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Book Review: Angel Kiss by Laura Jane Cassidy

Angel Kiss by Laura Jane Cassidy
Series: Angel Kiss (#1)
Publisher: Razorbill, Penguin Group
Publication Date: 01/05/2011
Genre: YA, Fantasy
A little bit about Author
Born and lives in Ireland
Her first story was published when she was 9 years old
First book published in 2011
She has published 2 books so far

Why did I choose this Book/Source?:
This book was part of a trolley dash I won through Exclusive Books in 2011. I chose it as anything with the term Angel in the title is likely to catch my 'paranormal' attention. 

What is the book about:
'The dead dont talk. Unless they have a secret to tell...'

Jacki King and her mom move from Dublin to Avarna, a small village in Italy. They are living temporarily in a caravan while their new home is being renovated. Jacki is your typical 15 year old teenage girl adjusting to a new life; she loves music and her iPod. She is missing Dublin, but slowly starts making new friends. She makes friends with the artistic boy Colin who also happens to be gay, Emily who is feisty and fun, and Nick, gorgeous yet unavailable. 

Shortly after moving to Avarna, Jacki finds a mysterious letter in their post box, addressed to the previous owner. When Jacki starts getting intense headaches and nightmares, her mom stresses and send her to the doctor, as her dad died a few years ago from a brain tumour. The doctor then advises she sees a healer before any diagnoses are made. Jacki's headaches are followed by strange visions, voices and signs.

Jacki refuses to believe that something paranormal is happening. But then she hears about the unsolved murder that happened in the village years before...

My Review:
The part I enjoy most about Laura's writing is that it is very modern, and she includes relevant, current subjects. She captures how teenagers act today, what they wear, and refers to current bands like Paramore and Metallica. It helps me to relate and connect more to the story; I could picture what she was describing and hear the music to go with it. (Since I also love my iPod and take it with me everywhere). 

The pace of the story is perfect. I found this a very young read, Laura's writing isn't very deep and the chemistry she creates isn't very captivating -  but it's still enjoyable. Colin is definitely my favourite character in the story - his quirkiness and the 'bff' role had me giggling whenever he was around, though I could still relate to and enjoy Jacki's journey. 
Yes, I would read her 2nd book, Eighteen Kisses, just to see where the story goes, and how Jacki grows and handles all the new aspects of her life that she discovers during Angel Kiss. A good, easy read. 

My Rating:

Next book in the series:


  1. Great review, I often struggle with books in the YA genre like this where the characters are young and the book isn't very deep, so I tend to stick with dystopian and fantasy in this genre..although there have been some amazing exceptions. I am glad you connected and that the author's characters felt genuine.

    1. Thank you Kimba, I appreciate the feedback :) I am intrigued to see where this series goes as well. Most times Authors grow as do their characters in the 2nd books :)

  2. So hard to really enjoy a book without chemistry. But if you would read the second book then it must have been pretty good.

    1. True but my curiosity always gets the better of me, especially if there is even something small I loved about the character/s. in this case the relate-ability :) (he he if that is even a word)

  3. Well I don't mind 'very young reads' considering I read the occasional MG and plenty of YA. The premise sounds so neat but you just felt so middle of the road on it =( which discourages me since book 2 was a similar feel. Guess I'll put it on my "if I run across it in a used book store" list.

    1. Hey Pabkins :) Sorry if it discouraged you a little. For a Young Adult book it was great and Jacki really grows on you. I hope you do give it a shot! Enter the giveaway then you can try it for free :)


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