Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 22 & 23

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Ice-skating & Matlock Bath

Hello you beauties!!

Life is fun. Life is great. Life is exactly what you make it. It's like the quote I have included - it's 90% up to us!!! Something changed for me this week. I can't pin point it, what it is or when it happened. It's like an arriving home fulfilling feeling. I was just a bunch of broken pieces, trying to put my life back together. Starting with one piece at a time and making better decisions for myself. Actively deciding to be happy and just live a life I want and want to remember. I was even inspired to write a bit (I am not referring to a travel blog post type writing, but I was inspired to write my thoughts). I haven't decided if I will publish it on the blog yet or not - I'll see how it goes! This is huge for me as I have not worked on anything like this since the middle of November when everything just well... the rest button was pushed for me with life in general.

So lets get on to the fun stuff!

Day 22 (Friday 10/04)

Initially I was supposed to go to Manchester with Jaydine and Jamie but we would have needed an early start. I stayed over by my cousins and shared a caravan with Lee and Charlotte. Her caravan is soooo cute!! Other than waking up freezing my butt off at 4 in the morning, (thank goodness I had a super warm comfy duvet and bed) and thinking there was a noisy spider on the roof (it was probably an owl or something). Colinda had a good giggle saying she would also be freaked out if spiders were that noisy! 

So I decided to join my cousin Lee and go ice-skating!! Wow that was just a ball of fun. I can't even remember when was the last time I went ice-skating. The ice-rink in PE closed ages ago... 

Colinda told me that if children under 16 were cheaper, she was going go with that for me. That way I was still the oldest to look after those two hooligans. Wonder if I would have been able to pull that one off, but no need as it was a standard price. So I started out like a a novice... holding on to the side and feet all over the place.. but within an hour I was skating like a pro man! Ok well maybe not a pro, I felt more graceful than I looked *rofl* And yes I fell, not a tiny fall but a massive, light-headedness hard fall on my left knee. The big purple bruise is evidence of this. #BattleScars 

I didn't let it stop me though. I took a 10 minute rest and was back out there having fun. Lee's biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to go paragliding again *bless her heart* tee hee. We ended up skating for 3 hours. It was a great workout and a ton of fun!

To end off this awesome day, Lawrie took me for a quick flight in a C42 microlight. It is like the smallest plane ever. 2 people only. Wow just wow. I loved it. Being up there in the sky is just breathtaking. I didn't get a picture as my phone was on charge but I will post one when I get back to Ashbourne. I swear in my next life I am going to be a pilot. 

I find it amazing, one minute we on the ground sitting on the deck having a laugh and 10 minutes later (After all the safety checks and all that) we were up in the air flying over Ashbourne! 

Anyway Dave and Colinda drove me back to Hilton. Trust me I will be back in Ashbourne soon. 

Day 23(Saturday 11/04)

It's a grand prix weekend!!! So Jamie and I woke up to watch the Chinese GP qualifying, Jamie bought a week pass for the Sky Sport channel (This is a new concept to me). 

I was very happy, Vettel qualified 3rd! #GoTeam 

After waking up to such an exciting event we took a drive down to Matlock bath. Wow what a beautiful countryside. I was completely distracted and in love with the scenery. It's amazing how lush and green everything is, as well as, well maintained. 

We took a stroll down the main street that was filled with touristy shops. It had almost a Sea Side feel to it. (minus the beach of course)

For lunch we had a traditional english fish, chips and mushy peas. This was actually quite tasty. Mushy peas and all. After we walked off our big lunch we had ice-cream. Now I was one happy girl. There are a few things that make me ecstatically happy and ice-cream is one of them. (A few others: The beach, music, sushi and popcorn) See I am such an easy girl to please. Buy me ice-cream, take me to the beach and make me laugh. That really isn't too much to ask for now is it? Anyway moving on. 

We ended off our evening by watching Britian's got talent and Jaydine made the most delicious Thai Curry!! 

What a way to end a fabulous two weeks. 

Next stop back to Molesey and then off to Germany!!!

Peace out

Monday, 13 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 20 & 21

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Annie's Burger Shack & Paragliding

Hello lovelies!!

Time just flies when you are having fun doesn't it.... Being here is nothing like I imagined and so much better than I ever expected. I have been truly blessed with the great weather and just had so much fun. I have met so many awesome people and done more than I thought I would. I was honestly just happy to see these people that I have missed so much, whether we did fun things or not. 

Like any place though it is the people that make it. So lets get down into the fun stuff. 

Day 20 (Wednesday 08/04)

Welcome Wednesday. Our mission today was to find this highly recommended 'Annie's Burger Shack.' Apparently they have the best burgers ever. We needed to test this claim and theory. It is a bold statement to make!!

