Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Underculture Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Opening Evening ~ For Play

Where: 98A Park Drive, Central, Port Elizabeth
Date: 23 October 2013

The evening finally arrived of this much anticipated event for a dear friend Cedric Vanderlinden. I met Cedric a few months ago through a very good friend of mine, Gayner. When I first received the email regarding  the opening of a new gallery in Port Elizabeth, I was a bit at loss for words. I knew nothing about art or what this was all about. As I got to know Cedric and learnt more about this fascinating new world, my interest had soared. Art is a whole different world filled with vision, creativity and passion. What an artist creates and what a viewer sees can be very different. 

Arriving at the venue just after 6:30, the parking lot was jam packed, (there is off-street parking around the back of the gallery). My husband and 2 friends accompanied me, we were lucky enough to find parking close to the gallery as I saw people parking all the way down the street to attend the opening event. 

The gallery was overflowing with enthusiasts, friends and family. We were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine or juice. Cedric spotted us and welcomed us with a big happy smile. 

Moving in to see what all this contemporary art was all about, I was blown away by the variety of art and exhibits on display. There were pieces ranging from conservative to downright creative. Cedric first described art to me as finding your perfect match. I didn't understand what this meant until I saw some of the amazing pieces in his gallery. Each display was numbered and there was an informative booklet available giving the artist and piece information. This was a great idea as it helped understand the relevant piece more completely. 

Shortly after arriving and making our way through the gallery, Cedric called for the audiences' attention and gave a heartfelt and emotional speech filled with love, passion and humor. Underculture not only has national support but international support as well. Cedric's encouraging words to the young artists were, 'It's a bumpy ride but we going to get there.'

This gallery is not a business or a job for Cedric is it his dream and his passion. They say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Cedric thanked the artists, his close friends and family and all the valuable people that make up his dream team who helped Underculture come alive. I found it quite amusing as he labelled his supporters the 'Undercultists'. 

Cedric's speech went on to compare love and art, and how they have an overlapping relationship. Art is for everyone, regardless of background, race or religion. To quote all the beautiful things he said, would take an entire post on it's own. 

'Love like art cannot exist without the full participation of the mind.' ~ Cedric Vanderlinden

For your sake, fall in love. 


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  1. It is so wonderful Cedric gets to pursue his passion as a career. Sounds like the event was a success.

    1. It was a wonderful event :) and the art was amazing!

  2. As usual you post an original, thought provoking, non-self serving post. Extremely interesting and I look forward to reading more.

    1. Wow Thank you Rachel. What a beautiful comment :) It really means a lot <3 I look forward to your visits :)


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