Friday, 31 October 2014

What's on my bookshelf #3 ~ Fallen by Lauren Kate

What's on my bookshelf is a fun bookish post hosted every two weeks here on the Mean Who You Are blog to feature books that have been on my bookshelf and deserve some bookish love or a new book I am excited about and have bought to add to my collection. 

One of My Bookshelves
I know there are many meme's out there like this but I am not that great about linking up I guess. As a bookish person I love showing people my books when they come to visit whether they read or not! If you have a bookshelf you can be sure that I will wonder over there sometime during the course of the visit and check out the titles! 

This is just me showing you my bookish loves and any story that I think goes with it! We all have those stories that go with our beloved favourites! It's an excuse to dust them off, take a photo and post it on my blog!!

The story behind the book buy:

So my choice today is one of my all time favourite series. Lauren Kate's Fallen saga is one of those your either love it or you hate it. There are very few in between opinions. 

Fallen was a 100% cover junkie purchase. I was walking through CNA one day and literally grabbed it and walked to the counter to pay. I skimmed the back and it sounded good enough for me!

I was hooked by the first few chapters and only then realised the rest of the series had not even been released yet! It is the first series that I literally had to wait for each release. Now I would rather wait until all the books in a series are released before I start a new series. 

On a awesome note as well... At one point I sent a few emails via goodreads to some of my favourite authors asking some advice about writing and getting published... And yes Lauren Kate was 1 of 3 authors that replied! 

The Cover:

The series:

So there you go -That's my story behind The Fallen saga!

Have you ever bought a book purely on it's cover and loved every page of it?

My next post will be on the 28 November 2014. 

Leave your story or link in the comments if you have a post or story to share!

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