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Book Review & Character Interview: Fever: Many are Born, few are Reborn (Wolf Sirens #2) by Tina Smith

Series: Wolf Sirens #2
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: 02 November 2012
Genre: Paranormal, fantasy
Source: NetGalley

A little bit about Author
Is a Herbalist and and a dog lover
Is studying Neuropathy
Lives in Australia

Previous Review:
Forbidden: Discover the Legend

Goodreads Synopsis:
Temperatures rise as the flames of longing still burn in the thrilling sequel to Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The legend continues. Apollo, god of deadly plague, conspires to undo his sister’s legacy. The wolves exist between two worlds, one in the town another in the forest.

Prophecy says hunters and wolves are cursed to a mutual attraction. Increasingly, each successive slayer becomes more alluring to the wolf. The predestined enemies struggle, to both resist and contain their fierce rivalry in a conflict powerful enough to tear two worlds apart.
A shadow has fallen over the heartlands of myth and reality. The chosen is reborn broken-hearted, in the scorching embers of grief. Devastated, Lila trains tirelessly as the assassin. She must submit to deliver justice and protect the innocent of Shade.

But is it love or revenge which motivates her?

Will the huntress or her heart prevail? Breaking away from the call of destiny and fearing betrayal, Lila makes a desperate escape in search of her lost beloved. The intensity between two ancient enemies ignites. The history of the wolf pack is revealed as devotion and desire in the underworld reaches fever pitch.

If The Bite Doesn't Get You, Then the Fever Will

Fever, the sequel to Forbidden further unfolds the tale of the heroine femme fatale, on her journey in the underworld between the lands of myth and reality

My Review:
Fever picks up straight where Forbidden ended. I really enjoyed Fever as there were characters chapters and you really got to know their stories. 

Characters: 4/5
Lila- Lila's listless heartbreak seemed a bit over dramatic in the beginning but did not drag out over the whole story. I enjoyed her determination and scheming escape plans. As a character she grew, and I enjoyed her stepping into the hunter role. 

Cresida - Cresida was still my favourite character. Sometimes her evasive and secretiveness annoyed me, but it was all part of the story. I was so happy when I got to know her and her journey in one of the chapters. I really connected with her when I realised what a tough deal she was handed - trying to protect everyone especially her little brother. 

Reid - I thought Reid was such a nice guy in the last book. Then, in Fever, I thought he was just an insensitive jerk until I got to his character chapter, and then I really felt so sorry for him. I am not sure on which side of the war he will end up on, but I really hope it will be with Lila and Cresida. 

Sam & Lily - Wow, I did not expect the twist and intensity of the story in Sam's chapter. It was combined with Lily's story, and I was glad to understand Lily a bit better, even if she is no longer a part of Wolf Sirens. 

Sky - is he really dead or does he play a bigger role? Sky played a background role and was the driving force of Lila's actions. I have so much doubt at the moment - is he a good or a bad wolf? It certainly adds intensity to the story.  

Tisane - Tisane had a very interesting story and role. I loved that she returned to her home in nature in the forest. At first I wasn't sure whether she was part of the present or past storyline. Tisane is lovable and a guiding light for Lila. 

Lila & Cresida - Half the time this friendship was very complicated. Only near the end do we really get some clarity about their roles and the turns their friendship takes. 

Lila & Tisane -I really enjoyed this friendship in the beginning, although I wasn't so happy when Lila was 'kidnapping' Tisane. I have high hopes for this friendship in Nightfall. 

Writing style & Plot: 4/5
Once again the story had great pace. I can definitely see Tina has grown as a writer, and enjoyed her writing style, which is easy to follow.

There was a bit of a hiccup in the story where we went from current story, to the background story of all the characters, and then back to current story. Although I loved these chapters and it really helped me understand and fall in love with each character even more, it felt like a small dent in the flow. Fever was not predictable and I really enjoyed the twists that you uncover as the story unfolds.

We are still left with some unanswered questions but it is a great prelude to the next book.

Cover: 5/5
One thing I loved about the cover was the font. I liked the white background theme. 

