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Topic of Light: The Five Levels of Attachment: Introduction

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to the first Topic of Light for 2014!

I decided to start out this year with a book I have been saving and wanting to read for a while: The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jnr. This is sort of a follow up topic from last year's 'The Four Agreements'. 

The beauty of the Toltec teaching is that it is a way of life. It is about how we live. As you can tell by now, this resonates with me deeply. We all know actions speak louder than words, so does the way you live your life versus how you say you live your life. 

Please remember, this is only my personal interpretation. If you enjoy the parts I cover I do encourage you to purchase this book to get a more clear and thorough picture of the Toltec Teachings.

Toltec in the Nahuatl language means 'artist'. We are the artists of our own lives. We create everything around us with our words and thoughts. We accumulate knowledge from experiences and experiences come from our decisions, good or bad - we learn from both. 

'Life is the canvas of our art, and the work of our tradition is to teach the life lessons that will help us create our masterpiece.'
'The whole point of all this work is to be happy, to enjoy life, and to enjoy the relationships with the people we love the most, starting with oneself.' 
~ The Five Levels of Attachment

Life is all about balancing our beliefs with our actions. Who are we? Who do you want to be? Who do you pretend to be? 

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to be true to yourself. This is also the greatest gift you can give to others. Those that accept you are worth your time and love. Those that reject and criticise you have their own issues to work through, these are not your burdens to bear. 

I have gone through the tug of war before of who I wanted to be, but afraid I would be rejected versus who I thought others wanted me to be. Unfortunately this is one of those lessons that only come with age, experience and wisdom. I still learn everyday. 

'Are you using knowledge, or is knowledge using you?' 

~ The Five Levels of attachment

The best way to explain this is when someone says something to you, do you hear the words they are saying or do you listen to what they are saying behind the words?

When you hear someone, you hear yourself (what you understand it to be). When you listen to someone, you understand what they are saying (the emotion and intent behind the words).

Words are just a frame of reference. Knowledge is just a tool that you use through life, you need to know when to use it, and when to put it aside.  

'Imagine doing the same thing every single moment of your life. If you are looking through life and translating it as it goes along, you will miss out on living it. But if you listen to life, you will always be able to express the words as they come.' 

~ The Five Levels of Attachment  

Like the book explains: Enjoy the wine and the experience, don't always analyse the flavour. Our accumulated knowledge and beliefs become like filters. Over the years we become attached to these filters and they end up shaping our lives and limit our growth / experiences. They can go so far that they become like blinders on a horse. Can you see how you are potentially missing out on so much in life? 

The Five Levels of attachments are like guideposts, you can use them, you can learn from them, you can grow or you can just ignore them. Knowledge and information can be corrupted by our own interpretations / narrators. We can believe in something so fully that our preconceived ideas will end up making the decisions for us in life. 

'Therefore , it is important to be aware of where we are on the scale of attachment with any particular belief. With awareness, we can regain the power to make our own decisions.'

~ The Five Levels of Attachment  

My hope for you is that with deeper awareness you will become truly free. With this peace and freedom, you will contribute to the world in ways you, right now, could never imagine. 

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  1. A fantastic Topic of Light as always Chanzie. I think your comment about the difference between hearing and listening is something that we all need to do more of. We 'hear' what our loved ones say, but do we truly 'listen'? And in turn, are we listened to, or merely heard? Our emotions, our spiritual wellbeing, our needs should never be merely heard. There is some nonsense in the media, and society in general, that men are not capable of listening, being feeling, being least when compared to women. That's not true. Being understanding and empathetic is a human design, and has no gender. Quite right we over analyse things. Sometimes, all you have to do is 'be', and live in the moment. Great post Chanzie!

    1. It is amazing what a difference our intentions can make, when we listen its about us, when we hear, it is about them. Lol I have met some guy friends who listen/hear and are more understanding than some of my girl friends.
      Thank you for your feedback and as always interesting points on my post John!!

  2. I am really trying to become a better person and truer to myself. I want to find what's inside. I just tried Yoga for the first time yesterday. I was given a gift at Christmas that's a Yoga book and came with a CD. It was tough. It does say that you probably won't focus on your breathing until after you have practiced for a while. I am glad that I started at home instead of a class because boy am I not in shape for Yoga!!!

    1. Lol I also started Yoga at home. Through the years I have started and stopped but always end up going back to it :) Yoga is a great way to connect with yourself and you do learn so much plus you feel great!
      PS that was a great Christmas present from who ever gave it to you!!

  3. Thank you Chene! You are always so full of love and kindness in person and now I see it on your pages too! Thank you for always being so willing to help me at meditation. I've enjoyed your pages and you are a wonderful writer! I've taken your advice on autors and books and I've ordered 2 books and gotten angel cards! :) They a bit too expensive to buy all together but I'll definately make my way through the others too! :) I'd be interested to read this book you are posting about, I've been through the four agreements about 4 times already.. Hehe I'll definately add it to my list of must reads! See you on Thursday. Alexa Spragg xx

    1. Thank you Angela :) You are too kind! I agree buying everything at once can get a bit expensive, I have been collecting over the years which made it a bit easier on the budget! But I am very happy to hear that you did buy Angel Cards & some books. I look forward to hearing all about it on Thursday <3 Have a fab week hun xx


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