Thursday, 29 August 2013

Topic of Light: Accepting and Letting Go

Hello and welcome back to my next Topic of Light

This week's topic was inspired by those niggly situations that just seem to repeat themselves. Have you ever noticed that sometimes it seems the same situation comes round again and again. This has occurred with me quite a few times. I have wondered about this and had many conversations with some wise friends, slowly some light has dawned for me. Like most people I didn't always listen to the advice the first time. Sometimes I have to bump my head a few times before I realised what was meant. 

This was the beautiful advice that was given to me: 
Before any situation will leave your life, you need to understand why its there, what is it trying to teach you and accept this lesson (so that it doesn't repeat itself).  
Whoa! My first reaction was, "So this is my fault?". After some time of pondering this point and reading some motivational books about staying positive and happy, I started to understand what this might mean to me. 

We are all here to learn and grow through life. If we aren't learning and growing, we aren't really living. Think about this for a moment, when we pray or ask for patience, we are given tests to teach us to learn patience. We are not given patience, we earn it. So more tests will come our way until we have mastered this virtue. Hence, repeated situations. That which you resist, persists.  

Our best tools we can use to overcome any sitation is: 
Patience - To see and understand why the situation is here, and not judge but experience
Gratitude  -  appreciate what life is trying to teach you
Humbleness - to be happy with what you have and appreciate life at all levels.

The next important step is letting it go. This is the difficult part, sometimes we hang on and make the lesson who we are, instead of experiencing it, learning and letting go. I am not my mistakes. You are not your mistakes.
Take a deep breathe and release it to the universe/God/your angels. Imagine and feel this huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. 

If you cant let it go straight away, what do you need to do in order to let it go? Write a letter, write in a diary, physically let it go, imagine letting it go. Forgive whoever hurt you. Forgive yourself. Whatever method works for you. 

Life will keep teaching us and bringing this lesson around until we accept it and let it go. 

What are you struggling with today? How would accepting and letting this situation go change your life and make you feel. 

My wish for you this week is to let go of the burdens that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

 Accept the lesson and what it it has taught you and be grateful of where you are. 

Love & Light

PS Look out for my next post: Healthy Boundries


  1. Hi Chene! I saw you on Goodreads and I thought it would be nice to stop by and follow your blog. Hope you'll follow back Mina's Bookshelf

    1. Hello Mina! Thank you so much :) I appreciate your stop by. I have added your blog to bloglovin and will check it out later. I look forward to sharing reviews and posts :)

  2. I totally agree, after all history repeats itself because we make the same mistakes, over and over. Wonderful tips. Life is too short, embrace it and read a book :)

    1. I agree! Where there is a problem... there is a book with a solution.. tee hee.. I remind myself from time to time that I can't remember what I was worrying about a year ago on this day and a year from now it will exactly the same :)

    2. Chene that is such a fantastic comment. I can remember what happened a year ago (because I still keep a written diary xD) but the lesson is that what happened that day - if it was a bad day, did not shape the days that came thereafter. I am grateful for every day.

  3. We can move on as soon as we learn to forgive and let go. Not the easiest thing to do but worth the effort.

    1. Exactly! Its healthier for us in the long run :)


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