Thursday, 26 March 2015

My 2015 Adventure : Day 5 & 6

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

 Kingston on Thames & London

Hello Everyone

I must say that I have been very blessed to have some sunshine every single day so far! There is a huge part of my heart that is missing home already, guess that is normal and well just culture shock to a degree I guess. I could fit in here easily but in a way I don't - if that makes any sense! I didn't quite expect to be alone so much in my first week. 

On Monday (23/03) I walked to Kingston! The sun was shining, I suited up in my keep warm gear, plugged into ipod and walked along the Thames River. To be honest I was a bit freaked out to take the bus in case it didn't take me where I wanted to go!! It was a far stretch to walk but not too far. 

Initially I stuck to the places I had already been to with my cousin. I dined by myself for the first time! I went and had lunch at a place called Yo!Sushi. (Obviously *tee hee*). They have

a different variety that's for sure. After that I wondered around a bit more and found some of the cutest shops. The cold outside / heat inside things is a huge adjustment for me. My favourite shop of the day was Primark. I could have shopped up a storm there but was very good and limited myself. I still have a long month ahead of me! To end off the day I found my way back to Woody's and had the most divine Strawberry-Lime Cider. Yum - that is all! I braved it and caught the bus home and made it back in one piece!! #KeepingItLocal

On Tuesday (24/03) I ventured into London on my own! I had a plan initially to go to Portobello Road but after some research saw that it would be best to go on a Saturday. Now what?? My cousin had pointed out some things to me in the morning and sent me a few address of some car shops I might like to see. So I decided to wing it. 

For some reason I took a wrong turn and had a round about route to the station but I did find my way! I bought my day pass and was ordering coffee when an old man ran up to me asking if this was my pass. I had grabbed the receipt and didn't take the ticket. I didn't realise 2 cards popped out because it wasn't like that the day before... Anyway small blessings #Grateful 

I caught the train to Wimbledon and needed to change on to a district line that would take me to Earls Court. Now it may sound like I knew what I was doing but I just owned it and pretended I did *tee hee* On the next train I sat across from two guys from South Hampton. After checking I was indeed on the right train, they asked if I was from South Africa. I looked at them with big eyes and replied 'How did you know?' I burst out laughing. They then proceeded to ask me if I was from Johannesburg and if there were Wilderbeest in the street that messed with our traffic #Really??? This... after just discussing that SA is a car driven society and not a train/tube type one. I actually sat in amazement for a few moments at this question... No sorry my Zebra only goes so fast! #Really #DidYouJustAskThat

Once I got to Earl's court I hopped onto the Piccadilly line which I used most of the day. First stop was Knightsbridge. As awesome, fun and exciting as was I actually found myself feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed and moedeloos to a degree. I like to share my experiences with someone versus doing it all on my own. I was here in this massive city and wasn't really sure where to go. My goal has been to just enjoy the moment for what it is, go with the flow and appreciate where I am. I pushed through, I ended up mastering the trains and actually made my way round to quite a few places. 

First stop was the Mclaren Shop on Knightsbridge Street. I wondered around after that into Harrods where I randomly had a conversation with a Spanish guy who travels to Barcelona every two weeks and drives a scooter #Random #FunnyStuff. He was quite sweet and offered some more tips of places to visit in the area. After that I found the Louis Vutton Store!!! #InstantLove The cheapest smallest wallet was 200 pounds *sigh* 

I was in awe as I passed all the famous amazing designer stores. It felt like Millionaires lane or something... speaking of which I felt very under dressed and out of place - Like I had a huge blinking sign that said "Tourist" as I consulted my map book. 

Next stop... South Kengsington. I found another starbucks and got my mocha dose. I stopped by Lamborghini, Ferrari & Christies art gallery - amazing stuff. After that I made my way back to Covent Gardens and popped into Chinatown before making my way to Victoria station to meet my cousin and go watch Wicked, a musical at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. We supper at this tiny little Italian restaurant across the road. 

It was amazing and so brilliantly done. Do you know you can pre-order your drinks for the interval?? We eventually got home at about 11pm after taking 2 trains and a taxi. 

So to some it all up I lost myself in London but at the same time found myself. There is a big part of me missing home with a sore heart but I think it should get better when I get to see my bestie on the weekend. 

I still have 3 weeks to go!!


  1. Three weeks. What a great vacation!!!!

    1. Yes it was :) Just what I needed to kick start the new chapter in my life x


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