Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Topic of Light: Believing in what you do / Passion

Hello lovelies!! 

Welcome back to a new Topic of Light *Yay* I know I have been a bit scarce with them but I have been working on my Topic of Light book (name still to be decided) and have just had a lot going on in my life. 

This week's topic is something I have thought about quite a bit. After listening to a talk at the Brahma Kumaris house a weekend or two ago and doing some people watching, I decided to write about it!!

Have you ever noticed the difference between someone who absolutely loves what they do and is passionate about it versus someone who is just there because either they have to be or it's just a job? 

Would you rather interact with someone who looked bored out of their mind or someone who greets you with a smile and at least seems happy. 

Some people are happy no matter what they do. It takes the same about of energy to do something with joy as it does with misery. I might only be an admin assistant right now who does filing but in the long run my job is important. If I don't do my job properly and put the stuff in the incorrect file or process something incorrectly, it will be a problem for someone else somewhere down the line. Yet, if I do take some time and do my job with pride, it could help someone down the line because what they are looking is where it needs to be. 

You might not be doing your dream job just yet, but maybe if you tried changing your perspective it makes your current job a blessing instead of a chore. 

I have had those days where I just huffed and puffed and was irritable beyond comprehension and those days were very very long. 

Lately I have been practising a lot gratitude and it cannot help but overflow into every area of your life. I am grateful for my 'mundane' job and here is why:

- It gives me a secure income
- I work with nice people 
- I work at a stable company 
- I am good at what I do
- My salary helps me pay the bills and buy nice things
- I have purpose (no matter how small)

People can feel the difference with the energy you put into your job. Even though I am 'just an admin assistant' I have people who are happy to hear my voice and talk to me when they have a problem. 

It does matter what you do, as long as you can be joyful that you are doing it. Whether you are mopping the floor, filing some papers or working in your ultimate job - It all comes back to how you do it. 

Yes, I have my grumpy days, but my days are always so much better when I come from a place of gratitude. 

May you have a beautiful, blessed and joyful day!


  1. I think life is just easier when approached with an attitude of gratitude. I have done it the other way and those days are long and exhausting. The one thing we can change is our attitude and WE feel better for embracing a positive one!

    1. I totally agree Robin! An attitude of gratitude is the best way.. sometimes it does take more effort but it is always worth it :)

  2. I try to be happy especially at home. Hubby comes home from work and can be a little down, but I seem to get him to smile all the time! Makes me feel good too. Great post Chanzie!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. That is so great Naomi! Your hubby is so lucky to have such a positive wife :)

  3. My motto is 'smile until you're happy.' It's a good way of changing your mood because if you're cheerful, everyone around you will be too, and eventually it'll rub off on you. I've never really had a job I LOVED, but if you make it about the little things it becomes easier to see the positive side.

    1. Fake it until you make it! It's a good motto :) and yes appreciate the little things because one you will see they might have been big things!

  4. GAH, Chanzie. You are really an excellent example. Seriously. Generally speaking, I not always a grouch, and I'm definitely capable of optimism, but I very easily slide into BLAH. And BLAH, in a lot of ways, is worse than being a grouch, b/c apathy is so much harder to overcome IMO. I've come to appreciate this glimpses into your determined optimism ;) Great post!

    1. Awe *blush* thank you Jessica! Optimism does take practice and gratitude is a daily choice I make :) You can do it!!!

  5. Love this! And you are so right. That's what I try to do at school and work. Even if it's not something as entertaining as reading a good book, I do my best at having a positive attitude. It's so much worse for you and the people around you when you have this grumpy mood. Besides, whatever it is that you are doing will make you reach your goals sooner, so do it with all you've got!

    1. Exactly.. can you even remember what you might have been so grumpy about last year on this exact day? I can't so it wasn't really that important!! Be positive and grateful :)


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