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Topic of Light: The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 3 ~ Knowledgeand Attachments (Part 2)

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Welcome back to the part 2 of chapter 3 of Knowledge and Attachments. Last week we covered the basics of communication, how we understand each other and what an important role this knowledge has among us in creating our Personal Dreams, as well as the Dream of the planet. 

Here is the link to last week's post if you missed it - Part 1Here is a link to any previous topics you might have missed or wish to revisit. 

Please remember, this is only my personal interpretation. If you enjoy the parts I cover I do encourage you to purchase this book to get a more clear and thorough picture of the Toltec Teachings. 

The illusion of the Dream of the planet and any agreements will only be maintained as long as the majority of the individuals continue to support it. If we all decided that boys could no longer wear green, this illusion would shift from acceptable to unacceptable and the punishment would evolve for going against this 'law'.

"Continuous support is the very fuel that increases an individual's attachment to a belief." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

We become attached to this knowledge and it can indirectly run our lives for us. Have you ever stopped to wonder why something is unacceptable in society? Then shrug it off and carry on. Instead of looking at the other options. 

"When we take action based on our ideas, it seems like we have manifested them as reality. But a symbol's meaning is always still dependent on the agreement of an individual or society."
"When we become so attached to that reality, and to the meanings of the symbol that constructed that reality, we do not allow room for change and growth. We may find ourselves struggling, fighting, arguing with others (and with ourselves) to maintain our beliefs and definitions of the way things work, becoming prisoners of our own beliefs. It is through those beliefs that we have constructed the story of us."
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

When we become aware of these attachments and beliefs, it can very upsetting and cause an emotional reaction. We have the power to change our agreements and beliefs - should we choose to. Knowledge is the bridge that connects us all. It is the instrument that creates our reality and the illusion of the Dream of the Planet. 

When you let go of this attachment to knowledge, you have the power to step back and decide for yourself if those meanings truly reflect your own experiences in life. This also allows us to understand each other better. 

Attachments and our Sense of Self

The negative aspect of this is that we tend to let this knowledge and attachments define who we are. These things can be our jobs, our friends, our possessions. Without these things, who would we truly be

"When we place ourselves in a safety zone where we feel comfortable and secure, and we are firmly entrenched in the this-is-who-I-am-mindset, the worst thing imaginable is that it will all go away." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

When I decide that something should stay the same because it makes me feel better about who I am, then I am attached to it. I have confused my identity of who I am with my possessions or position. Now I have to defend myself if anybody ever questions this thing. That cannot be healthy. 

You know you are overly attached to something when you fear losing it completely. The only constant thing is out lives is change. Money and possessions come and go frequently. Once it has served it's purpose, these things move on and we should let them go. 

"The challenge I have for you is to change your agreement, to see yourself as a perfect human being, and to realise that there is no object, idea or knowledge that you need to be complete. You are perfect because you are alive in this moment, transforming continuously with life."
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

If you can do this, you can realise that you are truly free. Attachments and beliefs do not define you, instead you can use them as the tools they are and use them to help you grow and create your Personal Dream. 

This is my wish for you this week: Challenge your agreements and find your freedom free of attachments. 


  1. You know you are overly attached to something when you fear losing it completely. True. Also, money and possessions definitely come and go frequently (especially money, unfortunately) and perhaps we should let them go, but it's not so simple, isn't it? It seems like being truly free it's not an easy challenge at all... Btw, I truly like this: "You are perfect because you are alive in this moment, transforming continuously with life."

    1. It never is simple. Maybe the challenge is for us to strive towards freedom though, as long as we are aware of stuff like this we can work on it and it doesn't control you.. Like you mentioned: Money & possessions. You are perfect and awesome.. You are who you perfectly need to be right now!

    2. <3 I'm not perfect (who is?), but I believe I am who I perfectly need to be :)
      At the risk of being repetitive, thanks for another great post, Chanzie!

    3. What is perfect any right? You are perfect just the way you are <3 Just like you said "you are who you perfectly need to be"
      I really appreciate your visits, thoughts and feedback <3

  2. I think I do have attachments in my life that restrict me, and so, it is hard to be free of them. However, some attachments keep me grounded - in a good way, and I think, ultimately, that is a good thing. I don't like things to control me, I like to be free of them. Perhaps the truth is, my every action and decision helps me to overthrow that which would seek to control me. (MS Word controls me a LOT though!!!)

    1. We all have attachments, some good and some bad. As people we naturally become attached to things and people. I think it's when we lose site of the bigger picture that it really becomes a problem. Like yelling at someone because they broke a glass that was 'special' to you. It's just a glass, is it worth it hurting another person over it? Or missing a dinner date with friends because your favourite TV program is on. Be strong and be positive!!

  3. These posts are always timely for my life. Lovely and thought provoking post.

    1. That is music to my ears and makes me so happy. It makes all the effort seem worth it <3


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