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Topic of Light: The Five Levels of Attachments: Chapter 1 ~ An exploration of perception and potential (Part 1)

Hello all you beautiful people

Welcome back to another topic of light. I hope You enjoyed last week's post and are enjoying the books and discussions I am covering. This week has been a bit hectic going back to work and getting back into rat-race routine again -trying to balance everything and still finding time to chill.  

The Toltec books are some of those books that just stay with me. I connect with the simplicity and basis of these teachings and I hope you do as well.  

Please remember, this is only my personal interpretation. If you enjoy the parts I cover I do encourage you to purchase this book to get a more clear and thorough picture of the Toltec Teachings
'Our point of view creates out reality.' 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment
Have you ever stop to think about how true this really is? How we view the world and what we choose to see, becomes our reality. We attach ourselves to worldly things without even realising it. This is a normal thing to do, but you can control the level you get attached to something. For example like our cellphones. Most of us would be pretty lost if we forgot our phones at home for the day or if it got stolen or lost. The same applies to our beliefs and opinions, we get so attached to some of our beliefs that we do not even know we are attached to them. They become like filters in our lives, tainting our new experiences. 

'We become bound to our attachments because we have lost our ability to recognise that we have a choice to be free of them'
~ The Five Levels of attachments

What does the narrative in your mind sound like? Is it positive or negative? Is it encouraging or are you criticizing yourself continuously? Our identity stems from the agreements we have made with ourselves throughout our lives so far. Just as we have made these agreements, we can break them and make new agreements. (This was covered in my previous topics covering The Four Agreements

What do you hear or see when you look in the mirror? What definitions and expectations have you set for yourself? 
I am...
- Chené
- a friend
- a wife
- a writer
- a South African
and so on...

"This list of self-definitions is my reflection, and when I really look at myself, I can hear the narration of my agreements, and the conditions that have become my model for self-acceptance. My thoughts are the narrators of my attachments, my belief system. I project onto the image of myself the values and attributes that reflect my beliefs." 
~ The Five Levels of attachment
The more we are attached to our beliefs, the more difficult it is to see who you are right now. Some beliefs can be very negative. They restrict us and prevent us from seeing life from a fresh perspective, where we might have made a different choice. 
"As my attachments become more intense and more entrenched, I lose the awareness of my Authentic Self as it becomes obscured by the filters of my belief system." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment
This is also known as The Smokey Mirror, check out my previous post from The Four Agreements. 

What makes this even more difficult is that this creates a sense of conditional love. Instead of accepting who you are in this moment, you believe you are unacceptable and will only be lovable once you accomplish certain things. 
For Example: When I lose 10kg's I will be worthy of my own love. In the mean time you look at yourself in the mirror with negative narrations. 

'I begin to judge and evaluate myself according to the standards of my agreements, which have turned into conditions of self-acceptance." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

We then implement reward and punishment systems, traditionally know as domestication. Check out my previous post here, where we discussed Domestication of the Planet. The main tool we use to domesticate ourselves is self-judgement. 
"Self judgement resides where self-acceptance wishes to be." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment
Our attachments to these negative beliefs become a part of us that we don't even realise we are condemning ourselves as we will most probably never reach these standards. We will keep moving the goal posts or coming up with new ones. 
"Of all the beliefs to detach from, this is the most important one: Let go of the attachment that you must obtain some image of perfection in order to be happy."  ~ The Five Levels of attachment

This applies to appearances, spiritual pursuits, our place in society and so on. Expectations are but expressions of our agreements. Be happy now, Love yourself now. Be the best you can be and that is enough. You are enough. I am not stating don't have goals or wish to improve. Just try not to make this the basis of your own self-acceptance. See your own truth, your own beauty and just be. 

Often we like to blame the media, our religion, our culture and so on. In a way we let society define us. At the core, there is no one to blame. These messages and standards only become true if we accept these messages and make them our own agreements, which then compromises our own happiness. 

Do not blame yourself for any of these judgments/agreements you have been collecting since childhood. Become aware of them so that you can let go of them, reclaim your freedom. 
"We have a choice . . . That is our power." 
~ The Five Levels of attachment
When you look in the mirror, you are the only person who can hear those self-judgments
"They take whatever voice and shape you give them, but they are only expressions of something you've already said yes to." 
~ The Five Levels of attachment
You have the choice and the power to detach from these agreements. When you do decide to do this, they no longer have any power over you!! You are already perfect, complete and beautiful. 
'From this point of view, you may still choose to make some life changes; but now the motivation to change is not because you hope to someday love yourself but because you already do love yourself." 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment
My wish for you this week: See your own beauty and begin to let go of those self judgments. You only need to be willing to change to begin the process of change. 

Join me next week to cover the rest of the chapter: Don't mistake perfection for imperfection



  1. You always expand my mind with these posts. Thank you!

  2. "Self judgement resides where self-acceptance wishes to be."

    So true, accurate and right. I'm always judging myself, in some cases, too harshly, in other ways, nowhere near hard enough. But acceptance of oneself is the path to happiness I think. Thank you again for another amazing Topic of Light, Chene.

    1. We are always our own worst critics John. It pushes us to try and be a perfect imagine we will never attain. How much more would we achieve if we loved and encouraged ourselves instead of punishing and judging! Thank you as always for your comments, feedback and visiting my blog posts!

  3. Wonderful post and yes I am bound to my coffee and caffeine.

  4. Lovely post. Changing one's POV can be such hard work but can definitely change how you see your life and your future.

    1. Thank you Pamela :) Changing our POV can change your entire future and if it's positive changes you are creating, it's always worth it!


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