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My 2015 Adventure: Day 11 & 12

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

 Malaysian GP & Derbyshire

Hello lovelies

Hope you  guys are enjoying Sunny South Africa (Or where ever you are in the world) while I am loving life and actually coping quite well with the weather. Maybe I am just to happy to care at this point. So lets get on with our catch up session!!

Sunday (29/03) was a stay in the house day through and through! The clocks moved forward an hour with the daylight savings here in the UK, so I had an hour less sleep and got up at about 6:30 to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix. It was totally worth it!!! My man took the win fair and square... #GoVettel He has never looked so good in Red!!

(Most of the time I am just lost with the time here. I just got used to being 2 hours behind South Africa. So I would know it was 10:00 here and 12:00 in SA. Now its 10:00 here and only 11:00 in SA. It feels like 10/11/12 all at the same time! If that makes any sense at all.) 

What a way to start the day!!! After that I had my first skype chat with my parentals as well as a fantastic catch up with a friend, Jenna, that I haven't spoken to in about 10 years! It is amazing how much can happen and change in that time, yet we spoke as easily as we used to in high school. I am going to try my best to see her before I leave here as well! #WillTryMyBest #HopeItWorksOut

I thought I would include a pic of the streets I walk almost daily. These were my first landmarks to help me navigate myself around, specifically to Tesco and the Thames River! 

Monday (30/03) 
The day has arrived where I am finally going to see my bestie after 9 years!!! I woke up bright and early to finish packing up the last of my stuff and was ready to make the 'groot trek' (big mission/departure)! And literally it was a huge mission. Kate was kind enough to drive me to the Surbiton train station. From there I caught the train to Vauxhall and from Vauxhall I caught another train to Euston, and then I boarded another train which ultimately took me to Tamworth where Jaydine would pick me up. 

On this multi-train change journey... (Ok just a refresher - my handle on my bag was already broken) one of the wheels on my bag decided to semi-detach it self from the bottom. So it was now only attached with one screw and kept turning side-ways so it would drag rather than roll *sigh*. Eventually the only way to avoid this was to push the huge heavy bag forward instead of pulling it. You need a special drivers licence for that thing... It kept veering to the left or right at any random point in time. I tried to take the lift where ever I could instead of using the escalator. 

At first when I got to Euston I wondered why there were random people just standing in the main area.I had no clue where to go or which train to catch, even though I knew I was going to Tamworth, the train is called by it's end line. So basically the last stop that the train will make on it's journey. After trying to steer my bag to the information centre, I found that I needed to keep an eye out for the train going to Crewe. (Sorry for the bad picture - it was the best I could do)

There I found myself arbitrarily standing around the same area, doing the exact same thing that I was laughing at other people were doing when I arrived. I had my backpack on and was sitting on my suitcase, listening to my ipod staring at the screen waiting for my train to arrive at a platform. And yes, it would be none other than platform 17. The second last platform there was in the station, which was on the other end of the building. You only have so much time to get there - I had to speed walk (And steer my suitcase) there! I wasn't really sure if there were allocated seats or coaches as per your ticket so I was a bit lost for a while. Eventually I just picked one and settled in for the 90 minute journey. 

Do you know there is a place actually called Rugby?? Wow that was odd to me. 

I really should have packed in some 'padkos' and water.. anyway... so you learn. 

Eventually I arrived at Tamworth station, excited beyond belief to see my bestie and... she was late!! Jamie had changed the settings on the GPS to stay away from the motorways and main type roads, so it took her the scenic route via all the country roads *rofl* so I ended up freezing my butt off waiting for her to arrive. It did feel much colder than when I was in Molesey. Seeing her for the first time was just awesome, so much has changed yet nothing has changed at the same time. We ended up taking to same route back, which was entertaining. 

Let me just add that Jaydine has had her licence just over a month. I forgot what it was like to start driving. This is probably payback for when she used to drive with me when I first got my licence! I was such a nervous driver, it didn't help that I had an accident 2 weeks after I actually got my licence. 

I remember one time when she was in the car with me. I was driving the caddie bakkie and we were going down William Moffett. I wanted to change from the left lane to the right lane. As I turned to check my blind spot on the right side, I accidentally turned the steering wheel to the to the left and we ended up ramping the pavement just a little bit! Yeah good times! 

Since I was starving we stopped off by KFC to pick up a snack before heading home. No the KFC does not taste the same... SA's just tastes better. Maybe its a local thing because we grew up with it tasting like that but anyway!

We eventually got home, I settled in and said hello to Jamie and the kids. After chilling we made our way down to Aldi's to do some quick grocery shopping! I always find this fascinating. Other than Jaydine and I taking turns to push the trolley, she would push me around too! #JustLikeNaughtyKids 

Do you know that:
A) they have 3 ply toilet paper 
B) it comes scented as Shea Butter 
(or Aloe Vera) - Wow Just fascinating! 

The kids do say the most fascinating and interesting things. I was teaching them some more Afrikaans. Dit is lekker by die see and counting to ten. 

One time I walked into the lounge and told Gabby to 'chill man', to which she replied: 'I am not a chilman I am a children.' Too cute!! 

The evening was pretty chilled, we just made supper (Jaydine made the most divine crispy chicken - I am definitely taking this recipe back with me). We chatted, caught up and sat drinking a bottle of wine until almost midnight.

There is something so beautiful about picking up right where you left off, even after 10 years like nothing has changed. It's so good to be here. Poor Jamie - he is out numbered for at least two weeks! At least he will have a break when Jaydine and I go to London for a few days at the end of the week. 

You know something interesting I thought about - every time I post a blogpost, I find out someone new in my life is reading it! Initially I get a bit worried,and think what will they think & stuff like that but then I realise it doesn't matter, it's my life, I have nothing to hide, I'm living my life to the best of my ability and trying to live a life to remember.  This is me. These are my thoughts. I love to write & I love to share. It's a huge part of who I am. Not all days are exciting and have stories but everyday is good. There is something amazing in every day. 

Peace out 

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