Monday, 30 March 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 9 & 10

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

 Kingston & A drive in the countryside

Hello beauties!!

"You alright?" This seems to be the British greeting. The equivalent of 'Howzit my bru'
For some reason it keeps making me feel like they are implying something is wrong or I have a problem, or don't look well or something! My friend Jaydine did explain this to me before on the phone but it still caught me off guard a few times this week. 

The dress sense here is amazing.. there will always be someone more dressed than you or much less! When I head out, I normally have my a pair of jeans on, my uggs and my first ascent jacket. In the short distance it takes to get to Tesco, I'll walk past the first person who looks like an Eskimo (Beanie,gloves, scarf, knee length jacket- the works) and the very next person will be walking past with a tank top and shorts! This does remind me of the reverse situation when I was in Bali and all I really wanted to wear was my bikini and a towel and I would walk past someone with a hoody& jeans! I find it amazing how people adapt to their relevant climates.

On Friday (27/03) I didn't have too much planned, I caught a bus to Kingston to exchange the pretty dress I bought at Primark. When I got home I realised it looked like it had caught on something! I like this dress so much that I just needed to get it exchanged for one that was not damaged, as well as pick up my train tickets for my trip to go and visit Jaydine (after a little bit of confusion - I managed to get them!). I tracked down the train station in Kingston which also allowed for a little bit more exploring. 

When I went to the top floor in Primark it was like I discovered an entire new world! Plus I found an awesome pair of sneakers that actually fit my budget - Sorry DC's :(.

Ps I also revisited Hollister *Sigh* Yes I bought an awesome top that suits me perfectly!

Initially I didn't want to go back to Woody's as I wasn't in the mood to possibly be insulted by Mr Grumpy and co, but Kate said to me I shouldn't let them steal my spot from me! So I ventured down to Woody's to have my favourite cider as I actually don't think I will have time to go back there before I leave anyway. It was early-ish in the afternoon and when I sat down, there were no grumpy people in sight! I could enjoy my cider in peace. Well that peace was short lived. One was hiding in the back! Anyway I didn't engage in any insult exchanges, I sat on the wall, drank my cider and soaked up the sun! 

Strangely enough I realised that the the Thames river gave me the same comfort as Sundays river back home! What a peaceful realisation. 

Another strange question I got asked a few days ago was: "Why doesn't it snow in PE? Isn't South Africa close to Antarctica just like Argentina?" Hmmm - no sorry buddy, we have a tropical climate!

My day ended off with an awesome skype session with my Couzzie - Athena!! 
Love you MIllions!! 

I don't think anyone can make me laugh as much she does and we kind of bounce off each others humor and level of crazy. As I always say lately.... Just Own It!!

On Saturday (28/03) the weather was a bit on the colder side with a really chilly wind. Andrew and I watched the qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix and it was a good one. Vettel qualified second on the grid (P2) - front row!!!  

After that we ventured out for a drive. First Andrew took me to an amazing car shop... Romans International. Wow just wow. I am ultimately in love with the Ferrari Spider *sigh* I want to need it! It's only 187000 odd pounds - pocket change. There were so many beautiful, amazing cars all in one place. Including a Mclaren, Lamborghini and a number of Porsches. There was even this tiny one man type car - too cute! 

After that we drove through the country side and went all the up to The National Trust nature reserve. It was so beautiful. I would love love love to go and hike there and take photos. It was a tad cold and rainy so we had cake and coffee before heading back. 

There are a few things I am missing from home, other than my friends and family, my clothes!! Wow re-wearing this limited selection is tiring. I probably won't wear these clothes for a while once I get home. And I miss my pillow!

On an interesting note here are a few interesting points I have picked up over the past week:

Dating people from other cultures is as difficult as it is exciting. 
(This from countless conversations with Kate and Andrew)

The maps are 'squiggle straight lines' according to the people around here. Left right left but you always carry on straight in a northerly direction... really?? It's overcast, and I don't have a compass with me - sorry I forgot it in my African survival pack back home.  

I found a way to create a comfort zone outside of my comfort zone... I find when I am on a mission somewhere, as long as I am listening to music playing on my ipod I am as happy as can be and am more likely to take on an adventure!!!

Just some few useless facts to keep you entertained!

Next two exciting things: Watching the Grand Prix with my cousin on Sunday and going to visit Jaydine and family on Monday!!

Life is good! 
Much love 


  1. I am still incredibly jealous! I love all your travel updates :)

    1. Thanks Girl <3 clearly my blog has taken a complete change in direction!


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