 4:30 am!!!

The things we do when we travel... #LoveIt #OwnIt #LiveTheBestLifeYouCan

Peace out

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My 2015 adventure: Day 26 & 27

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Germany & Berlin

Hello you beauties!!

Time flies when you are having fun or when you are very far away from home...having the time of your life! I can't believe that it is time to go to Germany already... that means that 3 weeks have passed. To say I was very contemplative over the past few days is an understatement. Life can be so overwhelming but if you break it down and assess it piece by piece according to your own morals and values it becomes a lot easier to deal with and cope. Having great friends helps as well. 

So much has changed since the 19th March, I have so much to consider. No pressure but lots of pressure at the same time. I only have 16 days to make huge life decisions. 

So I decided to read Beyond Past Lives while on my way to Germany and this is what I gained from it so far. (It's a book I got for review ages ago on NetGalley) It really is such a fascinating read and has me thinking about my life and its purpose.

I am in love. I'm in love with life. Its so different to being in love with a person.  Yes it can hurt but its different. I've accepted life has its ups and downs. It doesn't necessarily make it any better but I can breathe through it knowing this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. A high or a low. It's a balance to keep us on track. I love life. All of it and its lessons. Yes I am fortunate and blessed. Maybe my lessons haven't been as tough as others but its my life and I learn from theirs too.

I choose to stay positive and optimistic. I choose who to keep in my life. I choose to take the right path for me. I am the same but also not the same person I was last year this time. Last year I was a stressed depressed girl. I have grown. If you gave me the same situation now I'd be stronger and handle it better because I have grown as a person and learnt some very important lessons. There is always going to be someone who is upset by your choices. And that you always have a choice.

Every single person and conversation has taught me something and I am feeling so grateful. To those who have helped me and those that have taught me painful lessons. I have learnt to let go a little bit more and just enjoy the moment - that is huge as I have always been such a worry pot and to some degree still am. 

I have learnt to take step back and assess a situation with out emotions. This is still a challenge most times. I don't need to please everyone. I will consider you though and try my best not to hurt you. Will you grant me the same courtesy - maybe / maybe not. And that is ok. I can't teach you what I have learnt but neither can you teach me your lessons. And a big one... I don't have to be in control all the time!!!

Day 26 (Tuesday 14/04)

So it is fly to Germany day!!! I only got to bed close to 12 and had to get up at 5. Andrew was kind enough to drive me to the airport. I got there at about 6:30am, my flight was scheduled for 7:55 am. Thank goodness Vanessa checked me in the day before, when I got to the counter even the attendant was relieved, otherwise I would have been sent to the other line which had about 10 people in it!

From there I went and grabbed a coffee at the one and only restaurant after the check point. It was truly the longest wait for a cappuccino ever. The guy who arrived after me, received his coffee before me. I think my waitress forgot... grrr... I wasn't such a delightful tourist. 

Obviously my terminal would be the very last one... 21A. Germany is in the same time zone as South Africa. So the flight there is 'longer' than the flight back. From the UK I left at 7:55am and landed at 10:30am. On the way back I leave at 6:25am and land at 7am! It is just mind boggling. 

The flight there was a quick one. I was maybe one of 4 females on the flight. There were mostly business men going to a trade show in Hannover. I made a good contact with the guy sitting next to me. You never know when you might need to call in a favour.

The security police dude at passport control freaked me out a little when I got to him. The only thing I had with with me at the time were copies of Andries and Athena's temporary residency cards (Aufenthaltstitel). Thank goodness it worked! I didn't realise I had not re-printed the letter of invite as the German Embassy had kept it when they sent back my visa. 

Athena was there, front of the crowd waiting for me!! I really was so excited to see her as I haven't seen her since a few months before they life SA in 2014. From there we decided to explore Hannover a bit! Athena didn't really know the place either so it was an adventure for both of us. Driving on the other side of the road freaked me out quite a bit! I kept wanting to get in on the drivers side *rofl* 

Our first stop was to have a cooldrink at CafĂ© Barcelona. A strange little fact... the bathrooms are called WC's... strange!! From there we walked around the block two or three times and guess where we ended up.... Primark!! Shame the language is a huge barrier for me and they just carry on whether you understand or not. Eventually they notice the blank confused expression and convert to basic yes/no indication type communication. They are not pro tourists at all and some just refuse to even try communication beyond German. Athena ended up being my personal translator, well I let her do most of the talking anyway. 

It is strange and an overwhelming feeling to realise I am in Germany!! Apparently ATM's are a scarcity in the places we have been to. They are called 'Sparkasse'. 

