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February MWYA Monthly Buzz

Hello Everyone!! 

Welcome back to Mean Who You Are's monthly catch up session! January has been an awesome month and a great start to the new year. Setting up resolutions and starting to work on those goals is always motivating. So here is what has been happening and some exciting things that is yet to come!

Whats New @ MWYA
I am quite excited that a friend of mine, Kendall Hay, will be doing guest reviews on the blog from time to time! This would definitely help me with some of the pressure from the review pile that seems to have multiplied while I was sleeping or on holiday!

Book of the Month Vote: Since I have such a long TBR list / bookshelf and sometimes I find it completely overwhelming to choose a new book because they all seem so amazing and I don't know where to start - I will choose 5 books off this list and have you help me pick a book the month that I must read <3 

Last month on the blog

Topics of light ~  The Five Levels of Attachment: IntroChapter 1 ~ Part 1 & Part 2

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Cover Conflict

MWYA Giveaway winners: 
Tom Reinhart Book Bundle: Pamela @ Reading is Fun Again & John @ The Write Thought

Book vote result: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
(This is pretty awesome since I have been trying to read this book since about October last year!)

My competition wins for the month:
Amy Miles - book bundle: Forbidden, Reckoning, Defiance, Captivate
Terra Harmony - Audio book of the Akasha Series
Audio book - wonder from Alysia @ My Little Pocket books
Goodreads First reads program win: In Havana They Shall Die! (Action-Pak, #2) by Paul Roberts

~ Annual Challenges update ~

Review Pile Challenge : 5 / 19
hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads. 

TBR Pile reading Challenge : 3 / 25
Hosted by Bookish 

2014 Series Challenge: 0 / 5
I have started The Guardian Witch series (2 / 6) and The Akasha Saga (1 / 5).
In addition i have started 4 more series that I am hoping to complete.
Hosted by  Read.Sleep.Repeat 

2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge: 10 / 80

Alphabet Challenge: 7 / 26

Double Trouble - Twin Reading Challenge: 5 Reviews vs 3 TBR pile
OK so it's a little lopsided this month but that is ok, since it is 3 more books that I chose to read that was not a required review!  Hosted by Mean Who You Are; Reading is Fun Again & Book Worm Soul 

This month
upcoming reviews 

Book of the Month Poll result: City of bones by Cassandra Clare

I will also be having guest posts by two wonderful Authors: Ally Shields & Terra Harmony!
Keep an eye out for these awesome posts as well giveaways from these lovely ladies *Exciting* 

~ Giveaway ~

One more exciting thing for this month... Enter to win a paperback copy of Dark Winter!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ Blogoverse: Blog of the Month ~

The Blogoverse Buzz will have a quick feature of a blog that stood out to me and made a difference in my blogoverse.. in other words they have a really amazing blog!

Please welcome the wonderful Michaela from Will Read For Coffee
Michaela is wonderful, friendly and full of life! 
She has a sparkle and a love for books that nobody can deny. 
(Hint Hint if 'Into the Still Blue' by Veronica Rossi is not on your TBR list, you should go add it now!!)

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself:
Hello all! I’m Michaela and I started the blog Will Read for Coffee in Oct 2013. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful hubby, 3 dogs, 3 cats and, one day, a ferret or two!

When and why did you start blogging?
This past October I decided to start my blog because I wanted to share my love of books with someone, anyone! Lol

Best thing for you about blogging and the not so great thing?
The best thing about blogging for me is having an outlet for all of the wonderful books I read! I’ve always been a big reader but it just didn’t seem right to just read anymore. Blogging gives me a place to talk about what I have read and to share my thoughts with other readers.

What are your top 3 books / series?
Will Read for Coffee1.      Shatter Me – even though I am not yet done with the series I LOVE the writing. It’s so different from anything I have ever read, I just love it
2.      The Secret Garden – I had my mom read this book to me a million times when I was little J
3.      The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Favorite TV Series or Movie that was based on a book?
Sense and Sensibility or any of the Jane Austin movies really. I am a hopeless romantic.

3 fun facts about you?
I LOVE animals and I would be a veterinarian if I wasn’t allergic to everything with fur.
One day I would like to run a big cat sanctuary.
I do a little dance when I eat something yummy, I can’t help myself.  

What’s your guilty pleasure?
The Sims3. I am totally addicted!

What is the best thing that has happened to you since you started blogging:
Meeting you! And all the other great bloggers! It’s so wonderful to talk to people who ACTUALLY read books! It’s great to be excited about a book and have other people to be excited about it with you and not just pretending like my wonderful husband does. Everyone has been so encouraging and kind it makes blogging fun!

