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Book Review, Character Interview & Giveaway: Dangerous Depths (The Sea Monster Memoirs #2) by KarenAmanda Hooper

Series: The Sea Monster Memoirs #2
Publisher: Starry Sky Publishing
Publication Date: 20th November 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Source/Host: Enticing Journey Book Promotions (In exchange for an honest Review)

See my review of Tangled Tides here

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Goodreads Synopsis:
Hell hath no fury like a selkie separated from his true love.

The gate to the sea creature realm is finally open. Yara wants to bask in the glow of her budding relationship with Treygan and explore Medusa’s world, but as the new leader of Rathe her powers are needed to save a sea creature she’s never met. 

Rownan assumes the worst is behind him when he returns home to be reunited with his wife, Vienna, only to discover she’s gone. She traveled to the evil realm of Harte to find another gateway to Earth and was never heard from again. Rownan claimed he would go through hell to be with her, and now he must prove it. 

Rownan, Yara, and Treygan will put their lives and souls at risk by traveling to the most dangerous realm of all. Love is supposed to conquer all, but no one has ever conquered Harte.

My Review:
After I had finished Tangled Tides, I was so sad because I wasn't sure when the next book in this amazing series would be out. I was absolutely thrilled when Karen actually visited my first review, so I emailed her asking how I could be involved with the promoting of her second book Dangerous depths. Karen kindly directed me in the direction of Enticing Journey Book Promotions and I was just in time to sign up for DD! I was extremely excited about this book and it did no disappoint. Karen captured the captivating essence she created in Tangled Tides and drew me back into the Seam Monster Memoirs world quickly. 

Once again I love the fact that the names are included in the chapter headings, as the POV changes throughout the story. It makes following the story so much easier. This time around we lived the story through Yara, Rownan and Nixie. 

Three words: Exciting, captivating,  suspenseful

Characters: 5/5
Karen definitely creates well rounded and lovable characters. I connected with every character easily, and I was drawn into their story quickly.

Yara - Yara has definitely grown as a character and is tested on so many levels throughout the book. I did miss Treygan's POV, but luckily we do get a good dose through Yara. I definitely grew to love Yara even more in this book.

Treygan - Although there wasn't a POV for Treygan, he does play a huge part in the story. I was so happy to see Treygan's happy and lovable side. His love for Yara is beautiful and strong. Rownan is lucky to have a loyal brother like him. Hopefully Treygan's POV will come back in Book 3.

Rownan - I was so happy to see a different side of Rownan in this book. A wonderful husband that would go to hell and back for the woman he loves - literally. I can only admire his persistence and devotion to Vienna. Karen really does have you rooting for a happy ending all round throughout the book - but you are never sure what will happen next! 

Nixie - Nixie was my favourite character in the book. I also want a siren like Nixie! I loved her and was so excited every time her POV came round. Loyal, loving and a beautiful soul filled with light, adding in a little spice and fire. My heart ached for her and all I wanted to do was climb into the book and comfort or help her. She was so brave and I really hope to see more of her one way or another in the next book. 

Jenna & Keeley - I had to add these two brave little sprites into my review. They proved that its not size that matter, but what is in your heart and soul. I adored these 2 beautiful characters. 

Plot, Pace, Writing style, World Building: 4/5
Karen has a beautiful writing style that draws you into her world. The pace is a little bit slower in the first 3rd of the book but it was not uneventful. The plot keeps you guess and glued to the book. The world building is awesome and is painted beautifully. 

Cover talk 5/5: I love the first cover, I loved this cover and I'm pretty sure I will love the next cover. I am so contacting her cover designer when I need a cover for my book! The cover of the first book drew me to the story and the second cover did not disappoint. 

Author note: Karen is amazing and so friendly. She has always made time to reply to my emails or  tweets. She makes times for her fans and readers, and that is a beautiful quality. Thank you Karen for writing this amazing series. 

My Rating:

Books in the series:

Favourite Quotes

"It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Harriet Stowe. Never give up, for that is the place and time that the tide will turn."

"Love isn't responsible. Love can make you the strongest you've ever been, or it can shatter you into useless pieces."

~ Character Interview: Getting to know Yara ~

Hi Yara, Thanks for meeting with me today.
My pleasure. It's nice to be back here in Earth's realm. I had never been to Port Elizabeth, and from what I've seen so far it's beautiful. I'm so glad you invited me.

What is you motto in life? 
"Love until it kills you." My good friend Koraline taught me that, and it's the best advice I've ever received. 

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, I do, but I also think you need to take time to get to know that person to make sure your senses were correct about them.

What is your most treasured possession? The agape pearl that Treygan gave me, and the wings I inherited from my mother. But I'm not sure if wings can be classified as a possession. Still, I treasure them and it helps me feel connected to her.

What Talent/Power would you most like to have? Ha! I have way too many powers as it is, so I'll pass on asking for any more.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I guess I'd like to be less stubborn. Sometimes my stubbornness is beneficial, but other times it rubs people the wrong way and/or gets me in trouble.

What is your guilty pleasure? Treygan. lol. A predictable answer but it's the truth. I only feel guilty when I'm skipping out on obligations or responsibilities so I can spend time with him, but sometimes I can't help it. There aren't enough hours in the day to spend as much alone time with him as I'd like.

What makes you tick? Apparently it's my need to help others. I didn't realize that until recently, but when someone(s) I care about is/are at risk or in danger, I'll do pretty much anything to help them.

Describe your perfect date? Again, predictable answer, but any date with Treygan is usually perfect. He has a way of always surprising me with his thoughtfulness and he has taken me to some incredible places. But even our dates when we just sit on his roof and watch the sun set are perfect because I'm with him.

Thank you for your time Yara.
Thank you, Chené! If you're not busy I'd love for us to hang out. Maybe you could show me around your town? I'd love to find some souvenirs to take back home.


Author Bio:
Karen was born and bred in Baltimore, frolicked and froze in Colorado for a couple of years, and is currently sunning and splashing around Florida with her two beloved dogs. She's addicted to coffee, chocolate, and complicated happily-ever-afters.

Karen has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. Due to her strong Disney upbringing, she still believes in fairy tales and will forever sprinkle magic throughout all of her novels.

Author Links: 

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  1. Aww, you're so sweet. Thanks so much for the kind compliment. Interacting with readers is the best part of my "job." :)
    Thank so much for the thoughtful review too. I'm so glad you enjoyed DD! :

    1. Thank you for stopping by Karen! I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this series <3 Hopefully one day I will have an awesome job like you!
      PS I really want a siren/friend like Nixie *Tee Hee*

  2. You have a lovely interview technique!!

    1. hee hee Thanks John! Yara and Karen are awesome :)

  3. Wonderful interview. I always like to learn more about the characters. It is so wonderful to hear that you liked both books in the series so far! Sometimes series start off with a bang, and the next book is not as good. :)

    1. Thanks Pamela :) I love character interviews, its awesome to sometimes just get that little bit more from the characters we love. Maybe I'll ask Karen if we can do a interview with Nixie.. I loved her to pieces!
      I agree sometimes series start of great and end up not so, other times they start off with first book syndrome and then pick up in book 2. :)


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