On the way home we travelled via the Autobahn, it is beautiful! This is the only freeway without a speed limit - which seems so insane!! They do sometimes put up speed limits depending on traffic. You could go like 200km or more if you wanted too!

Why not be random when you are half way across the world?? I was telling Athena how I had not been able to workout for about 3 weeks and could seriously feel the difference. So she suggested we go to her regular Zumba class at her gym. It was so much fun and I got to meet a few of her friends.

You want to hear an insane story... there are no downloads allowed in this country, they monitor it all and can track you down and send you a bill. A scary story - friends of A&A got a fine of something silly like 7500 euros for downloading 3 episodes of a series. I have no idea how or where to do this but trust me I don't want to learn now either. 

For dinner Athena decided to make us a traditional German dish. She made Beef Rouladen for supper. I loved it, it was so good I am so going to try making it when I get home. 

It was supposed to be an early evening but we ended up chatting till about 11pm, still had to shower and I eventually got to bed close to 12!

A&A really did kit out the room for me! I slept on a double sleeper couch, it had a huge flat screen TV as well as an xbox!  Best digs ever!!!

Day 27 (Wednesday 15/04) 

So we got to bed a bit late but I slept like a champion.I woke up very disorientated and didn't know where I was at all! This is my 5th room I have slept in since I left home... 

We needed an early start, so we left the house at about 7:15am so that Andries could drop us off at the train station and make his way to work at Volkswagen. We caught one the fastest trains in Germany, The I C. On the way back we'll be on the fourth fastest train called the I C E which goes 330km per hour! I can really say I enjoy the public transport systems they have in place here and in the UK. I love driving but the trains are so much faster and get you to your destination faster. We hopped off at the Berlin train station. From there we walked and saw the dome thingy and Brandenburger gate. Its just magnificent and I would have loved to see it at night!! We also grabbed a quick muffin and mocha at Starbucks.

Athena is definitely one of my most interesting friends. I find it intellectually fascinating when it comes to psychology. She studied industrial psychology. I find everything so interesting. She is one of the most calm collected and got-it-all-together people I know.

We actually made good time and visited quite a few places like the Jewish memorial (Its a multi-dimensional art piece),from there we walked down Unter Dee Linden street which had many souvenir shops. I am sure you won't be surprised but we popped into the Mercedes-Benz shop! I bought the most awesome peak & playing cards. 

One of the things I miss from home is all my collections of perfumes. So we stopped in by Douglas and tested a million perfumes. I put on black opium which made me miss home a ton! 

The architecture is just breathe-taking. I love the detail in the older buildings that just isn't there in the newer buildings. I would go to Humboldr university just because it is so beautiful. We walked past the memorial of a man on a horse and stopped to chill and take in the beauty of the Berliner Church Dome - which is breathtaking. 

For lunch we had a fantastic sushi lunch! We popped past the most ultimate shop ever... Pylones. I literally wanted to buy everything in there, whether I needed it or not! 

Other places we visited were the Red Rathaus, TV Tower and the Poseidon fountain. We chilled in the sun a bit and had an ice-cream. After that we ambled through another mall, bought the most expensive bottle of water ever, before making our way back to the train station. 

We took a train from Alexanderplatz (S bahn) back to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, where we continued our searched for the large lollipop, it evaded us. We ended up buying the second most expensive bottle of water to find a bigger bottle next door for much less. To end our search we found the smallest lollipops in the world - very counterproductive! 

We then abandoned the mission to sit on a bench for an hour waiting for our train with aching feet eating the world's tiniest lollipops - true story.
Narrated by Athena, interpreted by Chene.

Ok we changed our plans. Instead of sitting on a cold bench for an hour, we went for the worlds longest cup of coffee at Vapianos. They actually give you a card where you load all the items you buy (coffee and food), this allows for individual bills. Very fancy me thinks!

Anyway we arrived in Wolfsburg at about 9pm, went to get Chinese chowmain take-aways and headed home. The portions are quite large but it was so good I had two bowls and there was still left over!! We were all super exhausted. 

Andries laughed at us as we were probably the only tourists who did not venture to see the Berlin Wall or have a German Beer in Berlin... It's ok I think we covered a lot of other ground!!!

Peace out

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 24 & 25

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Train tripping & The Spider

Hello you crazy amazing beautiful people!!

I love it when a normal day has something so simple happen but it makes it so interesting and memorable. Spending my day travelling  home to Jaydine and Jamie on the train did not seem like it was going to be particularly interesting to write about. I was wrong.. but will chat about that later! 

Life is life right? It's all about how you handle and deal with the challenges that pop up. It either breaks you or makes you stronger and wiser. I have found that life sends the right people into your life to help you every time. For this I am grateful!!

