Thursday, 3 April 2014

April MWYA Monthly Buzz

Hello Everybody! 

Wow can you believe it's April already! Summer has come and gone and we are well on our way to winter. 

March was a bit of a tough month for me on many levels, and I decided to take a step back from a lot of commitments, including the blog. Between work, home and life - it became a bit overwhelming. I am not going anywhere, just cutting back on the posts a bit and opting for guest or promo posts when it comes to tours. 

I actually went to the library and finally got a library card this month! I was pleasantly suprised I found 2 books I wanted to read initally and then went back for 1 or 2 more. They have an online facility as well with 1 or 2 audio books I wouldn't mind checking out sometime. 

You guys voted and my BOTM read is: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I have actually been so good at making a plan and fitting in these awesome reads that I have been putting off because of tours and reviews. So please pop over and vote for next month's book!

5 star recommended read: 
In March I read Chasing the Star Garden and this month I will read Bound by Lies. 

I have actually taken a step back from review requests and book tour reviews. From feeling completely overwhelmed I am now trying to focus on the books I really want to read as well as trying to make a dent in my current review list. This includes NetGalley especially!! I did put in 1 request this week and that was for The Immortal Crown (Age of X #2) by Richelle Mead, but I doubt I will be approved since it is mainly for US/CAN/AUS bloggers. 

My last exciting news is that I emailed a publisher for a specific request and I got approved!! *happy dance*. Other than that it has been quite fun taking part in the #100HappyDay photo posting challenge. You can follow me via my FB page, twitter or Instagram (check the sidebar for my follow links). 

Last month

The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 3 ~ Knowledge and Attachments (Part 2);
The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 4;
Staying Optimistic; Dream Big

New on My Bookshelf
I was really naughty last month and the books seemed to accumulate really quickly!

Bought (titles link to goodreads)
Amazon (Gift cards purchases): 

Tattoo Thief by Heide Tretheway
Of the Lilin by Paulette Hampton & Hobert Hampton
A Shade of Vampire & A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest

    Bargain books

    Kalahari (Gift card purchases)
    Guest Posts
    Kerry Shafer: The ultimate idea factory & writing magic
    Ally Shields: The Pros & Cons of using a Pen Name
    Ally Shields: Top 5 PNR Covers 

    Competition wins
    So this month I have been super blessed and won a total of 8 competitions!!

    This much is true by Katherine Owen from Jennifer @ Reading & Writing YF & PNR
    Colour Wielders by Dawna Raver from Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction
    $5 Amazon Gift Card from Robyn @ Rob Girl books
    The Recruitz by Karice Bolton from Jennifer @ Donnie Darko Girl
    The Fallen by Lee French from The Masquerade Crew
    9 More Killer Thrillers by John L Betcher
    After the Curtain falls by Ainsley Shay @ Books Direct Online
    2 x Kauai smoothie vouchers

    I have been having a bit of a problem claiming my prizes from Barnes & Noble though :( so I have 3 awesome books waiting to be claimed, while they take their time getting back to me. There is some issue when I put in my Zip code *sigh* oh well. I have emailed them on 3 different occasions and still have not resolved this! This is such bad service and they seem to just not care *super sad face* 

    Akasha Audiobook Competition winners:
    Jennifer @ Donnie Darko Girl; Lynda Dickson @ Books Direct Online; Michaela Williams @ Will Read for Coffee; Julie Smeltzer @ Chapter; Pamela D @ Reading is Fun again

    I still have one more competition running.. 
    Click here to enter and win a copy of Tempus by Holly Lauren!!

    ~ Annual Challenges update ~

    Review Pile Challenge : 13 / 19
    hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads. 

    TBR Pile reading Challenge : 11 / 25
    Hosted by Bookish 

    2014 Series Challenge: 0 / 5
    I have started:
    The Guardian Witch series (3/ 6) 
    The Akasha Saga (2 / 4)
    Covenant (2 / 7)
    Conduit (1 / 4)
    Circle of Fire (1 / 3)

    Night Huntress 
    TMI (1/6)
    Vampire Academy (1/6)
    Hosted by  Read.Sleep.Repeat 

    2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 26 / 80

    Alphabet Challenge: 14 / 26

    Double Trouble - Twin Reading Challenge: 4 Reviews vs 5 TBR pile
    Hosted by Mean Who You Are; Reading is Fun Again & Book Worm Soul 

    I really failed at the read-a-thon's this month :( Oh well I enjoyed the mini-challenges though!!