So we headed out and walked down to the closest bus stop (I was oh so brave... I didn't even wear my first ascent jacket!) Jaydine is so funny, since she does not like waiting at bus stops too long we ended up walking to the next stop and the next stop until it became apparent that we would not make it to the next one without actually missing the bus completely. It took us 2 bus trips to get to Nottingham. With a little bit of effort and Jaydine's almost flat cellphone battery.... We found it!!! 

What a fabulous lunch this American Burger joint serves! I had the Fajita with curly fries (without the olives) and Jaydine had the Sloppy Jo with sweet potato fries. Yes we can confirm that the rumors are true... these burgers are amazing!!! Jaydine was a champion and finished hers, I managed to get through 3/4's of mine... Fajita 1 - 0 Chene. 

After that we proceeded to walk around Nottingham and its beautiful!! I do somehow think that after all the walking for the past 2 weeks or so I managed to pull something in my foot!! But I wasn't going to let that stop me from exploring and having fun... I'll hobble along if I must!!

Another Jaydine chirp that had me in stitches: "When the bubblegum loses it's taste, you look like you chowing razor blades!" Thanks Jayde. Love you too. 

From there we took a bus to Derby, popped into H&M so that I could buy this cute bikini top I saw as well as my own cute hat (Since I ended up wearing Jaydine's the entire time), before heading home!!

A long good solid friendship is awesome, where normal mundane things are awesome anyway!!

Day 21 (Thursday 09/04)

Let's go flying Thursday!!!! Well I was praying really hard about that anyway as it is all weather dependent. Jamie was kind enough to drive me to Ashbourne and drop me off by my cousins :) We left at about 9:30, and it only took us about 20 minutes to get there!!

When I got there I was greeted with so much love!! My family is just awesome. That is all. The last time I saw Lee was 9 years ago was when she was 5. Now she is all grown up and we just clicked #Cousins #NoWeNotTrouble #MaybeALittle

Ashbourne is just beautiful. There is so much space and it is so green. Did I mention is was beautiful? After Dave and Colinda  prepped the Long Chimney's B&B for some guests that would be arriving later that afternoon, we headed down to grab some lunch before heading out for my tandem paragliding adventure.

Now to be honest I did think I was going to freak out just a little being so high up in the air. There were 4 of us for the afternoon. We had a awesome Pilot, his name was Lawrie and he was pretty good. I had a mini geography lesson on Thermals on the way there, it was like Lawrie was talking an entire new language though, but it is fascinating. 

After Lawrie went through the steps and safety procedures, we let the other 3 people go first in hopes that going last would let me have a few extra minutes. I was so worried about the running part, honestly I thought I wasn't going to make it! My only calming factor was that Lawrie knew what he was doing! Dave mentioned that he had won a few competitions for paragliding and was one of the best pilot's he knew. 

So just before it was my turn... it seemed like the wind was dropping... I said a few prayers and we prepped anyway. 

The take off was good, just before we were going to release the release cable... it snapped!!! Thank goodness we were high enough and caught a thermal at the right time and just went up! It was amazing. I was in awe being up there. Not one ounce of fear in my body, only excitement, adrenaline, happiness and awe. I loved every single minute of it. We managed to make a plan with my sports camera (Like a GoPro but not a GoPro) so I got some footage too. I didn't realise I had the camera upside down and to be honest I didn't really care. I'll get some editing software and just rotate it. Colinda took a video of my flight and the part where we almost landed on top of her. Check it out...

I'm hooked. I loved it and will definitely be doing it again. and again. and again. A huge thanks to Dave, Colinda and Lawrie. You guys are the best!!!!

To wind down this exciting day, Colinda and I headed to the shop to buy some stuff for a braai and breakfast the next morning. And guess what... I basically got asked for my ID... again! My day was made again. 

We had an awesome evening, even the part where I nearly choked to death from laughing at Dave. As I took a sip of my drink, I can't even remember what he said but it went down the wrong pipe and I as crying from laughter while recovering. Good times and great memories!

Well that was a ton of excitement and life changing :) 

Peace out

Saturday, 11 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 18 & 19

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Recovery Day & Sudbury hall

Hello Everyone!!

So after a few hectic days in London, we have been taking it easy and soaking up the good weather. It is interesting how my holiday experiences have changed. The first week felt like a huge introspection kind of week, exploring and settling in and just assessing my life and overcoming challenges. 

Since I arrived by Jaydine, it's been about catching up, having fun and just making memories moment by moment which is just as awesome. I am the same yet I am not the same either - if that makes any sense. 

These might be relatively short posts!!

Day 18 (Monday 06/04)

I woke up feeling like a complete normal human being again!!! 

