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My 2015 Adventure: Day 7 & 8

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

 Home day & The two barmen

Hello lovelies

Well day 7 and 8 was a bit low key. I always think of these great things I want to tell you and then when I sit down to write I can't remember a thing!! I have actually had a wonderful past few days. Sometimes tackling things can be overwhelming at the time and well.. hard if it doesn't come naturally. Naturally I enjoy being around people and having a plan. This week I have been by myself and just winging it.. the complete opposite of my comfort zone and to top it off, I am on another continent without my support circle of friends. Fair enough technology keeps us connected, so they not that 'far' away. 

Hence the million voicenotes sent up and down between myself, Christell and Talia.

On Wednesday (25/03) I didn't plan to do much, I wrote out my blog posts while chatting to
friends and family back home. The 2 hour time difference thing is a bit of a mind boggle thing for me. Maybe I am still on SA time in some ways as I look at the watch and expect it to be 1pm and realise it is only 11am! My mom called and we caught up a bit, Urina the house cleaner came in today, she doesn't speak a word of English. (That was interesting). After some writing I decided to go out for a walk. Its such a  beautiful day I barely needed a jacket! Yes this does surprise me every day. I popped in to the charity shop where I found a few gem purchases. After that I decided to try out Tugas coffee shop and tried the yummiest Vanilla Chai Latte.This is definitely a new favourite spot & new favourite drink! 

Oh forgot to mention it was one of my best friends birthdays, Happy Birthday Pix (again)! 

On my way home I popped into Tescos for some stuff for supper, I decided to buy a bottle of wine and guess what... I got asked for ID!  For some reason I knew this was going to happen. All I had with me was my Discovery Medical Aid card!!! Shame the cashier was a bit embarrassed. He checked my date of birth and sort of accepted it telling me I do not look old enough to buy a whole bottle of wine *rofl* (I was thinking...Do I look old enough to buy half a bottle) Before I left I said thank you for totally making my day!!! I smiled and giggled all the way home. 

On Thursday (26/03) I babysat my gorgeous younger cousin for about an hour while Kate popped down to the dentist. After that I battled for about 2 hours to try and book a train ticket online. Apparently some online SA restrictions ended up being the problem *sigh*.
I decided to pop down to Kingston in search of an SD card reader as I forgot my cable for my camera at home! I took the bus to Kingston (I was so proud!) - it was sunny when I left Molesey and pouring with rain by the time I got to Kingston. This is only a 10 minute bus ride!! 

I ran into a shop which was on the opposite end of the mall from the last entrance I used. I was literally lost in this massive shop for 10 minutes - I couldn't find the exit and didn't want to walk around the building in the rain. So eventually I had to ask for directions (yes to get out of this one shop) - for the exit *blind one* yay me! 

As I made my way through the mall I found one of my all time shops Hollister - I was in heaven!! I could have bought that entire shop!! 

Yes, its my style. Yes, its a designer range. Yes, its expensive. Yes, I want it all. 

I think my shopping addiction kicked in but I was sooo good. I found the most beautiful pair of DC's that I desperately wanted along with 3 other pairs of shoes... but I walked away. My restraint was so good until I got to Primark!! I think my cupboard has had a coral explosion *tee hee* 

You know how you always have that one friend you see a million things for and want to buy it all for them... Yep.. Such a silly moment. Had to share. You know who you are ;)  

Lastly I stopped off at Woody's for my regular Strawberry-Lime Cider. Why don't we have these in SA... really it is soooo delicious. I was listening to songs on my ipod sipping my cider. Life is good. After I was done I took my stuff inside and ended up chatting to two barmen. (Its been fun having these random conversations).

Wow... out of all the incredible stories about SA that I have heard this one is the insanest!!

There were 2 barmen, one was really happy and friendly, the other was really grumpy and man did he have issues. So here is a quick dialogue of a conversation with the happy one (I don't know his name) that had me crying with laughter. I actually had to ask him to tell me the story again as I wasn't sure I understood him correctly the first time. 

Happy barman: I wanted to know, and excuse me if it is just my ignorance, but a few years ago my mum told me a story. What type of Anti-hijacking mechanisms do we have in our cars.

Chene: Don't drive in dodgy area's, keep your windows rolled up and your air con on?? *shrug* (Since I wasn't sure where this was going)

Happy Barman: Well my mum told me that if someone comes up to your window with a gun, you have a button in your car that shoots out flames and incinerates them (the hijacker) in the street. *He looks at me expectantly*

Now to be honest it took me a few minutes to actually respond. Eventually I burst out laughing. 

Chene: No this is not a standard feature on South African cars! 

Wow just wow. That beats the wildebeest question by a mile! 

Grumpy barman was just insulting actually. We were all talking about accents and how sometimes you really have to concentrate on what they are saying especially when they talk fast. To which he turns around and says: 'I don't talk fast, you just listen slowly.' Really?? he was also bragging about his 5 words he knows in dutch. So I said: 'How about this, I'll start speaking Afrikaans and you can figure out what  I am saying. Deal?' He didn't tune me again. Like I said he has issues. Then they were asking how we pronounce words like Worcestershire and Bicester (its pronounced Bister??). Weird I tell you. I discovered this 'Bicester' is actually a place!

After repeating some of this to my cousin Andrew and Kate, they then went on to suggest they were flirting with me. Really? I missed that part. Apparently I don't get British flirting at all, lol. Then again I (probably) miss most of it at home too. *tee hee*

Every day has had an entertaining moment or two and I am so grateful to be here. Some times there are good lessons while other times there are some challenges which force me to step outside my comfort zone and just own it!

Hope you enjoyed the update!!

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