So lets get down to the interesting stuff...

Day 24 (Sunday 12/04)

So today was pack and travel day! The two weeks with Jaydine just flew by... it's hard to believe I have been away for as long as I have. The only part that makes me realise this more is the amount of times I have re-worn some clothes. This has given me an excuse to expand my wardrobe *tee hee* which will not help my luggage limit at all. I might need to throw out some old stuff to make sure I have place for new stuff!!

An interesting fact about my bestie... She can pick a lock. Jaydine ended up giving me one of her bags as mine really was not maintaining. There was a lock on one of the zippers and we couldn't find the keys. So we googled it and Jaydine unpicked that lock in a matter of no time at all! Her gangsta qualities I tell you... 

Let me tell you dragging a 24kg bag around is no joke even with wheels. I worked up a right royal sweat. Today was an emotional day for a few reasons. Not gonna gonna go into details but yeah it is what it is. I boarded the train at Tamworth, picking a seat is always such a challenge, ultimately no one wants someone next to them, I don't really know how to handle the British peeps yet, so I chose the least scary looking person and settled in for my trip home. 

I felt so bad as I was having an intense conversation on my phone and trying my best not to cry. I couldn't really hide the glossy eyes and felt so bad as Mr non-scary looking person looked a tad uncomfortable... 

The train trip was about 2 hours long and after about an hour I ended up chatting to Mr non-scary looking person. This was a risk as I was warned that British people don't like to be disturbed, especially on the train. His name was Alex and he works at the BBC and lives in Finchley. This seemed funny at the time cause I have no clue where that would be anyway but hoped I would maybe recognise the area name #Tourist

I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a very interesting conversation! Its amazing how certain info always leads to certain questions. Like South Africa ultimately leads to the questions like: Do you have a pet lion. I couldn't resist laughing at the Top Gear question... I just had to go there!

Alex was quite nice and I should have made conversation sooner, it turned out to be a great and intelligent conversation. This could be because he is a journalist and writes about global affairs of sorts. I think he would be an interesting friend to have around.

Its funny watching guys squirm when they ask how old am I and they don't really want to guess wrong in case of offending a girl... wahahahaha

He guessed 21, I laughed and told him he was playing it safe. He gracefully disagreed. 

In discussing my life altering adventure and amazing holiday, I love how he suggested why don't I just stay here til my visa expires. I can't say I haven't thought about it. Why should I come back? I am a responsible person though so this does scream against all my senses.I have been breaking all the rules and changing it up since November. Some how every choice I have made so far has hurt someone unintentionally and for that I am truly sorry. 

Ok so I was thinking about this entire 'You Alright?' question that bugs me and I think it all boils down to my frame of reference. In SA that means something must be wrong! Asking if you alright automatically indicates that something must be wrong. I have become a lot better at not responding in a defensive way. 

After this interesting journey I had to drag my feather-light bag across to the southwest trains to get back to Hampton court. I made it just barely! My cousin Andrew picked me up in the 'panda - taxi'. We went home and had a braai/bbq and watched the GP. Braai and sport... it can't get better than that!! 

Day 25 (Monday 13/04)

Today was really a resting in between day. I was just chilled in the morning and then caught a bus to Kingston to arb around. I can't sit in the house the entire time especially when the sun is out. As I was about to leave I decided I needed to go to the bathroom... and there is was... a huge spider!!  I freaked out and slammed the door. I have issues killing things, call it karma issues or what ever you like. So I tried to call Andrew and Kate but in those exact minutes... I lost freaking signal... Really? It disappeared! The only spider I like is a dead one.

After I ran out the house at a speed and was walking to the bus I noticed  how much has blossomed since I left 2 weeks ago. The trees are in bloom and it really is beautiful! 

So I had to top up my oyster card (I randomly found 5 pounds in my handbag... this is the equivalent to finding R100 #LuckyMe - I used this money for the Oyster card)  and run to catch the bus! Thank goodness the bus driver saw me and waiting an extra few seconds. When I got to Kingston I realised that I didn't have my Labello with me. If you know me.. this is like a mini addiction. So I had to go and buy one.  I spent about an arbing around. I was going to go down to Woody's and having a cider but ultimately decided against it as I needed to save my money where and when I could, since I had decided to extend my stay in the UK. I made my way back home to chill and start packing for Germany!

Might I add that the pigeons are really fearless here. I have nearly been taken out by a few! They really don't care and act like they own the place. 

