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IWSG #5 ~ November 2014

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Hello everyone!! 

Well I have some exciting news... I have decided to partake in National Novel Writing Month!! I haven't abandoned my current motivational book at all, just decided to take up the challenge to write a fictional novel. I have wanted to do this since I discovered it in the middle of last November and well I just dived in. 

So far I am 8 000 words in and have 42 000 to go. There was even a PE kick off party here. I couldn't believe little ole PE had a group of exceptional people who are writers... 

So that is my news. I have a basic plot planned out and am scene hopping a bit. I am trying my best to commit to writing 1700 a day. When I first sat down to write on Saturday I had a sample of the new  Black Opium by YSL. It smells absolutely divine and actually seems to be motivating me. I said when I manage to get to 50 000 words... I'll treat myself to it (that is if my hubby doesn't surprise me for my bday and get it *tee hee*).

So far I am actually really enjoying this challenge and commitment. I am excited and inspired. I decided I am going to do this even if it is not the best written novel in the world with some serious issues! Just write and get it out onto the paper. 

I hope the next I post for IWSG it will be with good news that A) I reached the 50 000 goal and B) I have that gorgeous perfume one way or another *tee hee* 

Are there any other NaNoWriMo peeps out there? Any advice about staying committed for 30 days? 

How is your writing coming along? 

Happy writing my IWSG friends!


  1. I need this support group! Good job with Nano! (I have 248 words...) Exactly, get it written perfect is what editing is for! I did Nano last year and my biggest advice is not to stress or worry about word count.

  2. Kudos to you for taking on NaNo. I'm not as brave as you, maybe next year!

  3. This is my third Nano, and I love it! There's something about writing with thousands of people all working on the same crazy goal. I would say, take advantage of all the events out there. I use @NanoWordSprints on Twitter every day, and just do the sprints until I get my wordcount down. It helps keep me from stopping and editing mid-sentence. Just get the words down, then you can edit later- or better yet, in December.

  4. Wow, you have over 10,000 words already, that's awesome!! I'm going to start tonight or tomorrow night for NaNo. I have no idea what I should write about, lol. I'm getting a really late start, but even if I don't win, I'll be okay with that. :) When's your birthday? I'm guessing this month, right?
    Aw man, I forgot today is the first Wednesday of the month again. My IWSG post will be late. :P

  5. Wow! You're doing really good so far; I guess that support group really does help. I have no ambitious to ever participate in NaNoWriMo, but I admire everyone who takes a crack at it every year. Good luck with your goals!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.


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