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Audio Book Review: Beyond the Night (Envy Chronicles #1) by Joss Ware

Series: Envy Chronicles #1
Publisher: Avid Press Audio
Publication Date: 09 December 2013

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Source: Author / Audible 
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Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hrs 34 mins
Narrator: Sebastian Fields


Everything they knew is gone...

From the remnants of devastation, five men emerge with extraordinary new powers. They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

When Dr. Elliott Drake emerges from a cave after traveling fifty years through time, the world as he knew it is gone. Cities are overgrown jungles, and what's left of civilization has been repressed by crystal-wearing immortal beings. But even more unsettling: Elliott has acquired an extraordinary ability--the power to heal.

But even that gift, in a world that lacks the technology and infrastructure of his past, is a two-edged sword for Elliott.

Jade Kapiza, who'd been imprisoned by the immortal beings, has been in hiding for years. But now she's determined to help the human race fight back against the control of her captors. She can trust no one...but when Elliott comes into her life, he pushes at her defenses and begins to tear down the walls she's built so carefully.

Yet the mysterious doctor seems to have secrets of his own. Can Jade trust Elliott with her heart, even as they risk their lives to save a band of innocents?

And can Elliott find a new place for himself--a home--in this new, ravaged world?

My Review:

Colleen Gleason is one of my favourite authors. In this case she is writing as Joss Ware. I think I saw it on Facebook that Colleen was looking for reviews this book and I quickly responded and volunteered - I am a huge fan of her other series, The Gardella Vampire Chronicles

Narrator: 4/5 

I thought Sebastian did a brilliant job with the narration. Since I started reviewing audio books I generally found woman to be better at the narration but Sebastian really did do a wonderful job. His pace and transitions were smooth and he performed the various characters with ease. 

Characters & Story line: 4/5

Joss/Colleen has a wonderful way of pulling you into the story and captivating your attention. The characters are unique and all have their attributes that make them stand out. The adventure is set in a dark apocalyptic future that is actually quite scary. I would not want to come face to face with ganga (scary zombie-like creatures) that's for sure!

Jade and Elliot are the main characters and they are just adorable and I was rooting for them from the beginning. The only thing that annoyed me a bit was Elliot's' constant thoughts about not having sex for 50 years (because he was in some form of magical coma during an earthquake). Other than that I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters (there are way too many to list them all). 

Elliot has restraint and is the perfect gentleman and Jade is awesome and has... issues but they are all justified once you find out why further into the story.  

Plot & Pace: 4/5  

They plot was exciting and the pace varied. Sometimes it was quite quick and other times it was more moderate depending on the scene. It took me a chapter or two to really get into the story and get a good feel for it. 

The ending was perfect and there were no cliffhangers but it did leave room for the story to continue and I sure do hope to get my hands on the next audio book. 

Cover talk: 5/5 I love the cover and think it is perfect!

Final Thoughts: This is a great book that I enjoyed on audio and will definitely be continuing with this series.

My Rating:

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Author Bio: 
(Also known as Colleen Gleason and Colette Gale.) 
Award-winning, NEW YORK TIMES and USA Today bestselling author Colleen Gleason has written more than twenty books for major publishers such as Penguin Group, Harlequin Enterprises, Chronicle Books, and HarperCollins (as Joss Ware). Her books have been translated into seven different languages.

Colleen lives in the Midwest United States where she is fortunate enough to be working on her next book. She loves to hear from readers via her website, Facebook, or GoodReads.

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  1. It's great that the book had good pacing and nothing too slow, since I really cannot stand books that are too descriptive.

    Sorry I haven't been visiting in a long while now (high school applications grr!) but I'll be catching up on reading your posts soon :)

    Olivia @ Fictionally Obsessed

  2. I love that whole series. So very well written and thought out. Plus the men are kind of hunky and smart :)

  3. Great to see you enjoyed this book in the series too. Sounds like the characters are well developed... and I would've complained like Elliott too... 50 years is a long time!! lol

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. I struggle so much with time travel stories, I just can't keep up with them in lit format, if it's a movie I can, I guess coz I can see the device and other stuff that when described on paper just freezes me up. Great that you enjoyed this though. Rock on!


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