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An Enlightened Evening with Red Feather Trading & Hay House Publishing

Event details: 
24 July 2013 at Red Feather Trading
Maria & Evy
Hay House Representative: Angela O'Neale

I was truly excited when I received an email from Evy (Co-Owner of Red Feather Trading) that Angela from Hay House Publishing was coming to PE and hosting an event at my all time favorite shop Red Feather Trading. The first time I went to a Hay House event was last year in May 2012. That evening had me making some major changes in my life and this year it didn't disappoint. 

Me & Angela
I arrived a little bit earlier than the scheduled time (6-6:30pm) as I work just around the corner from RFT. As I walked in I was greeted with big smiles and hugs from Evy, Maria and Angela. With a fully booked evening ahead of 28 people, the evening was set. I grabbed a seat close to the front of the room, all the chairs were set up in groups of about 4, (my group was also conveniently close to the books and crystals, my weaknesses). 

Angela opened the evening with a question, asking if anyone had ever had any angel experiences, to try to break the ice a bit and shared a few stories of how one moment has changed many peoples' lives. My personal 'Aha' moment was one day when I was walking out of CNA in 2005, after going in search of Dan Brown's newest novel - The Da Vinci Code, I randomly grabbed a Hay House Book called "Archangels and Ascended Masters" by Doreen Virtue. Jumping into the deep end, that book changed my life and opened up my curiosity to a whole new level. 

Snowflake Obsidian
I took a look around the room and every person was sitting in awe and anticipation for the evening ahead. Captivated, we listened. Angela went on to ask who had crystals, if anyone had any experiences to share, if we had books about them and if we thought we needed them. The answer was No, we do not really need them. We are naturally drawn to the crystals we need and / or resonate with a particular need. We naturally want books about them and want to learn about them based on our egos need to know. Angela referred to a well know author in the enlightened world, Judy Hall, who has studied and written about almost all types of crystals (her new book has just been released, Crystal Healings, about crystals and which ones we can use for different ailments). She went on to speak about some of the different uses for crystals, how different they feel and how they are the natural remedies of the world. I also learnt that Cape Town is known as "The Heart Chakra" of the world. 

Angela included the audience as often as we were prepared to interact. Maria and Evy passed around crystals that were being discussed for everyone to see and feel. Slowly but surely everyone eased into the evening, started participating and asking questions. An eager, young participant was Anjolie, age 9, was called up, asked to pick a crystal and tell us how it felt to her. Anjolie chose a SnowFlake Obsidian, when asked how it felt/made her feel, she replied "Calm, warm and happy." A new crystal I learnt about, (and had to go look up), was Brandenburg which looks very similar to Amethyst. Crystals can help us manage our emotions in most circumstances. They are little gifts from nature and can be valuable tools if we know how to use them. They are an aid and a direct link to our higher selves & intuition. Clearing methods for crystals were also discussed, (from brown rice, salt, running water and special mixture you can spray onto them). Like most things in life, with conscious effort and more practice, it will become easier to work with and access this information. (Biology of belief / the honeymoon effect, both by Bruce Lipton were also mentioned). This topic came to a conclusion with the following advice, be mindful, choose and use this knowledge wisely. 

South Africa is definitely being noticed as we receive more authors and well known people travelling to our country. Ronan Levy, author of "The Reconnection" is currently in Cape Town giving a presentation. Hopefully PE will also make it to the 'International Radar' sooner rather than later. Angela hinted at Doreen Virtue coming to SA again, this time I wont miss it,come what may. 

With a few pearls of wisdom in between all this amazing information being shared with us, Angela mentioned one that stood out to me, "Rather be nice, than be right". Often we choose the latter to boost our own egos. 

The next exciting topic was Angel Cards. Most fear the concept and are skeptical when they look at them, but when you take a closer look at them, you see they are nothing more than than positive and loving messages. Angela spoke about the many different ways you can be drawn to a deck of cards, whether it be the colour/description/pictures, you will always pick the cards that are right for you and suit you the best. They usually include a booklet that explains how to use them. She also advised us that we shouldn't let it become a crutch, but use them as a gentle reminder to be present and that we are loved. 

The card that kept appearing for me was 'Leap of Faith' which was pretty significant since I am busy setting up my blog, (At this point it time, it will be up and running by the time you are reading this), and trying new things to make my dreams come true. We then split into pairs of 2 and shared an angel card reading with our partner, the results never cease to amaze me! I was paired with a lovely lady, Jean. When looking at her cards that she exchanged with me, and telling her how I interpreted the message, I was a little nervous but trusted what my intuition was telling me. I couldn't quite read her reactions, but by the end she confirmed that even she was amazed how accurate the cards were. I beamed at this confirmation. 

Angela closed the evening with 3 inspiring points:
- Practice present moment awareness
- Don't let fear cripple you (False Evidence Appearing Real)
- Have a dream so big that nothing can interfere with it, feed your passion. 

Angela is truly inspirational and a beautiful person, someone who takes the time out of her busy day to reply to a young, excited Hay House fan from little old PE. She always has a smile on her face and a beautiful energy about her. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love 

Look out for my next post: Flexibility of Life

Here are a few comments from some of the people who attended:

"It was quite a 'wow' moment for me. It affirmed all the directions I have been thinking about" - Harry
"The evening was enlightening and encouraging" - Jean
"I enjoyed the evening and meeting so many like-minded people" - Lisa
"The evening was good, interesting and enlightening" - Lucinda
"The evening was informative and enjoyable" - Katherine
"The evening was encouraging and informative" - Margi


  1. Wow, how very interesting! As you know, I haven't ever ventured into the world of angels and crystals, but reading your Blog has opened up my very uninformed mind somewhat. I hope that one day if I ever decide to write a book, that I have a devoted fan just like you!!

    1. Thank you hun :) The beauty of the topics: angels and crystals, is that there is always more to learn! Of course I will be your devoted fan :)

  2. Great post and I am a huge Dan Brown fan so I will check out
    "Archangels and Ascended Masters" by Doreen Virtue. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Kimba. I was fascinated by Dan Brown's Da Vinci code as I loved the mystery and mystical link of the book. Doreen Virtue's book is not a fictional story as such, but more about the deities, angels and ascended masters: their stories and how they helped and still help humanity. (Like Archangel Michael, Buddha and different deities across all religions). Thanks for the feedback!

  3. This was a lovely evening! Went back the next day to buy the Snowflake Obsidian that had 'called out' to Anjolie.

    1. That's Awesum! Anjolie is such a special young girl with a beautiful energy around her :)


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