Thursday, 19 December 2013

Topic of Light: Are your dreams your own?

Hello Lovelies

Welcome back to another topic of light. I was not sure what to write about this week or if I was even going to write a post at all. I started thinking about 2 books I am currently reading: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay & Killer Success - Awaken Your Inner Power by Lee Evans - (I am always reading a book that either makes you think or helps you grow as a person). Then I started wondering about my dreams and goals. This weeks post is more of thinking post than a pearl of wisdom. 

My questions are: Are your dreams your own? Most of us answer yes very quickly. Is someone else going to benefit from your accomplishments? These might sound like silly questions but they might just make you think about your goals a bit harder. Some people become doctors because they want to help heal the world, others become doctors because it's what their parents wanted for them. You see the difference? 

I didn't figure out I wanted to be a writer and published author until about 2 years ago. I wanted to get my words out there and help heal the world - even if I only ever helped one person. This is also part 1 of 2 reasons I started my blog. Getting published is just a sub-personal achievement. If you are doing it for someone else, when you reach that goal, the satisfaction might not last as long. The reason might be that you were seeking their approval more than wanting to achieve the goal.

What are your dreams? Have you thought about where they originate from? If you can find that core and know 100% that they are your dreams deep down, your determination will be stronger and success rate is so much closer. 

Connect with your dreams and set milestones for achieving them. When you can mark your progress, it is so much more motivating. 

My wish for you this week is to find that shooting star and aim high!




  1. ahhh that's sweet. My sister and I were just day dreaming about our joint dream earlier today about how it would be lovely to finally live close by eachother again and open a little art gallery/home decor shop. OH the dreams....

    1. Do you live far apart? I don't have a sister but I do wish my besties lived closer!

  2. You are so right. When I have goals that are put upon me, I rarely enjoy the experience and only do my minimum. When I create my own goals, I usually enjoy the experience even the parts that aren't so good.

    1. Exactly Pamela :) Sometimes we don't even realise that some of these dreams were put upon us until much later down the line :) When it's truly our own, the satisfaction and accomplishment lasts much longer.


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