Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My 2015 Adventure : Day 3 & 4

Chanzie's Travels 2015 Adventures:

 Mercedes-Benz World & London

Hello Everyone!!!

Wow what an intense 2 days it has been. On Saturday (21/03) we were initially going to chill at home and I was going to go on a walk around Molesey to take some photos, then my cousin Andrew decided it was a great day to go down to Mercedes-Benz World (MBW). 

On the way there we first stopped at McLaren. Unfortunately we weren't able to go inside, but I still loved seeing it! Then we ventured down to MBW and wow...  As we walked in I was just in awe... all those beautiful cars. Anyone who knows me will know what the best parts were for me... Yes I saw 4 Formula 1 cars as well as the suspended one! I think I took a million pictures all from different angles. While I was walking around I sent photos to my friend Tom in SA *tee hee* I know he would have loved to been there! Clearly I did not mention that I am a Vettel fan and am on the Ferrari support team. You know what they say... When in Rome! For that day I was totally team Mercedes and Hamilton's fan. 

You know one of the strangest things... they had these mini F1 cars for Rosberg and Schumacher but there wasn't one for Hamilton? Weird. 

Then............Andrew arranged for us to go on a Driving Experience in one of the newer cars around the testing facility. Wow.. just amazingly fantastic and awesome! It was only supposed to be 15 minutes but we got 25 minutes! Andrew thought they must have had a soft spot for us but Kate (Andrew's wife) laughed and said it was more like the driver had a soft spot for me, my green eyes and SA accent. *Flirt flirt wink wink* 

After that we made our way home. #LovingLife

On Sunday (22/03) it was our travel explore London day! We left the house at about 10 am and literally had to speed walk to the Hampton Court Station. It was my first trip on the train, it was awesome. I might be overwhelmed when I make that first trip on my own this week. We hopped off at Vauxhall station and came out by MI6 - wait what... that is a real building and place.... 

Another amazing moment was that we got to go inside St Paul's Cathedral. No pictures are allowed and it was absolutely breathtaking. I lit a candle and got to say a little prayer. 

The amount of expensive beautiful cars we saw was insane!! On our way to Covent Garden we passed the Bond in Motion Museum and just around the corner was a display of every single Bond car!!! 

We had a pub lunch at the Taylor-Walker Pub where we defrosted and had a Pint. 

We explored, explored and explored some more. Andrew isn't much of a shopping person so I will have to go back to some of the places like Covet Gardens. Some of the places we saw were: MI6, MI5, Big Ben, The London Eye, A huge book exchange(no I didn't buy anything), Starbucks, the Shard, an amazing church, a few ruin type places, The tower bridge, The Royal Court, St Paul's Cathedral, Piccadilly Square, Trafalgar square and we ended off walking across this steel  millennium bridge and having a glass of wine watching the sunset over the London Skyline. We got home at about 8:30pm and I just crashed... again!

Performers we saw: Some Trick Bicycle peeps, a lady with a glass ball that looked like it was floating, A tight-rope walker and best of all some street dancers. (Check out the snippet)

On the way home we even passed the South African Embassy. 

A quick note... I was quite cold ok.. no shock there.. but but but... There were girls walking around with tiny tops showing off there tummies, girls wearing mini's with or without stockings.. stockings not even tights. My cheeks are constantly pink from the cold (Andrew says its from the Cider) but really.. I didn't even need to pack in my blush. It's like freezer burn.. reverse sunburn. This is a new feature for me *rofl* 

Anyway let me get out and about before the day flies by!


  1. WOW! You had so much fun. I am way jelly!

    1. Yeah! Life is good and I am blessed. Who knows... USA is definitely on my adventure list :)

  2. Girl! Looks like you are having a blast! Look how happy you are! Enjoy the rest of the trip!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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