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Make a life or Make a living ~ Workshop ~ Brahma Kumaris

24 August 2013
2pm, Lotus House, Port Elizabeth

Make a life or make a living... The title of this workshop caught my attention instantly. Arriving at Lotus House on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was welcomed by Gita with friendly smile and walked into a warm, beautiful peaceful room. At the front of the room was the most beautiful piece of art, it looked like a ray of light with a small LED in the center as a focus point. 

We were 14 People, including myself, attending the workshop that was run by Gita who is a soft spoken, gentle and warm woman. Gita opened the workshop with a introduction to Brahma Kumaris, which is a non-profit Universal Spiritual Organisation that runs mind management programs and is an affiliate of the United Nations. Gita then ran through the program for the afternoon, while a feral cat moved around the room, making a few friends.

The workshop started off with the question: Why are we here?
Gita was pondering this topic while doing dishes one afternoon. How do you make a life?
Making a living becomes our life, which ends up dominating our lives and consciousness. Since we spend most our life at work, your work sustains your life and can define what value your work brings to your life. The discussion went a bit more in depth and covered things like connecting to your purpose and assumptions that society defines. 

You are not here by accident, you have a purpose.You have something to give to the world, yet you don't see what a difference you make or what you might contribute to the world. 
We go about our lives imagining who we think we supposed to be, and therefore end up frustrated and unhappy. 

After some further discussion about purpose we split into groups of 2. We were randomly partnered and asked to briefly discuss our current job situation, specifically the highs and lows. I was partnered with a lady by the name of Monica, who used to be top fashion designer from London and had moved to Jeffery's Bay a few years back. 

After connecting with our partners we all moved back to our original seats and did a mind map exercise. This covered our all our desires connected to different areas of life. 

Gita then asked us. 'What is the spiritual quality that lies behind your desire?' For example if you desire to go live in Hawaii, with a house on the beach, your soul probably desires peacefulness, freedom and solitude. This truly does make you think and look a bit deeper. At first glance I was not able to figure out the connections, but with further discussion and examples, we all made a lot of progress with our desire connections.

The next big topic was: How do we fulfill these qualities? Where do we find these answers and how do we satisfy these desires. A beautiful piece of wisdom that was shared: 'What we want, we already have but we are not connected to it'. Gita went on to explain these concepts a bit further and helped us understand how a simple form of meditation/contemplation (putting a few minutes aside and connecting) could help us achieve this and how we can connect to these soul qualities we already posses. (Peace/love/happiness/truth)

Introspection is like going into a mine shaft with a lift. You need to have faith. Faith in yourself and the greater good of humanity. 

We ended the workshop with a beautiful short guided meditation and a Skype call to a dear friend of Gita (and someone very special to me) Nolan Taylor in Thailand. Gita interviewed Nolan and asked how meditation changed his life and how he start living his dream life. 

The afternoon ended with some 
socialising while having some delicious cake and tea. 

This workshop is definitely worth it, Brahma Kumaris run various workshops during the year. 
For more information, contact Gita on: 
Tel #: 041 373 6787 or sms 082 7100 175

I hope you enjoyed this event post!


Brahma Kumaris next event: Introduction to Meditation 30 August 2013 - 2pm


  1. Wow, you are a great writer.

    1. Thank you Gita :) I am so happy you liked the write up :)

  2. Your writing is truly great, as Gita says. I have a line I try to recall at times of despair. 'Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. I want to be someone who lives.' I do work for myself, but when I was employed, I think that work did define a major part of myself. I don't think that is a good thing. You need to define who you are in your own mind and in your interactions with those you love (and choose to spend time with). That, for me, is where you get the true quality of life. Live life to the full, love as passionately as you can, and be a light for others when they feel shrouded in darkness. I much prefer to 'give' than to receive. It is a joy to see others happy!

    1. Thank you Rachel :) Your compliment really means a lot. I really like that saying of yours 'Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. I want to be someone who lives.' What do you do for a living now? When I started this blog, it is working towards my dream/goal of being a writer and a published author. I feel so much more fulfilled and this event helped me change my mindset with regards to what 'defines' me. I absolutely love your feedback! I also prefer to give, the joy I get from seeing others happy, there is no price or other gift you can put on that!

  3. I like going to church, but I go to pray, and the amount of singing can sometimes be offputting! I would love to find solace and peace in a place like Hawaii, but will have to do with Cornwall for now! A very peaceful place though. I believe we have to have those snippets of peace in each of our days. I think in the age of twitter, facebook and so on....finding peace is more important than ever.

    1. I agree, I find the beach very peaceful. Sometimes Guy and I go to the beach and chill there for a few hours. The waves are so mesmerizing and rejuvenating!


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