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Tour stop & Interview: Reflected by Joanne Kershaw

Hello everyone! Welcome to my stop on the tour for the second book in the Vanguard Legacy ~ Reflected by Joanne Kershaw. 

(Vanguard Legacy #2)
An ugly family secret laid bare, a mortal wound inflicted by her twin sister, betrayed by the love of her life—her supposed “soul mate”. In the wake of the battle with her evil father and his Dark Seekers, Elora Walker fights to recover from them all.
Together with her Vanguard, Magicae, and Vampire friends, Elora races to gather ingredients for the spell of spells, bury the curse, and defeat the prophecy which has tainted her life since birth. To save the world, can she deny the yearnings of her heart? Or, will she succumb to the temptation of love, and plunge them all into Eternal Darkness.
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About Foretold (Book #1)
Vanguard Recruit Elora Walker doesn’t know who demands more of her: her mother, or herself. But more than she wants to make Nina proud of her, she wants to know the truths buried deep in their mutual past. Haunted by the memory of her long-dead father, tormented by a psychic link to a faceless stranger, Elora learns to rely upon her friends and her newfound warrior skills to protect not only the Ignari from Dark Seekers, but the world from an ancient family secret that can destroy it.
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Please welcome Joanne to the Mean Who You Are blog! Lets get to know the brains behind the book, while she shares a little about her self and some advice to aspiring authors. 
When did you decide to become a writer and what inspired you?

I have always written. When I was very young, a story I wrote was published in our local paper. At the time, I remember thinking how incredible it was. I mean, it was maybe 70 words, but it’s framed on my wall! A few years ago my role at work was changing and it meant that I had nothing to do over the summer break from school. Ordinarily I would have been preparing a class room and doing planning and things like that, but I didn’t have any of those things to do. One night, when my husband was at work, I sat down with my laptop and thought I’d have a go and see what happened. Six weeks later, I had something that was novel length. I’d been sharing it with a really good friend of mine as I’d been writing it, and she encouraged me to try and get published. It took countless rejections, three years and self publishing before it was finally picked up by Xchyler Publishing. I think I had always seen myself as a writer, even though I hadn’t actually written anything!
What is the hardest thing about writing?
For me, finding the time to do it I guess. My job is very time consuming, and rewarding, but it leaves little time on a regular basis for writing anything at length. Plus, I have four children to raise as well. Reflected, the sequel to Foretold, was drafted in just less than seven weeks. Some writers I know are astounded by that sort of timescale and ask how I can possibly manage it. My answer is simple, I have no other choice. It’s the only time I get! Obviously, the editing process then takes longer. But editing is quicker and easier for me, I’m like a machine. Again, that’s down to knowing I have so little time. The hardest thing is knowing that I have so many stories I’d like to tell, but I just haven’t the time to write them. Perhaps, once the third and final instalment of Vanguard Legacy is out in the world, I might find the time to write other things.
What is the easiest thing about writing?
It flows, for me anyway. I can write three to four thousand words in a sitting without any real problems. I enjoy the process, ticking away the time and the words. I love finding out what will happen next because, even though there is always a plan, I’m dreadful for sticking to them and often my characters make decisions that I’m not expecting. The adventure makes it all the more fun!
What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?
If my book has engaged anyone enough to drive them to write about it, then I’m happy, regardless of whether the review is good or bad. All you want as a writer is to make people feel, to engage them with your characters. If they don’t, if they read the book and aren’t engaged enough to review it or share it with their friends, then I’ve failed a little in my job. Foretold struggled a little with this. As it was a rewrite of an originally self-published book and I think that it put people off, they thought they’d already read it. I understood, I got it totally. The sequel, however, is a totally different beast. The original sequel, Echoes, has undergone a total rewrite. Less than 500 words of that book survives in Reflected—that’s over 95 thousand new words! Hopefully, readers will see this and be inspired to rediscover the series.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Start sooner. I could have done so much more by now! And also, listen to the advice of others and stop assuming you know better. I may have an English degree, but it’s made no difference when it’s come down to editing. Oh yes! And get an editor! If you’ve written something, and you want it published, it’s unlikely to be ready until it’s had at least a once over by an editor. They pick holes in your plot, your grammar, your voice, and they help your baby become an adult ready for the world.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Same as above really! If it’s something you want to do, then do it. As much as you can. Practise, explore, make mistakes so you don’t make them again. Read voraciously in the genre/style that you want to write so you know what the market wants and what it already has. That will help you be original and desirable. Finally, be prepared for rejection. If you aren’t thick skinned, if you can’t take criticism and your feelings are easily hurt—then this may not be the career for you!
~ Thank you Joanne ~

Joanne Kershaw
Joanne Kershaw lives in Wakefield, England, with her husband, four young children, and an uppity cat named Dipstick. As a teacher of five- to eleven-year-olds, she spends her days playing at being a grownup, then goes home to delve into Young Adult dark romance and being sixteen again. Joanne lives and breathes books, whether reading, writing, or marking them. She wrote her first novel in six weeks. Encouraged to submit her work by a friend and fellow YA novel addict, Joanne now finds herself a signed author at Xchyler Publishing. Joanne’s Kershaw’s first book with Xchyler Publishing is Vanguard Legacy: Foretold.
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There you have it! Guess I better get writing *tee hee*


  1. oh I didn't know the series so thank you for introducing me to it! It's always so interesting to read interviews like that. I'm glad you don't take side for reviews and I know it must be difficult sometimes. thanks for sharing!

    1. Hope you pick up the series and take a look. I welcome a new reader, whether you love it or hate it!

  2. This is wonderful. Such great advice for aspiring authors and really any other profession or dream. Keep trying and carry on :)

    1. Exactly!! Keep trying and carry on :) Thanks for the visit Melissa :)

  3. Thanks Melissa! I hope I can help other people to chase their dream :)

  4. Great interview, Chanzie! And this series sounds like something I'd love--I just added both books ;)

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    1. Great to hear Jessica! Hope you enjoy it!

    2. Thanks Jessica :) This series does sound good!!!

  5. Fantastic interview! Reading her answers, I must say, Joanne has such a way with words that makes me want to read her works even more. I've already put Vanguard Legacy in my TBR pile thanks to very good things I've recently heard about it. I got quite intrigued!

    1. Thanks Silvia and I totally agree with you about Joanne's way with words!!

  6. Wonderful interview! I'm happy to hear Joanne's thoughts on good/bad reviews and I agree with Melissa, the advice is great!

  7. The covers are so gorgeous! wonderful interview, well done :) i love meeting new authors.

    1. I agree.. I love the smoke effect that was used :)


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