My Rating:
When contemplating the rating I was between 3.5 and 4 stars. I went with 4 as there was so much growth and development in this book, and I really cannot wait to read Night Fall. I am really glad I decided to continue with this series. 

Books in the series:

Favourite Quotes
The things we find out can be harder than not knowing.
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Cresida was resistant to her charm: strong willed, a trait of hunters. 
Though if Sam knew better she would have been slower to instigate revenge because werewolves are patient compared to humans, except when they are angry. 
A tear rolled down her usually dry cheek  He would of kissed it, if she hadn't despised the affection. 
She was a more tactical and more manipulative wolf than others of her kind. 'Act, don't react,' was Narine's mantra. 

And a Extra Special Feature Character Interview: 
Wolf Sirens Cresida Interview

Thank you Tina for this special feature, it is a closer look at my favourite character in the series ~ Cresida!

Hi Cresida  – Hi

Thanks for talking to me today  – (Nods).

 When were you bitten?  A couple of years ago now, it seems like yesterday...

 Is there a mark? No, barely.

 Do you hate Sam for infecting you ?  My aunt would say hate is a strong word but I might be tempted to use it. I was in a state of shock and denial for a while and then I had to grieve my old life in a big way – I’d had two massive hits, my olds and then the venom...

 Any regrets?  I had no control over my destiny

 Do you feel like you belong with either hunters or wolves?   Neither...I am a hybrid. I am not supposed to continue – we always believed the next huntress would kill me.

 You sound pensive?  It still might happen. I accept that.

 Do you agree with what you did in making a deal with the wolves?  The deal for Lila’s safety? -No.

 What would you have done differently?   The only reason I persevered with that was, really, for my brother. Not Lila or myself, not the gods...

 How’s your Aunt?  I don’t know, she’s probably dead, now.

 Was she your favourite person?   Obviously not.

 It was good that she didn’t ever report you about what she saw?  Yeah, she had the fear of god in her.

 I like how you kept the gun behind her portrait of Jesus?  Mmm, it seemed appropriate.

What books do you read?  Lots of genre’s, I read Agatha Christie and classics like To Kill a Mocking Bird and Huck Fin to gothic stuff lately like Dracula and Virginia Andrews. I also love magazines.

 When do you find the time?  Gibbous moon. Us were- hybrid werewolves- don’t sleep much.

 Lila says you are a nail chewer, why do you think that is? I like to get them right down, boredom and I think a bit of repressed aggression.

 Do your nails hurt?  Not for long. They grow fast.

 How do you manage your powers?  I am precognitive, if that’s what you mean. I think my gift would be better, stronger if I was just a hunter. It just comes, the less I concentrate on it the better.

 And what about wolf powers?  The more I try to control those the better.  Shifting is something I would avoid if I could.

 The tattoo on your arm, what’s that about?  I decided you only live once, it’s symbolic of freedom...that I make my own path. If I was a hunter I would have worn their mark.

 But things turned out differently?  Yes.

 What would you have been if you weren’t a wolf/hunter hybrid?  I like doing things with my hands, a chef maybe? Or something to do with writing and reading.

 Here’s a few quick questions:

Favourite colour? Blue.

Favourite animal? Bears and I like birds, hence the wing on my wrist.

Favourite movie? I don’t know, my tastes have changed...I don’t watch movies. I used to like Easy A.

Favourite food? Choc chunk Brownies/Beef jerky and milk shakes – bread and cheese and pancakes and anything with chicken.

 Thanks for the chat Cres  - Thanks.


This Interview was specially written by the lovely Tina Smith, Author of the Wolf Sirens Series


Author Interview and Giveaway to follow!

Well I hope you enjoyed this review and special feature as much as I did! 



  1. I love the character interview! I think it is so much fun when bloggers get to ask their fave characters their questions. :)

    1. I loved it too! Well Tina helped me with that one as I didn't know what to ask *blush* but its still awesome :)

  2. Thanks for the really nice feature and stellar review! :)
    I'm glad you liked the character interview Pamela D!


    1. Its a pleasure Tina :) I am looking forward to Nightfall!


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