Friday, 25 July 2014

MYWA Random Ramblings: 10 Reasons why you need a bookish person if you were stranded on an island

Hello everyone!!

A while ago my hubby and I went to visit friends who were staying on farm at the bottom of a mountain. While we were walking a long a hike I was thinking to myself how all 3 of them would be able to survive if they were all stranded on an island. 

Guy (my husband) - is a make a plan man. He is your 4x4, offroad and camping guy. He would be able to make shelter, a fire and provide food - just to name a few things...

Roché - Ranger Roach! Yes he is a qualified ranger and can protect you in the wild. He is like a walking wildlife encyclopedia and can fend for himself (and others). He can use the stars as a map and will get you to safety (our very own Bear Grylls)

Anzette - Look this girl knows how to look after herself... She is engaged to Ranger Roach and is pretty bad-ass. You don't want to get on her wrong side, but she is such an awesome girl and so much fun! Guaranteed laughs. She can catch fish, make a fire and do pretty much everything the two above can do! 

Then there is me... You can see how depressed all the above skills might have made me, and yes I was a little despondent at the time. Why on earth would they need me? So I started analysing my skills... Reading, reading, reading and writing?

Then it hit me... I have knowledge of the paranormal elements!! Plus lots and lots of read-about skills... *tee hee* 

~ Top Ten Reasons You need a bookish person ~

1 - We know the different types of vampires, how to test and kill them
(Twilight, Vampire Academy, Trueblood, The Vampire Bride, Dracula.. Shall I go on?)

We know how to survive a Zombie apocalypse - 2

3 - We know how pack life works with werewolves and how to deal with them

We know magic - even a Muggles can learn it - 4

5 - We know how to rock climb 
(Yes I read about this in A Boat made of Bone and in my opinion it counts!!! Check out my review here)

We know how to deal with mythological gods (Egyptian or Nordic) - 6
(Gameboard of the Gods, Daughter of Isis, Son of Set.. etc) 

7 - We have really great memories and can store facts for later use

We make really great conversationalists - 8 
(without alcohol or mind altering substances) - we are interesting!

9 - We have picked up various survival skills and medical tips

We'll have lots of good campfire stories to tell to keep things interesting! - 10


Well there you go... I feel a lot better now! 

What skills do you bring to the party?? Leave it in the comments!!!


  1. That is some island you fancy yourself stranded on, LOL. Seriously, any island on which that list of attributes is both useful and attractive sounds like my kind of place ;) Great post, Chanzie!

    1. It sounds exciting, fun and dangerous!!! *tee hee* I knew you might enjoy this post :) Thanks for the visit!!

  2. Haha aren't we the best allies ever? You know what they say: marry a reader. Your husband knew what he was doing, Chené! Another wonderful skill of ours is how to survive and take down that island in case it's a capitol hunger games arena and look bad ass with our hair up in a braid. Just saying. ;)

    1. Exactly!!! I love your train of thought... Readers = Awesome *tee hee*


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