Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lets Talk Abundance @ 66 Butterfield Road

~ Lets Talk Abundance ~

Date: 28 October 2013
Venue: 66 Butterfield Road @ 7pm
People attended - 15
Spokesperson: Michael Fourie

Carol - Don't you love
the pink hair!
66 Butterfield Road is owned by a friend very close to my heart. Carol is a wonderful enlightened dear friend and when I received a message about a talk about Abundance, I was excited and rsvp'd to attend (along with my partner-in-crime, who is game for most adventures ~ Christell). 

Arriving just after 7pm, Carol greeted me with a warm hug and an infectious smile. Grabbing a drink at the bar and settling in for the chat, I met some wonderful new people. It always amazes me how so many walks of life come together at events like this. 

Carol introduced me to Mike, who comes across as a happy and quiet gentleman, yet perceptive and very wise. Mike is friendly and easy to strike up a conversation with. Before I knew it we were chatting about books, writing and ideas presented across a variety books that all lead to the same concept. I could tell he was passionate about his work and someone who loves to help and teach people to achieve their goals. One of the things I enjoyed most was that he questions everything to the very core of the 'belief' to get to the truth. 

Mike began the evening with the question: Why are we here (at the event)? We are obviously looking for something that we don't have. We are trying to change what we do have to something we desire. 

It's the closest I could get to a circle!
Unfortunately we cannot just bring in the new belief/idea/concept without dealing with the existing belief/idea/concept. Sometimes we don't even know that the existing one is even there and then we cannot understand why the new belief/idea/concept isn't taking effect or working. We need to go back and understand the original item. 

Our beliefs come from 2 sources, as Mike went on to explain. If I were to try explain the model he presents, it would not do it any justice. 

Universal laws don't change. What can change is our perceptions. These perceptions influence our choices which then influences our experiences which leads us back to our perceptions. To change our perceptions we need to change the input. 

Most of us are aware. We are aware of the secret, we are aware of the Law of attraction and so on. The next step/question is: Do we truly understand it? From understanding we gain knowledge and from there it gets stored in out consciousness. 

You can teach anybody anything, but that doesn't mean they will be successful if they don't understand. Understanding helps us clear the blocks that prevent us from reaching our true potential. 

Mike went on to explain about energy, cause & effect and much more. He is a very interactive and knowledgeable teacher/mentor. The talk was just a taster of the 4 day workshop (over 2 weekends) he runs during the year called Lets Talk Abundance. 

Myself and my friend, Christell, cannot wait to attend one of his workshops in the new year (He will be running these workshops before then as well).

If you want to contact him, his details are as follow:

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear from you. My apologies for the lack of event pictures, I was having such a great time I forgot to take! 



  1. Mike sounds very charismatic, and it looks like you walked away with some enlightenment. The workshops sounds like it would be a neat experience. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I did! You know when something just clicks and makes sense :) It was one of those moments! Thanks for stopping by Kimba :)

  2. I think anything that helps you analyse where you are and help you where you want to be can only be a good thing. I think I get trapped it too much self's not helpful and can bind you to some kind of distorted reality. Live, learn, move on, as it says elsewhere in your blog! You always have something wonderful to post Chene!

    1. This is also true! Sometimes trying to fix everything and over analysing can take away the joy of just appreciating everything and living life :) Thank you for the kind words John!

  3. This event sounds wonderful. Happy you enjoyed yourself. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) I enjoy getting out, meeting new people and learning new things/concepts!


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