    This month

    upcoming reviews 

    This month I am hoping to take it as it comes, I an apart of the blog tour for The Army of the Lost which I am super excited for!! Lily Herne is a South African Paranomal author who writes about Zombies.. *excitement*

    ~ Blogoverse: Blog of the Month ~

    The Blogoverse Buzz will have a quick feature of a blog that stood out to me and made a difference in my blogoverse.. in other words they have a really amazing blog!

    Please welcome the Amazing Silvia from Darkest Sins
    Silvia has quickly become an amazing, positive and supportive friend 
    and if you need a blog make-over..
    Contact her.. Go on and take a peek at her blog!!!

    And if that isn't a reason to head over and say Hi... It's her birthday tomorrow!! 
    !! Happy Birthday Silvia !!

    If you have checked out her blog yet.. head over and check it out! 
    Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself:
    Hello everyone! My name is Silvia, I'm Italian but I've been living in UK since 2008 and I love it! Besides being a reviewer, I'm a Video Editor, Designer, Book Tour Organizer and the Managing Director of my own Company, Dark World Books.

    When and why did you start blogging?
    I started blogging almost three years ago, on May 2011. I wanted to have a personal space where I could share my thoughts on books of the genres I love the most. A blog seemed the best way to express myself, so I created Darkest Sins, my very special place!

    Best thing for you about blogging and the not so great thing?
    Best thing: I think every blogger can attest that meeting others with your same passion is priceless. Add this to the fact that thanks to blogging I now have beautiful, real friendships with some authors, too, plus amazing relationships with publishing companies and I think you can call blogging the best thing ever ;)
    Not so great thing: I can't post every day, but then quality over quantity it's my motto so, I live with it :)

    What are your top 3 books / series?
    1. Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (Paranormal Romance)
    2. The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz (Contemporary Erotica)
    3. Experiment In Terror series by Karina Halle (NA Paranormal)

    Favorite TV Series or Movie that was based on a book?
    Fried Green Tomatoes. I saw it for the first time when I was a kid with my grandma, I loved it and when the paperback was gifted to me I was like "No way, it was based on a book?" Best discovery ever and definitely one that pushed me towards books more.

    3 fun facts about you?
    1. I have a degree in Events Management for Cinema & TV
    2. I'm extremely organized and can't stand the chaos
    3. Me and Franny (@ Mind Reader) constantly talk to each other using books/movies/tv series quotes.

    Whats your guilty pleasure?
    It's in the form of food and it's called Lasagna!

    What is the best thing that has happened to you since you started blogging:
    Collaborating with publishing companies and authors for different projects.

    Best piece of advice you received about blogging?
    Interact as much as possible, don't be shy and/or afraid. The one I personally give is the one I use in life, too: be yourself and be honest, always.

    If you could have lunch 3 Characters, who would they be?
    Just three? Girl, you're killing me!!! Sigh, what about I make an adult/na/ya selection then? Let's see...
    1. ADULT: Quinn (Riley Jenson Guardian Series by Keri Arthur)
    2. NA: Dex (Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle)
    3. YA: Decker (Fracture by Megan Miranda)
    Of course, I could expand the list way more...

    If you got stranded on an island what: 
    - 3 books would you want with you
    - 3 items you cannot live without
    3 books (based on what my mind and heart are suggesting right now):
    1. Lover at Last by J.R. Ward ; 2. Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione ; 3. Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt
    3 items:
    1. Books -> why, yes, the three books mentioned above will do the work!
    2. Music -> you can choose the item as long as its battery is endless, LOL
    3. A notebook -> I have to write/draw something constantly 

    Quick quiz round:
    Fav tv show: Like ever? Friends
    Fav movie: Rear Window
    Coffee or tea or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate, possibly with marshmallows!
    Dream Vacation place: Desert Island (with the stuff previously mentioned in this interview, of course ;) )
    Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla

    Thanks for having me here, Chanzie! You know I love your blog and being part of it today has been great!! xo


    Anyway lovelies.. I hope you are all caught up and having a fab month so far! See you soon!!




    1. Well, for cutting back it seems you're still doing plenty. :) I'm looking forward to seeing your review of Shatter Me. I haven't read that one either, but I'm planning on reading the whole series straight through at some point this year. Thanks for stopping by!

      Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

      1. Lol the cutting back will only really show next month when the tour commitments slow down. I am very excited for Shatter Me :) I am happy that the entire series is out so I can do a read-a-thon!! Thanks for the visit Tressa!