It really is amazing how many random cool people I have met and had strange conversations with. Here is a quick list:

  • Nambian dude on plane
  • The 2 Barmen at Woody's
  • The Spanish dude at Harrods
  • The 2 South Hampton dudes on the train
  • Alex the BBBC journalist 

Some things I thought I'd never do:

  • Have a beer alone at a pub
  • Eat a meal on my own
  • Travel to London & Germany
  • Explore london alone
  • Party until 6am

I have fall in love with the UK and would move here in a heartbeat. I cannot believe how many friends I have had follow my travels too! 

Thank you for all the love and support. Some friends back home have really helped me through the rough and tough days #YouKnowWhoYouAre

Laters :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 22 & 23

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Ice-skating & Matlock Bath

Hello you beauties!!

Life is fun. Life is great. Life is exactly what you make it. It's like the quote I have included - it's 90% up to us!!! Something changed for me this week. I can't pin point it, what it is or when it happened. It's like an arriving home fulfilling feeling. I was just a bunch of broken pieces, trying to put my life back together. Starting with one piece at a time and making better decisions for myself. Actively deciding to be happy and just live a life I want and want to remember. I was even inspired to write a bit (I am not referring to a travel blog post type writing, but I was inspired to write my thoughts). I haven't decided if I will publish it on the blog yet or not - I'll see how it goes! This is huge for me as I have not worked on anything like this since the middle of November when everything just well... the rest button was pushed for me with life in general.

So lets get on to the fun stuff!

Day 22 (Friday 10/04)

Initially I was supposed to go to Manchester with Jaydine and Jamie but we would have needed an early start. I stayed over by my cousins and shared a caravan with Lee and Charlotte. Her caravan is soooo cute!! Other than waking up freezing my butt off at 4 in the morning, (thank goodness I had a super warm comfy duvet and bed) and thinking there was a noisy spider on the roof (it was probably an owl or something). Colinda had a good giggle saying she would also be freaked out if spiders were that noisy! 

So I decided to join my cousin Lee and go ice-skating!! Wow that was just a ball of fun. I can't even remember when was the last time I went ice-skating. The ice-rink in PE closed ages ago... 

Colinda told me that if children under 16 were cheaper, she was going go with that for me. That way I was still the oldest to look after those two hooligans. Wonder if I would have been able to pull that one off, but no need as it was a standard price. So I started out like a a novice... holding on to the side and feet all over the place.. but within an hour I was skating like a pro man! Ok well maybe not a pro, I felt more graceful than I looked *rofl* And yes I fell, not a tiny fall but a massive, light-headedness hard fall on my left knee. The big purple bruise is evidence of this. #BattleScars 

I didn't let it stop me though. I took a 10 minute rest and was back out there having fun. Lee's biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to go paragliding again *bless her heart* tee hee. We ended up skating for 3 hours. It was a great workout and a ton of fun!

To end off this awesome day, Lawrie took me for a quick flight in a C42 microlight. It is like the smallest plane ever. 2 people only. Wow just wow. I loved it. Being up there in the sky is just breathtaking. I didn't get a picture as my phone was on charge but I will post one when I get back to Ashbourne. I swear in my next life I am going to be a pilot. 

I find it amazing, one minute we on the ground sitting on the deck having a laugh and 10 minutes later (After all the safety checks and all that) we were up in the air flying over Ashbourne! 

Anyway Dave and Colinda drove me back to Hilton. Trust me I will be back in Ashbourne soon. 

Day 23(Saturday 11/04)

It's a grand prix weekend!!! So Jamie and I woke up to watch the Chinese GP qualifying, Jamie bought a week pass for the Sky Sport channel (This is a new concept to me). 

I was very happy, Vettel qualified 3rd! #GoTeam 

After waking up to such an exciting event we took a drive down to Matlock bath. Wow what a beautiful countryside. I was completely distracted and in love with the scenery. It's amazing how lush and green everything is, as well as, well maintained. 

We took a stroll down the main street that was filled with touristy shops. It had almost a Sea Side feel to it. (minus the beach of course)

For lunch we had a traditional english fish, chips and mushy peas. This was actually quite tasty. Mushy peas and all. After we walked off our big lunch we had ice-cream. Now I was one happy girl. There are a few things that make me ecstatically happy and ice-cream is one of them. (A few others: The beach, music, sushi and popcorn) See I am such an easy girl to please. Buy me ice-cream, take me to the beach and make me laugh. That really isn't too much to ask for now is it? Anyway moving on. 

We ended off our evening by watching Britian's got talent and Jaydine made the most delicious Thai Curry!! 

What a way to end a fabulous two weeks. 

Next stop back to Molesey and then off to Germany!!!

Peace out