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Blog Tour Stop & Guest Post ~ The Army of the Lost by Lily Herne

Hello and welcome to stop of the tour: The Army of the Lost (Mallrats #3) by Lily Herne. I am so excited about this book and tour!! Why am I super stoked you ask??? Well this author duo is South African and it's a paranormal book that is based in South Africa... 

Lets get this show on the road!

Title: The Army of the Lost
Series: Mallrats #3
Publisher: Much-in-Little
Publication date: 17th April 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: 336 pages

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Goodreads synopsis:

One of us is dead, one of us is broken, one of us will betray the others and one of us will have to sell her soul to survive . . .

Eleven years after South Africa was ravaged by the walking dead, most of Johannesburg's survivors are forced to scratch out a living in the filth of Sandtown, an enclave in the old Sandton City mall, ruled over by a minority of rich, self-serving bureaucrats. Tommy, a bullied fourteen-year-old Sandtownite, dreams of joining the Army of the Left, a radical organisation intent on setting the city free of the dead that lurch around its walls. But fate has other plans for him . . .

Betrayed by one of their closest allies and sold to the highest bidder, Lele, Ash, Ember and Ginger - the remaining Mall Rats - find themselves sucked into the dark heart of Jozi's twisted political system. While Ash is forced to face his traumatic past and Ginger struggles to regain his sanity, Lele goes head to head against Jozi's most powerful manipulator - a man who has sinister plans for her. Meanwhile, left for dead on the outskirts of Jozi, Saint begins her own journey. A journey that she hopes will provide the answers to all of the Mall Rats' unanswered questions ...

Guest post by: Savannah Lotz 
(one half of the collaborative duo who writes under the name Lily Herne)

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Writer Friend: Tips and Guidelines

Congratulations! So you’ve got your first writer friend. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, so here are my top tips to make sure you have a long and happy relationship:

1)      Writer Proofing Your House 

This is especially important when your writer friend has deadlines approaching, is in the middle of crazy rewrites or has received a bad review. When your writer friend visits your home, make sure there are no sharp objects within easy reach and that all poisonous substances are securely put away. You should be fully stocked up on coffee, chocolate and alcohol. I find it is also useful to have a recorded marathon of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Project Runway on standby.

 2)      Feeding Your Writer Friend

 Your writer friend may wish to live on a diet of cake and coffee but this is NOT okay. It is your responsibility to make sure that they at least have a potato or an apple or something every few weeks or so. You could try giving them a bit of cheese with the potato, that might work? And chocolate. Contrary to popular belief chocolate is very good for writers. So give them lots of that. Please.

 3)      Socialising and Walking Your Writer Friend

Though there are exceptions to the rule, most writers are a reclusive breed and it may take considerable coaxing to get one to leave its writing den. It is important to encourage your writer friend to go outside, talk to real people (not just those  inside its writer’s head), and to do some exercise (even if it does mean you have to listen to them brag-plain while doing so). It may be best not to let your writer friend near any small children unless you know they are comfortable with them. If you do find them forced into a space with children watch their body language to see if they are comfortable and make appropriate soothing noises.

 4)      Talking to Your Writer Friend

 You will inevitably be asked by your writer friend for advice on their work. Be careful, some writers do not take well to criticism, however tactfully worded, and may snap if you point out a plot hole they have not foreseen. However, be firm, and if they sulk, lock them in a dark room with nothing but a copy of The Da Vinci Code as punishment. Your opinions and suggestions could save a writer from their block (there is sadly no known inoculation for writer’s block, a condition that is almost as fatal as other writerly conditions, such as  obsessive self-googling disorder and Twitter panic). The ‘Drop it/Leave it’ command is an especially useful tool if your writer friend is obsessing over a bad review, is procrastinating by sending you silly links to online quizzes or has not left their writing room in days.

 5)      Deworming Your Writer Friend.

Okaaaaay, I don’t know what kind of writer friend you’re talking about here but if you absolutely MUST deworm your writer friend for any reason, I find sneaking the tablet into a red velvet cupcake always works well.

And remember, a writer friend is for life and not just for Christmas or book launch parties (where there’s generally free wine – just saying).

About the Author:

Lily Herne is the name for mother-daughter writing duo Sarah and Savannah Lotz. With Sarah being one half of horror writer S.L. Grey, together the pair have best-selling writing experience coupled with sharp-edged teen insight. Sarah lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and Savannah lives in Norwich, UK.

Follow Lily on Twitter: @Herne13
I loved that guest post! I think I will be sending a copy of these guidelines to all my friends when I get published! 

I will add that I am quite excited that a copy of this book is on it's way to me.. (if I haven't received it already by the time this post goes live) compliments of Much-In-Little Publishing *happy dance* watch this space for my review!



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  1. oh it's a new book to me I confess but thanks for the post it was really interesting to discover it.

    1. I am happy to share awesome new books with you!! I am so excited about this book because it's based in South Africa :)

  2. Haha I loved this guest post! Wonderful tips to consider if I ever decide to become an author and have a writing friend. Hmm.. Maybe this also works for co-bloggers, gonna tape this to my sister's pillow (he he). This book sounds fantastic, I like reading books in different settings other than the US. It's like actually meeting those places :D.

    1. ha ha ha I know what you mean! Conditions of friendship.. please sign here and accept terms & conditions. Lol All books I read are either based in the US or Europe. I am so happy to find a home-based author and setting for me!!!

  3. haha I love this, great post!
    Lily @ lilysbookblog

    1. Thanks Lily! I loved the quirks and tips :)

  4. This series is new to me, but I love the setting, I have only read a few books with it.Thanks for sharing the tips :)

    1. Me too! Now all my blogger friends can read about South Africa :) I am so used to reading a book based in the USA :)


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