    2. I really should get a library card too, but the closest one is so far way, and with the price of gas... It's cheaper to buy eBooks or use Book Depo. You scored lots of awesome books with week; I'm kinda jealous!

      Carmel @ Rabid Reads

      1. Oh no that sucks. I agree, it is just easier and more convenient to buy ebooks. Felicia the Geeky Blogger's library posts convinced me to give it a try. Your libraries are way cooler with updated stuff than ours though! *tee hee* it was quite a lucky month, thank you! if you see a competition... take 2 minutes to enter it :)

    3. I understand what it's like to feel overwhelmed with everything and need to take a step back from the blog. Better that you do it now before you get really burnt out and stop enjoying it. I had to do something similar several months ago – I went from posting every day to being okay if I go two or three days without any new content… Although now I'm backed up with book reviews lol. You can't win. :-) Anyway, I hope it helps, and I look forward to reading the post you do get around to posting!

      1. I know you know this but.. the thing about being a blogger is that you do have access to so many new books that is it easy to agree to everything.. because everything looks awesome! I aim to post 3 times a week and guest posts are welcome in between. Thanks for your awesome support and comment Niki! I <3 your blog <3

    4. Replies
      1. Yay! Thanks Niki :) I love the BOTM feature - It really helps me read the books I want to read!

    5. It's a huge, GREAT pleasure to be your blog of the month, especially on such a special day like my birthday!!!! :D Thanks for having me here and for the interview, which I had a blast with and the most challenging questions to answer so far, let me tell you! Way to go, girl ;)

      About the books you shared, why don't I have Underworld Rise of the Lycans? I mean, I have the DVD box set, but I don't have the book of my fave chapter in the series! See? I could have asked it for my bday, argh!

      I can't wait for your upcoming reviews, they're all books I have in my TBR list except What Kills Me, which I loved and review last year.

      Congratulations for the 8 competitions won! You're so lucky :) Thanks for the opportunity to win Tempus (it sounds intriguing!) and, of course, for featuring me and Darkest Sins on your fab blog <3 *I'll have a piece of cake on your behalf, too! ;)*

      1. Thank you Silvia <3 I am so happy that I could have you here on the blog on your bday! *celebrations all round*
        Lol I love the Underworld movies, I needed to fill the gap of buy 3 for R100 at Bargain Books and found this one.

        Good luck with the giveaway Silvia! I'm sure you'll stand a good chance.

        Don't forget to have a piece of cake for me!!

    6. Doing the Library Card Dance! Also good for you for taking a step back and seeing what works. It is such a hard thing to find a balance but once you do--you will be golden!


      PS Send your winning streak to me LOL

      1. Thank you Felicia *hugs* I think it's easy to get caught up in the review requests and freebie stuff, which is exactly what happened and then life happened on top of that!!

        *Sending some lucky fairy dust your way*

    7. It's been a good month for you, so many wins and great books read! I'm feeling a little bit jelly of that shiny new library card you got, I wish my city's library were worth it for me to get one. It only has textbooks and such things, not really interesting. I'm excited to hear your thoughts about Shatter Me (I think I voted for that one!). I want to read that book so badly but my pocket is tight right now, college is getting more expensive and I've had to refrain from buying :(! But I'll get to it someday ;). Entered the giveaway and definitely visiting Sylvia :). Aaaand, you rock! I like you and your blog. :)

      1. Thank you Melissa *hugs* The library here is very outdated. I don't think they have anything released in the past 5 years unless it was donated - but that is ok. It was Felicia @ The Geeky Blogger who convinced me to give it a try, even if it was just for the online content. I wish I could just loan you my copy! Maybe see if there is someone on Amazon that can 'loan' you their copy? I am just learning about this now. Keisha at the Simple Things in Life just introduced me to it. Thank you for entering the giveaway - good luck :)

      2. Thanks for visiting and also for the follow, Melissa!! :)

    8. Look at all of those books you won!!! That is awesome! I love the interview with Silvia, I am going to check out her blog right now! I haven't done to well on my challenges either but we will make it up right?! I can't wait to see what you think about Shatter Me, I loved it so much I can currently trying to make all of my friends read it too lol. Happy reading with all your new goodies!

      1. *big smile* I love competitions!! Silvia is so awesome, I am sure you will lover her and her blog :) I am looking forward to Shatter Me.. We can compare notes when I get there!!!

      2. Happy you enjoyed the interview, Michaela! :)

        @ Chanzie: Thank you!!!! <3

    9. Great post, Chanzie, and I really love the interview you did to Silvia!

      1. Thanks Franny!! Silvia is awesome :)


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