Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Topic of Light: Flexibility of Life

Hello and welcome to back!

My topic today is quite a complicated one. Flexibility seems so simple yet in life we naturally resist change. I read there are 3 types of people in the world:
1 - those who embrace change: they take change by the horns and implement it,
2 - those who go with the flow: initially they resist but when they see reason they embrace change,
3 - those who resist change with all they've got: they don't change until they have to, they literally go kicking and screaming, holding onto what they know. 

I am in the middle of 1 & 2, depending on the situation, I am either ahead of the pack or I resist until I see reason, accept and move on. I thought of this topic because life is continually testing us. If we don't grow through life, we remain stagnant. A quote of the day I sent out a while ago that has stuck by me: 'Don't go through life, grow through life'. 

There are so many common sayings, like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. They all point to taking a negative situation and making the experience worth it, otherwise it was a waste of a lesson. The truth is, when a situation or rather a situation that brings change comes into our lives, what you resist, persists. Sometimes it's inevitable, like a new system at work. The sooner you embrace the change and learn the new system, the easier your life will become. The same with life, I am not who I was yesterday for I have learnt something and grown as a person. 

Change does not just happen over night. We change because we grow and learn. Flexibility comes through in our attitude towards life, and the perception of the what is happening. 

Are you flexible? Do you get angry when the plans change for Saturday or do you adjust and go on happily with the new plans? 

If we can be flexible enough to embrace change, would we not be happier and lighter? I know it can be tough, I like to know whats going on and be in control. I am not saying, don't care about whats going on whether the plans happen or not, but more loosen your grip a little. When we let go of good things, we are open to receive even better things we could ever have imagined. 

Our minds can only conceive so much, the universe has its own way of handling situations and we can't always see the bigger picture at that moment. The more we look, the more we see. Being a little more open and a little more flexible, this allows us to be that little bit more free and happier. Everything happens for a reason and when we accept that, like dropping your keys 5 times and running a little late, you were saved from something terrible, we can find a little bit of peace. 

Life intervenes. It pushes us, stretches us and takes us to our limits. This is life. Its the approach we take that makes all the difference. 

My wish for you is: Let go of what no longer serves you in your life. Embrace change and be flexible.

I'd love to hear from you!

Love and Light


Look out for my next topic post: Acceptance 

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  1. I am pretty flexible, and am always open to trying new things. I do tend to research before leaping into new things but embrace them once I am well researched.

    1. He he sounds like a good balance. I also love to do my research and ask a million questions. Thank you for taking some time to reply to my post :)

  2. I always take note of those little things that happen. Don't usually understand why, but just accept that they're happening for my higher good.

    1. That's the best way :) Everything happens for a reason, we might not always understand that reason right now, but faith keeps us going!

  3. Flexible in body,but not so in mind? I grew up with one of the most inflexible bodies the world has ever known.I trained hard to bend it to my will....not in a day, but over time. It does it now, but the mind is much harder to change. As I have aged,I realise I really have got set in many of my ways. But I agree the need to focus on change is a good one, and one we should strive for. Thank you as always for a thought provoking and very enjoyable post Chene!


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