Best piece of advice you received about blogging?
Don’t compare yourself to everyone else! It’s ok to not read as much or as fast or as often as everyone else, it’s your blog so do it your way 😊

If you could have lunch 3 Characters, who would they be?
Melanie from The Host because she’s traveled the galaxy.
Tessa from The Infernal Devices trilogy because she’s immortal and I would just love to know what she’s lived through.
Alice from Twilight because she can see into the future and she just seems like fun!

Quick quiz round:
Fav tv show: The Office
Fav movie: Sense and Sensibility (1995 w/Emma Thomson and Kate Winslet)
Coffee or tea or Hot Chocolate: COFFEE!
Dream Vacation place: Tuscany
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla


If you have a chance pop over and say hello!! 
What books are you looking forward to reading this month? If anything exciting has happened, share it in the comments!!




  1. I am so excited that I won your giveaway! :)

    Enjoy City of Bones. I have been meaning to start this series too.

    1. Congrats Pamela :) Thank you for entering! I am planning on reading COB after my current read I think :) Yay!! been waiting too long!!

  2. You won a book at Goodreads!! So jealous!! Looking forward to your reviews coming up... I liked Halfway to the Grave! Nice interview with Michaela!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. I felt the same when I read that Pamela was winning on GR all the time.. So I made it a part of my daily ritual... I have won about 3 times now :) You should definitely enter too!! Thanks for stopping by Naomi :)

  3. I'm really glad to hear that this month has been a good one for you. You've read pretty awesome books and the upcoming ones are great as well, I'm so looking forward to what you think about City of bones (voted for that one). So sad the movie didn't live up to it though. Oh well, not the book's fault.
    I'll visit Michaelas' blog tomorrow, she sounds real nice! :)

    1. Thanks Melissa :) I didn't think the movie was too bad - but I am sure I will see the differences when I read the book! Thank you for popping by (and for voting - it makes it so much more fun!) Eek hope you enjoy visiting Michaela's blog - She is awesome <3

  4. First of all, I have been eyeballing Halfway to the Grave by Frost for a couple of years now so I am really excited to read your review on it. Also, I love that you're enlisting help to pick good books to read. You have some cool looking titles on your list, but I would say the one I have heard the best things about is Half – Blood by Armentrout, so it gets my vote. :-)

    It looks like you are doing a much better job with your challenges and I am so far this year – keep up the great work!

    1. You need to read Halfway to the grave the way I know you would recommend I should start reading Kim Harrison's Hollow series!! Half-blood was OK but I have high hopes for the next book Pure which I will hopefully be reading this month.

      You are doing brilliantly with your challenges too.. It is only feb so I am sure we can catch up and make a dent in those goal numbers :)

    2. Yeah, after I posted that, I found the voting thing on the sidebar and realized you'd already read the Armentrout one lol. I blame the late hour that I was on here hehe. Anyway, I definitely vote for Gameboard of the Gods because 1. favorite author 2. cool story that had awesome bits of futuristic, paranormal, mystery, and romance elements all woven together and 3. the second one's release is right around the corner!
      I'm so glad to hear Halfway is worth reading - adding it to my TBR shortlist as we speak (yay)!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. A guest reviewer sounds so awesome. I think this will help you out a lot. I need to find one too.

    1. I really hope so! To help catch up with some of my review requests received and that I can read more books that I want to read and not that I have to read. I'm sure you can find a friend that can help you out???

  6. Hey that's me :) hehe. You're so sweet thank you so much for featuring little ol' me! I've started reading City of Bones a few times and I've yet to finish, I think I miss Tessa, Will, and Jem from the prequel series. I can't wait to see what you think of it, maybe you motivate me a little. Great job on your challenges! You are rocking it!

    1. He he Yes it is!!! It's only a pleasure :) Thank you for becoming such an awesome blog friend to me <3 Hmm I am excited to read COB, I loved loved loved The Infernal Devices.. I have heard it is better than TMI but we will see :) I basically got myself the whole series for Christmas *tee hee*!! Thanks Challenge buddy.. I need to go and take a look and see how you are doing too!

  7. A guest reviewer, huh? Welcome Michaela and what a great interview! :)

    The only Frost's book I've read so far is "First Drop of Crimson" and I loved it! I'll have to post my review at some point, though. I had this dream in which I'm on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate reading every instalment without stopping for any reason. But I suppose it will remain a dream for a while longer, huh? :'(

    1. Dreams can come true... we just need to work a little harder at it I guess :P But yes, I too dream about spending my days reading and sipping something (depending on the season as it's summer here now!)

    2. I agree with you, but now if time just could materialize...I wouldn't complain at all :P
      (Summer?? I'm freezing here! Arrgh, you lucky girl!! ;) )

    3. Yes! I love summer :) I'd have it all year if I had a choice <3

  8. That looks like a good book! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. It is :) Check out my review if you visit again! Thanks for entering :)


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