Today was pretty chilled, we popped into Burton-on-Trent where I returned an item to TK Maxx, we picked up a few odds and ends and headed back home where we prepped for dinner. Jaydine and I ended up skyping with Nadia (a friend of ours in Australia) as well as my parentals. I also managed to call my Dad Stevens for his birthday! #HappyBirthdayDad

Not much to report here except that Jamie made an excellent Braai/BBQ on the Weber. We chilled around the fire and had a beer/cider - just like we would at home! Don't get between a South African man and his braai #SouthAfricanStyle 

The weather was fantastic - happy days all round!

Day 19 (Tuesday 07/04)

Hello Tuesday. It's been amazing how good Jaydine has been about thinking up great things for us to do. Today we went down to the Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall. First we had a picnic on the steps in front of Sudbury hall overlooking a lake. Firstly, Sudbury Hall is a beautiful building. I really have developed a love for old architecture. The detail is just amazing. Secondly, the huge garden area and lake is so peaceful and just beautiful. Jamie acted as our photographer for some pictures I wanted of Jaydine and me!!! #ThankYouJamie #YouRock 

Jaydine made us all wraps with the leftover braai meat #Yummy which we ate while soaking up the good weather!

Next we took a tour of the Childhood Museum inside Sudbury Hall. Wow, what a walk down memory lane. The museum is filled with all the toys and things we grew up playing with and stuff much much older! From YoYo's to giant doll houses and the view finders that use to entertain us as kids. 

We soaked up the sun a little bit more while the kids played in the play area before we headed to our next stop the Green Dragon at Willington to check out the house boats on the canal. 

We ended off our evening by making absolutely delicious home-made pizza!! Those are always the best #GoodFood 

As you can see you need some chilled days in between all the fun to soak up the sun and regain your energy!

Peace out

Thursday, 9 April 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 16 & 17

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

London Baby- Part 2

Hello Lovelies!!!

So as you can see this amazing adventure exploring London with my bestie was just too much to fit into one post! I am sure I have probably missed a point or two somewhere along the way. I didn't really have wifi and it was just jam packed which is the reason my posts are so late. Either way I am updating you now :) 

Day 16 (Saturday 04/04)

It's Portobello Day!!!I have been waiting to go to this market since I basically arrived but it was recommended that you go on a Saturday as the market would be in full swing. 

We woke up fresh as daisies ready to take on the adventures for the day!! Andy popped down with us to Gregg's for this breakfast I saw advertised for 3 pounds, which was a bacon and sausage baguette and coffee. It was absolutely delicious. After that Jaydine and I caught the train to Hammersmith and from there to Ladbroke Grove to go to Portobello Market. 

Wow I just fell in love with that place! The market, the stalls, the music!! Jaydine and I were jamming in the streets between stalls. We accidentally overstayed our time limit there, which ultimately cut our time down at Camden. 

While we were making our way through Kingscross and St Pancras (Not Pancreas) station Jaydine was racing random people. Basically you pick a person and a finish line and race them there (without them knowing).. ok its sounds a bit lame but it was sooo funny I was crying with laughter!

We had about 20 minutes at Camden (Again). Wow they sell some of the strangest things there!! #JustSaying. We bought a random dude's album - hope its good jamming music at least. Then we had to make our way back and head towards London central for the Banksy and Stix street art tour. 

Did I mention some of the tube stations really stink. That is my only complaint. It's not all of them but gosh its nauseating. 

The B&S street art tour was amazing. We walked around for about 2 hours while Josh our guide told us about the history and rules of this art society. At the end of the day, it's illegal but these people are talented. If they are caught they can go to jail for up to 2 years! By the end my feet and shoulders were sore. Somewhere along the way I think I pulled something in my foot!!

We stopped off at a pub called the Polo for a drink and to use their bathrooms. After that we went to a restaurant called Faanoosa for supper.Their food was absolutely divine!!!

Once our bellies were full, we popped home to drop off our stuff, changed and went out for a party. First we popped by Piccadilly circus and took a walk through ChinaTown. From there we went to Punch and Judy, The Portahouse and The Roundhouse. Jaydine and I danced up a storm and only got home after 3 or 4 (I am not 100% sure of the time). Honestly I had the most amazing time. Ultimately I only got too bed at about 6am!!! Sheesh I honestly didn't even know I had it in me to party until that time. 

Day 17 (Sunday 05/04)

So we slept in quite a bit on Sunday (considering we went to bed sooo late!). We were a bit fragile and very very sleep deprived! For breakfast we had a ciabata sandwich each. We spent most the day travelling home on the train. Honestly I slept on the train for most of the journey and was not the best company at all! So sorry not much to report for this day, I was a useless sleep deprived tourist. We got home, unpacked, chilled and I crashed early in hopes of feeling like a normal person the next day. 

Peace out